Saturday, July 11, 2009

Satisfying my Char Siew Craving @ Fatty Cheong (ABC Market)

Craving for something (edible) is so sinful!! And such a big deterrent for my big win!

  • Definition of Big Win = Free air ticket PLUS accommodation
  • Condition = Six Pack (abs) by the end of this year!
Fine, six pack might be a distant (maybe a few years) reality but well, its a good challenge AND i love challenges! So long im into it.

SO, dun ask me to drag! IM NOT INTO THAT!!

I bet you i will be as pretty as her if i drag

Coming back to the topic, i was craving for a plate of Char Siew rice from ABC market (Stall Name: Fatty Cheong)!!

I have eaten Char Siew from young; not surprising, being in Singapore and it being part of the humongous Chinese cuisine. And i love the charred bits! Plus the translucent fats! (Sigh... my cholesterol....)

However, the following have resulted in a serious decline of the taste
  • gahmen's constant reminder on healthy eating (2 cups of fruits + 2 cups of vegetables),
  • worldwide notion that chao tar (charred) things can be carcinogenic,
  • stricter regulation on pork imports
  • stall owners being more efficient (in reducing costs and time).
  • etc etc etc (i believe there are loads more)
It is of great fortune that Singapore is situated near to Malaysia, which still has good Char Siew stalls around! But im lazy busy.

Being more health conscious nowadays, i dun wish to eat products that are so charred that i cannot see anything else.

Fats, however, i am willing to risk. Like pork lard.

So, was the stall at ABC Market good? GOOD cannot describe it! Please refer to the following beautifully-taken picture (using the to-be-condemned Panasonic Lumix).

  1. The char siew was just nice! Not too charred, and the fatty bits were not too greasy.
  2. The chilli was also significantly different; it was like a mixture of the chilli from nasi lemak and the garlic chilli (fusion i guess).
  3. And with just $3 for a big plate laden full of char siew, it was worth the money too! You dun see this kinda serving very often in Singapore. 

  1. Plain rice was served (the more fragrant and appetite enhancing chicken rice will be a better substitute).
  2. Gravy was not savoury (luckily the char siew compensated this shortcoming). 

Will I Go Back? Definitely!

Monday, July 06, 2009

F Cholesterol!

I dun care how high my cholesterol is (reading was 260 six months ago)! But the following item from HK is too good to ignore!

Give me a few bags please!~!
Anyone knows if it is sold in Singapore????


p.s. Thanks to Korny and Vannie for bringing this sinful thing to me.