Friday, December 15, 2006


Yes, im still in my office doing some POP materials for the much stressed events these coming two weeks!! Gosh! Its been like so long since i was still awake at this time and im downing coffee to keep myself awake until day break! Since its my first time working past midnight, i guess it deserved some mention in my much neglected blog.

To tell you the truth, im not exactly feeling very peaceful here. Not lest that im not supposed to feel peaceful since i should be rushing through my events preparation. But!! The printer was not being very good friend with my colleague's laptop, therefore, we must wait until the lap gets on friendlier terms with the printer. However, every time we need to print a new piece, the same hostility HAPPENS again. Sighz...

Anyway, back to the topic, my surrounding is so pitch dark that im so SCARED that i will step on some obscene stuff on the road while going to the company van to take newspaper lah, coffee lah, catalogue lah, laptop lah etc etc. By obscene stuff, i mean doggie SHIT! Gosh! If dogs (oh, plus cats) really have some toilet ettiquette, i guess i will walking around without shoes!

Further to that, the sky is so beautiful after the rain! The stars are flickering brightly in the far clear horizon. Do you guys and gals know that with without any lights in an area, the stars will peep out under the black blanket and start showing their glory!? And the other good public place to view it will be on our rustic island, Pulau Ubin!

Lastly, to my fav topic... The ghostly issue. I have ever heard of hauntings around this area, of which i will keep most of you guessing, but seriously, the night is relatively silent, only with the romantic howling of those horny cats at the back and occasionally the barking of dogs. Other that that, nothing.

But i keep my fingers closed... Still have 3 more hours until 6am........

============Times Passes.....============
Okay, now is almost 5pm! And my eyes are red and watery.