Friday, August 05, 2022

Oriental Kopi (华阳) - Malaysia's Thickest Egg Tart @The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey in Johore Bahru [Malaysia]

Oriental Kopi - a coffee chain in Malaysia, famous for its egg tarts, that I didn't know of until my sister posted about it on her Facebook for her drive up north, and I noted the crowd at its original Puchong outlet! 

There's a branch nearer to us at Mid Valley Southkey; I didn't manage to check it out on my first day trip to Johore Bahru after more than two years but I finally did on my recent, second visit. 

There was a line of customers in front of us yet we didn't have to wait as a few groups of customers started to clear their tables. Nevertheless, it was still strangely busy at 5.00pm on a Monday!

The Oriental Signatures! Tempting me in such a way means I would order all three, so long they are not exorbitantly priced! To me, classifying a dish as a signature signifies a high level of confidence; with that comes higher expectations, and correspondingly, a bigger disappointment if food fails to impress.

Egg tart was recorded as the thickest egg tart in Malaysia's Book of Records! Well, I am not that big on physical achievements when it comes to food; taste has the heaviest weightage in my review.

Oriental Kopi (L) - loving the nice aroma coupled with the rich taste of coffee, said to be the usage of high quality Arabica, Robusta and Liberica coffee beans, I must say this was great tasting and I was glad I went with the larger serving.

Nanyang Curry Chicken Toast
- the curry flavor was strong but it wasn't as creamy as I thought it would be; there was also a bit of sourness that disagreed with my taste buds. Having said that, I liked the chicken. 

Oriental Polo Bun - I detest deconstructed food. I pay money to eat in a restaurant and you should give me the combination that you feel would be the best for your customers. Don't do it for the sake of plating as I could easily do the same thing at home.

Said to be baked fresh daily, it surprisingly didn't have the familiar flavor of polo bun! That aside, a greater disaster came in the form of the crust that's iconic for any polo bun; the taste was like stale bread crust! 

Signature Egg Tart - in Singapore, these would likely be known as an upgraded, sumo version of Portuguese egg tart with their flaky base and lightly burnt egg top. 

At about S$1.50 each (before service charge and tax), I must say this was darn worth it as the egg filling was, well, filling! The base was indeed flaky, crusty and crispy but I can't help feeling it wasn't buttery enough. Filling was wobbly and tasted not bad; just not the kind that would blow you away. 


To be frank, I am not likely to revisit unless there wasn't a queue and I could go in and enjoy a cup of their aromatic kopi (large), and maybe try their kaya butter toast. 

No 1, LG-054, The Mall, Mid Valley
Persiaran Southkey 1, Southkey
80150 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia 

As above. 

Oriental Kopi (L) - RM 9.50
Nanyang Curry Chicken Toast - RM 12.90
Oriental Polo Bun - RM 6.90
Signature Egg Tart - RM 29.60 for 7
(Subject to Service Charge and Tax)


  1. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Tried boneless chicken nasi lemak.

    Tasted NOT good !

    Meat was half cooked and rather raw inside. Very soft !

    1 star out of 5 !!

    Would NOT recommend !

  2. Anonymous6:00 PM

    refer to the receipt the egg tarts charged with service charges.

  3. My wife and I had visited Oriental Kopi at KL Mid Valley Megamall for lunch and dinner on 23rd and 24th Jan respectively, was quite a long queue but not too long wait.
    We had eaten egg tarts, chicken nasi lemak & meesiam, fruit rojak, kopi & kopi-c & chendol were excellent.
    But, the last day before we depart KL, I ordered a takeaway kopi, had waited for 25 minutes. I discovered that they made a mistake, given me a kopi-o which tasted badly. I am very disappointed with the takeaway kopi-o that spoilt my day home.

    1. that's a bummer! did u drink e kopi immediately? Usually the taste differs a lot if you don't drink it immediately, especially kopi o / kopi o kosong