Saturday, January 07, 2006

Chinatown Roamers

It’s the time of the year where Chinatown finally burst with loads of people.

Even the dreadful thought of being drenched in sweat din deter a lot of people! It was still crowded!!! Not that I was complaining; sort of expected it since it was the official light-up for the Chinese New Year (CNY) bazaar, with firesworks included.

Since we managed to park at Chinatown Point, it was not too much of trouble for me. Finding parking is often a distressing and frustrating chore.

Anyway, the CNY bazaar was full of people, full of stalls, full of food. Of course, u can find the traditional Cantonese waxed ducks, which my family never cooked and I never will want to try it! It looked so oily~!! The Chinese sausages looked good though.

There were also peanuts; not one, not two but 8 types!!! To me, peanut is peanut. Like the EGO advertisement goes, either white or black. Got it? Hahaha. There were also many varieties of gua zi (above), adorned in different colors!

Dried food stuffs were also available, like persimmons, which tasted marvelously soft and not too sweet. Surprisingly, Singapore’s Chinatown was flooded with a lot of overseas products; notably Taiwan with their jelly (nice!) and Malaysia San Su Gong (a brand that sells a range of Chinese pastry!). There was loads of sampling!

Alternatively, there were some improvised items like Hack sweets being packed into a different shape, and there was one stall that sold accessories that looked like sweets! They looked so nice I bet Kaijing will be hooked there! Beware XR! I din really roam the whole of the night market, only a few areas. But I will try again the week after in the afternoon, pray tat it is not too wet and not too hot!! :P

Nice little dustbins for sale. F*cking cute~~ See, they are asking to be brought home!!

Rows of biscuits that were stacker higher than me!! Fine, I know I am not tat tall anyway. Back to the picture, they were selling for less than $2 a box!! But I guess the price will be slashed lower in the eve of CNY! Has always been the case anyway.

Rows and rows of Taiwanese guo dong or fruit jelly lah.I tried a few last year and my mum also bought some from Taiwan a few weeks back; tasted the same. Sold at only $1.80 per 100g but 1 piece alone can weight more than 50g~!

These are not incense sticks...... They are rolls of fish strips!! You know those that normally come in tiny strips and in smaller packets!! Nice way of packaging it and I can imagine kids holding it between their hands and chewing it straight away!

From the same stall!! Looked like dog treats right!!!

This is not an altar. It is a decorative item you can put at home!! The unique factor of this otherwise normal item is a glowing light at the deity’s forehead. Loads of people are attracted by it.

Potatoes for sale!! Purely for decoration and inclusive of hair provided the responsibility of water and sunlight are given diligently!

The bangles that looked like sweets from afar. Kaijing, take note. And XR, take care.

So guys and gals, get your butt there and look-see look-see. But if you are scared of heat and afraid of crowds, plus you are sensitive to the loud shouting of stall vendors, dun contemplate that tot. Just stay at home and rot!! :P