Monday, June 04, 2007

Ranor Ramly Burger - Taste of The Past

Alot of memories were reflected back nowadays and most of them were of food, not suprisingly. I dunno if its becoz im getting older as in physically (tats why i always like to think back) or just that im going retro. Lol.

Anyway, talking about memorable food memories, i still remember whenever i am holidaying in Malaysia, i will always bring back one or two Ramly burgers to Singapore. The smell of it, the taste of it and the slight peppery, curry flavor whenever my teeth bit into that thick beef patty!

But as the time goes by and the popularity of Ramly burgers spiked in the last few years, the quality dropped. The bun is now seldom smeared with butter, the patties now look factory made, low quality/tasteless mayonnaise and Worcestershire sauce are used, and a pathetic HALF piece of cheese is added. Thank god I dun adore CHEESE.

After going through the hardships faced by me in trying and buying Ramly burgers, i read up in a blog about this brand called Ranor Ramly Burgers, which is supposed to be the original taste of Ramly!! Since it is now in Yishun Mrt Station Pasar Malam, i have no qualms about risking torturing my taste buds. At the most, i can always blame that blogger!

As seen from the above pictures, the patty (beef) has bits and pieces of meat all minced together. The shine and the total sexual appeal exuded by the patties made me rather impatient! I want to bite into it!!!

The "PRESENT" Make of Ramly Burgers as shown above. I remember though, that the egg last time used to be one fried egg, unlike the thin, burnt at the edges egg that we see nowadays.

But of coz, this is the best quality. Beside that, while waiting for the burgers, be prepared to see the guy performing some bartender's stunts. I am going back again!