Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Poor Rubee

I was such a bad owner!

To say that was becoz i finally managed to procure some dry food for my dear old shihtzu, rubee san or chan; watever gender you wana him to be. Rubee is my dog, obviously and i really love him a lot so the lack of food for the past 1 and a half day had been perpetually on my mind, provided im not eating, toking to friends, playing computer games, sleeping, travelling etc etc.

Okok, i know all these were invalid excuses.

But hey, i woke up damn early today!! Especially when i only slept at 3 am this morning!! But well, my early was like almost 0930hrs. haha. But anyway, i brought my dear old spoilt rubee for a walk and for him to release his bottling urine in his small bladder (he is a small dog lah) and then i drove out to sembwang shopping centre to Aquapets (pet shop) to buy his Natural Balance Organic dry food. 

I managed to park for free right infront of e coffee shop my mum works at!! and i managed it with parallel parking!! But well, the "hole" was comfortably big for my car to reverse in. Haha.

I asked my mum to take care of my dear old spoilt cute rubee while i rushed up to Aquapets. I reached at around 10.28 and it's not opened yet! I waited… and waited and the shop finally opened at 11!! Sianz…. Am supposed to meet for sister to collect some stuff and i had to postpone it because im working at 12.30 today!! Sad…

Anyway, after buying the food and asking the shop keeper to ask the supplier for any bigger bags for the Natural Balance Organic (surprisingly rubee is quite a big eater for such a small dog), i went to bring my dear old spoilt cute pampered rubee and drive back home.

I got back home, brought out his food and he f*ucking ignored it!! Can u imagine?!?! After so much pain and time, he ignored it!!! so i had to mash it up with bananas and dry treats. He ate but only e parts where the treats were!

Right now, there is still more than half a bowl left and the dear old spoilt cute pampered bitchy rubee is sleeping right beside me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Unfitful Sleep

Sleep to me is the most important thing (beside eating) in my life and i have always enjoyed and craved for sleep when im not enjoying things like sex or food or computer games or internet chatting.

Opps, please cancel e sex part.

Continuing, i have been having rather unfitful sleep for a couple of weeks and  wonder the reasons behind it, especially when i had dreams tat i remember but not the details, like those numbers which can be potential 4D or Toto strikers!! Lucky the person who won the $2 million Toto prize. God knows when is my turn for it.

By unfitful, I meant I have difficulties going to sleep, and i keep yawning and sometimes, stifles of yawn came and with stifles, i feel even more difficult to doze off!! Besides that, i will also wake up very often at night.

Sorrie for sidetracking. Haha, anyway, the potential reasons for the very unfitful sleep are as per follows:
1) My heart condition is coming back. I used to feel this way when i had my superior something something condition regarding my heart, where i can get ‘attacks’ with over 200 heart beats per minute.

2)  have been playing far too many computer games!! Now my fav is warcraft 3 and i have been sleeping on average at 2am every night. And the best time to sleep is medically advised to be between 10pm - 2am.. i heard.

3) Lack of exercise. I used to be able to sleep extremely well after i had a 20 min jog at night and i used to jog like almost every 2 days or sometimes even daily. But nowadays, being a glutton and a lazy bastard, i have been skimming on it… Beside not having a good sleep, i have been gaining a bigger waistline. Philosophically, this is a good example of "you gain some, you lose some".

4) Haze related problems. I got it when Singapore had the worst haze situation from the forest fires around the region. Amongst all the reason, this is the only one i cannot do anything about!! So Indonesians around the world, please do help and get the Indonesian government to be more stringent and harsher in the ways they prosecute the offenders, especially those big timmers. Maybe it will help all of us, not just me, not just Singaporeans but for the whole of the region, including your own countrymen.

I guess the above conclude the possible reasons for my unfitful sleep but frankly, i believe gluttony and lack of exercise stand a higher chance of the true reasons. Though im facing this situation, i still believe in "Good Health is the way to Enjoy Life".

So where’s my sport shoes for jogging? Rubeee~~~~~~~

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I have always thought about the 7 sins but I think one sin shd be included and that will be FOOD!!! Ya, it's always so sinful to have food around our life, esp in Singapore where food is plentiful and in abundance and in many great variations and tastes. Sighs… *watering*

As usual, today revolves around food again. I went to bugis to meet my friend, alex and we went to Parklane Fried Wanton and ate the fried wanton mee! And my gosh! The standard was much better for the bugis branch and i licked finish the whole plate..

After my hair cut (yes, i cut short again!!) , we went to eat at Mos burger and tried their vegetable covered teriyaki chicken patty (Natsumi Teriyaki Chicken Burger). And well… its just a piece of tasty teriyaki chicken covered with lettuce. Nothing really too great bout it and i made a mess out of myself. *shrugs* Ordered their plain hotdog too. It used to taste quite good but this time, the bun was horrible; lacking the spongeness and it's cold!! The hotdog itself was juicy but the mustard and tomato sauce destroyed it totally!

So yes, another sinful day……. Fats coming to me…

Monday, June 20, 2005

Recalls of The Past (PLC)

I just received a new friendster testimonial from a friend i known from Pet Lovers Centre (the company i bunked with for 4 long years) and yes, I do miss all my friends from there, not to mention those lovely customers who used to bring their dogs and ask my advice on dog’s health and nutrition. Gone were the days and I do miss them deeply, greatly.

I still remembered the year when I first came in, it's December 2000 and I was required to do a stocktake in the PazaSing outlet. I love the staff there, so funny, so real. I shuffled around the outlets so often that eventually they called me "floater", as in a ghost that floats around.

I knew a lot of friends from there; jasina (our big mummy), pearlin (younger than me but i called her jiejie), pearlyn (ultra funny and optimistic), stella (always bickering with me), huiling (talkative like me), shaoxing (philosophical), stephen (handsome plus funny), stephanie (fun loving), anne (crazy one but nice!), linda (our big sister), lavinia (my ex wife who brought much laughter), cheryl (chiobu but ki siao one), audrey (the taitai), karen (my dear ex manager who were so nice to all of us!) and of course a lot more others.

All of them took up a special place in my heart and made my life so much easier. To them, i may be just a naughty, michevious and forever funny, chirpy, sun-shine loving guy but i know they really care for me and i really do miss them very much..

The attachment with the company was damn high tight and to think of leaving was difficult for me but i guess i do need another pasture to taste a different type of grass. So i have to harden my heart but well, i will return!! Remember terminator. Lol. And well, e grass im eating now dun seem tat great anyway.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

CounterStrike (CS)

Played CS after work yesterday (after a long rest of 2 years). Well, im still "Lan"!! But well, what to do, im older and my reflexes were not as good as before, esp when i seldom exercise nowadays and im getting damn FAT!! *Looks at the swimming tyres and the bulging chest (or breasts)*

But i have a plan!! Im gonna exercise tomorrow, i need to jog, need to swim! Well, have been saying this for the past few months. God am I just like my parents! As we grew older and older, motivation just got lesser and lesser… Only motivations were food n sex (maybe)!! Hahaha. But rest assured guys n gals!! I will get back in shape! Tanner!! Fitter!! With bronze chest and hard abs!! And it will be soon!!

In the meantime, please define soon.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Petrol Oil Massive Discount!!

Finally!! Discounts have risen to 26% for oil companies in Singapore!! Finally i can lessen on my load on those expensive petroleum for my old trusty Toyota Corolla dunno wat series. But But But!!

I saw a few Shell Stations giving the discount but i was thinking : "nvm, go yishun ave 5, and in one go, i can eat my Chunky ice cream by Walls and pump oil" And *Crash*!! I went to Yishun and they are only giving 10%!! 10 Pathetic %!!! *Kneel Down and Cry* I went over to the Shell station at 700 and still 10%!! So poor me went back home, with only half empty tank. Or was it half full tank?