Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Day Three in Langkawi - Filled with Activities like Island Hopping, Hiking to Seven Wells and Taking the Amazing Cable Ride!

It's hard to sleep well when it's going to be our first tour in Langkawi; island hopping via LV Island Travel & Tours! I was up more than two hours ahead of the pickup time and took the opportunity to bath, drink coffee and read my online Straits Times subscription. 

No clear, blue sky means there's a chance for rain and that's not a good omen! Anyway, the building in front if Cenang Mall and it's right opposite our accommodation for the four nights; Cenang Plaza Beach Hotel.

Arrival at the jetty where we would have to take a boat to visit the following islands; Pulau Dayang Bunting (Island of The Pregnant Maiden), Pulau Singa Besar (Great Lion Island) and Pulau Beras Basah (White Rice Island)!

Spectacular view of the island in front us! How come we don't have such beauty in Singapore?! Well, that's the reason why we travel right? 

Photos taken during the island hopping; which also included a visit to the largest freshwater lake in Langkawi, eagle feeding, chancing upon a colony of monkeys and looking with disgust at how humans are destroying nature

Back on the main Langkawi island and our tummies were growling; time to fill them up at Haroo Korean Restaurant! With a high review on TripAdvisor, i am afraid it didn't even come close to matching our expectations. Click here for MY review! To be fair, service was good.

Returning back to Cenang Plaza Beach Hotel as we wanted to take a bath before going out again! In our haste to pacify our hunger, we immediately grabbed our rental car after dropping off from the shuttle (outside the hotel, if i may add) after the island hopping. By the way, traffic was bad with all the road works along the touristy stretch at Cenang.

Here's Cenang Mall again; i am deliberating if i should post about this small shopping centre as it wasn't big although that's the place where i found that a bottle of beer can cost as low as S$1.20. In addition, LV Island Travel & Tours (where we bought our island hopping package from) was also located in the same mall. 

Driving to our next destination! 
Did you see that interesting trail of rainbow? 

Bridge that brings us across a river; there didn't appear to be a name for the bridge (not even on Google Map) and since it's pink in colour, let's just call it the pink bridge.

Continuing our way along the rather empty roads; driving in Langkawi was a breeze and it's so convenient with a car! Want to know where to rent a car? Click here to find out! 

No vehicular access from this point; time to work the calves! 

Climb was over 600 steps and we finally got to the top where the Seven Wells attraction beckoned! The sweat was totally worth it and i was most impressed with the natural slide and the beautiful arched bridge that overlooked Langkawi SkyCab! Click here for the full post on Seven Wells.

Next time i come to Langkawi, i will make a mental note to check out the zipline adventure at the entrance of Seven Wells! It's also a good opportunity for me to visit the Seven Wells waterfall which i fail to check out this trip.

Horse riding was available too! I never really want to ride a horse; not even an elephant. Maybe because deep inside, i thought it's kind of cruel but again, there are a lot of cruel things we do as humans. 

Our next stop which was decided very last minute! The most famous Langkawi attraction featuring the steepest cable car routeLangkawi SkyCab.

Don't play play; the gradient was almost 45 degrees! 

Interested to find out more? Click my full entry on Langkawi SkyCab (taking the glass bottom gondola) which also includes sub postings on middle station and the top station (with the iconic and stunningly beautiful SkyBridge).

There was more than just the cable ride! You can also visit the bunny zone and the fun-fun 3D Art Langkawi where we laughed a great deal! Only two places you must avoid at all cost; the SkyRex & SkyDome.

Sun was already setting when we left Langkawi SkyCab

Night had fallen by the time we reached back to Cenang Plaza Beach Hotel about 40 minutes later. It was dinnertime and i caught hold of a nice aroma! Where it came from? That smoke-filled area in the middle of the road! 

It's my favourite satay!!!!! Sadly, it's street food and my stomach doesn't take kindly to street food. Furthermore, my friends weren't too keen and i had to look at them longingly; see yet no touch. 

The pricing was a bit steep in my opinion (about S$0.50 a stick for chicken and beef) although you do get a bigger portion here in Langkawi.

Wanted to check out Huggin Hippo but it had already closed for the day at about 9.00pm! This derailed my plan and i honestly didn't know where to go for dinner.

Finally decided on D Khas Cafe (next to Royal Agate Beach Resort); food wasn't amazing except for their delicious BBQ sea bass; so good we had to order another one.

Leisure walking and window shopping along Cenang road; nothing much to see and as the night was still relatively early, i guess we must partake in an activity that most people come to Langkawi for.

Drinking! I was cool with just one bottle of Chang beer whereas the other two got themselves Tequila again! I can drink Tequila but i like to extend my alcoholic binge instead of downing it so quickly!

Our usual watering spot - the yellow beach cafe! I shouldn't have used the word 'usual' but since it's the second time we dropped by (two out of four nights); i guess we can technically still use it.

Andy and i started playing around with the Pitu app which created hilarious photos of us! Oh wait, where's our Alex who would often appear in my photos?

He was drunk after just one shot of Tequila! Lousy!

Strolled back to Cenang Plaza Beach Hotel with a drunk Alex who could still walk but was talking gibberish. As the corridor was really narrow, we were worried other residents would be awakened by us. 

Didn't help that there's a quiet zone sign. 


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  2. Pulau Dayang Bunting (Island of The Pregnant Maiden)
  3. Lake of the Pregnant Maiden at Pulau Dayang Bunting
  4. Eagle Feeding @ Pulau Singa Besar (Great Lion Island) 
  5. Pulau Beras Basah (White Rice Island)
  6. The Monkey Colony at Pulau Beras Basah
  7. Catching the Land Hermit Crab for Fun @ Pulau Beras Basah
  8. Haroo Korean Restaurant
  9. Seven Wells near Langkawi SkyCab
  10. Arched Bridge @ Seven Wells
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  16. 3D Art Langkawi @ Langkawi SkyCab
  17. D Khas Cafe - Good Sea Bass