Thursday, July 09, 2020

Meatball Porridge from 新興記粥品 @ Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre [Woodlands, Singapore] #marsilingmall

Many people have fond memories of the famous food centre at the old Woodlands Central next to the causeway linking Singapore and Malaysia. Although demolished, quite a number of tenants, including the popular Yan Ji Seafood Soup, have since taken residence at the above Marsiling Mall which is straddled in the middle of Woodlands and Marsiling MRT stations.  

I happened to be in Marsiling one morning but as i was too early for my appointment, my sister and i decided to check out the breakfast fare at Marsiling Mall instead; the one surrounded with the most customers was the above porridge stall known as 新興記粥品.

Of course i had to have a bowl! Ordering was quick but the waiting time was almost 20 minutes before i got my bowl of piping hot meat ball porridge, topped with a raw egg! At S$3.50 a bowl (add S$0.50 for the egg), the portion was generous! 

As you can probably see from the above, it didn't have the gruel, smooth-like consistency signature of Cantonese style porridge. Nonetheless, i do enjoy the grain texture kind of porridge too. 

Meat balls had a tender bite although a little heavy on the salt. Taste wise, the porridge was relatively bland and i had to thank the fried shallots for upping the palatability. This bowl of porridge, unfortunately, wouldn't be something i would wantonly crave for unless i am sick and unwilling to cook. 

The stall's Chinese name, i.e 新興記粥品, rang a bell in my head and it appeared to have the same signboard as the Sin Heng Kee Porridge at Chong Pang although it wasn't listed as a branch. If i recall correctly, the one at Chong Pang appealed to me way better. 


4 Woodlands Street 12, 
#01-10, Marsiling Mall,
Singapore 738620

Operating Hours
6.15 am to 8.30 pm
Closed on Friday (except when it's public holiday)

As above.

Meat Ball Porridge - S$3.50
Egg - S$0.50

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

My Favourite Strawberry Flavored Snacks - Julie's Love Letters with Strawberry Flavored Cream!

I mentioned my deep affection for strawberry flavoured snacks in the post here but there was neither any picture nor mention of the one known to be my favourite as i couldn't find traces of it in any supermarkets  / convenience stores! 

Of all places, i finally found two remaining boxes of my favourite strawberry flavored cream snacks at a supermarket near my home! To think that i have been searching for it for the past few weeks and it turned out to be available at a shop so close to me. 

In case you are still wondering, it's indeed the love letters with strawberry flavoured cream from the brand, Julie's! Most commonly found in tins, i am so willing to make do with the smaller boxes! 

Two packs in a box; i couldn't resist opening it even though my initial intention for dinner was to have just steamed broccoli. Darn, how could i have such weak discipline?! 

Hmmmm, the love letters appeared shorter than i remember them to be but the buttery aroma that escaped upon opening still managed to pull my heartstrings. Anyway, Julie's Love Letters are synonymous with lunar new year as my family has a habit of purchasing a few tins to entertain guests who visit our home as part of the celebration.  

There are other brands selling similar love letters and while i am not confident enough to say i have tried everything; the ones from Julie's courted me with its nice buttery crunch, sweet-sour strawberry cream and good memories from my childhood. If i ever get dementia, this would likely be one of the items that could evoke some recollection from me. 

Down to my last piece! All the weight i lost during the circuit breaker are slowly coming back to me. Must control, control, control! 

Monday, July 06, 2020

Soon Heng Wanton Noodle (順興云吞面) @ Kim San Leng Yishun Block 417 [Singapore] #wantonmee #kimsanleng #foodinyishun

It was supposed to be a dim sum breakfast at the Kim San Leng coffee shop in Yishun Block 417 right after my jog but waking up late means i had to think of alternatives and it doesn't help my indecisive mind when there's a number of stalls with queue!

Wanton mee sounded great and with a queue that's just about four to five-person long; i guess i wouldn't have to spend too much time waiting for my food at Soon Heng Wanton Noodle.

Now, there are now quite a few variances of wanton mee in Singapore but this is the local, traditional kind that i remember eating from young and befitting the walk down memory lane; i opted for just ketchup for my noodles.

Char siew was decent but let's not deviate from the highlight; the noodles. They were moist, QQ and absolutely slurpy with the good, old traditional taste, complemented by the crispy pork lard, that i craved for nowadays as i venture into the middle-age band.

I don't usually talk about the wantons in wanton mee as they are often overrated (i.e. tiny, with a teeny, weeny bit of filling) despite lending their name to the name of the dish. The ones at Soon Heng comprised of two fried and two boiled wantons which tasted pretty good with a relatively substantial filling.

Personally, i think i am spoiled for choices the next time i visit the vicinity for breakfast as Soon Heng Wanton Noodle would definitely be placed in the basket of considerations.


417, Yishun Avenue 11,
#01-351, Singapore 760417


As above.

Wanton Mee - S$3.00

Sunday, July 05, 2020

鵰記港式燒臘 - Roast Duck at Ang Mo Kio's ST 31 Coffee House [Singapore]

The usual me couldn't resist not ordering char siew whenever i am at a roast-delight stall but the customers for the above stall seemed to favour roast duck over the others!

It's also true that i have been eating char siew rather frequently nowadays! Hence, i changed my order to roast duck when it's my turn to order. Looking longingly at that pot of dark sauce which can sometimes be a deal-breaker for roasted meat; thankfully the auntie asked if i wanted some. Of course, i wouldn't say no.

My almost de-boned plate of roast duck rice that came with a bowl of delicious peanut soup that appeared to have been brewed for a long time, resulting in a shade darker than the norm. The accompanying rice for roast duck is commonly plain, white rice but this one was the much better tasting chicken rice! 

Plump, juicy roast duck skin which oozed that uniquely duck fat flavour that's simply a pleasure as you chew it but the meat was a bit too chewy (not to Alex's liking). That dark sauce was savory even though i would have prefer it to be a tad sweeter.

Obvious that i must be famished! 
p.s. shall consider the char siew in future! 

Block 347, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #01-2142, 
ST 31 Coffee Shop, Singapore 560347 (Near AMK Hub) 

Menu (in Chinese)
As above.

Roast Duck Rice - S$3.50 a plate

Friday, July 03, 2020

Suparakki Ramen - Original Tonkotsu Ramen @ Northpoint City Shopping Mall [Yishun, Singapore] #SuparakkiRamen

Conveniently located right across NTUC supermarket on basement two of Northpoint City shopping mall, this frequent customer of NTUC had observed the Suparakki Ramen eatery for quite some time and couldn't help noticing its constant stream of diners. 

With working from home being the norm nowadays, i took the opportunity during lunchtime to pay it a visit a few days ago since Northpoint is just a few minutes' walk from my apartment. Thankfully it wasn't as crowded; the queue built up only about 15 minutes later. 

Pretty self-service here; you order, pay, take the pager, wait for it to ring and then collect your food. With only five types of ramen on the menu (namely dry truffle, original tonkotsu, tonkotsu shoyu, tonkotsu gyokai, and tonkotsu black garlic), the undecided me had to ask the cashier: "which one the best ah?"

Original Tonkotsu Ramen was the answer and here it is at just $7.90 a bowl; i think this would be one of the cheapest Japanese ramen i ever had in Singapore. Together with the ramen was the top up to a set at S$5.80 for a serving of gyoza and a drink (hot tea, mineral water or canned drink). 

Took a sip of the pork broth first. Creamy and tasted hearty with just a problem that's an issue for me but not for Alex; a strong porky aftertaste which i didn't enjoy. No complaint about the hakata style noodles and i do love the fact that for S$7.90; i got two generous slices of chashu! Pity they had the same porky taste though. 

Gyoza was nothing to scream about even though the chef wasn't stingy with the filling. To be fair, i am seldom impressed with Japanese gyoza as i associate them with guotie (from China) which usually tastes better in my opinion.

I had a hard time finishing the broth given how porky tasting it was. Nonetheless, it's really a steal for S$7.90 and should the ramen craving strike again, i would likely go with the chef recommended tonkotsu gyokai ramen which is a mix of fish and pork broth. 


1 NorthPoint Drive,
North Point City (South Wing),
#B2-154, Singapore 769098


As above.

Original Tonkotsu Ramen - S$7.90
Set B (Gyoza + Drink) - S$5.80 
(Subject to GST, No Service Charge)

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Halal Nasi Lemak Kukus from Walaku Express @ Yishun Block 101 [Opposite the Famous Singapore Pools Branch in Chong Pang] #walaku #nasilemakkukus

I was hoping to have a plate of delicious boneless braised duck rice from Chuan Kee for lunch but the long queue of almost 20 persons forced me to look at alternatives; however, every famous stall was crowded and it's not as if i have a long lunch break despite working from home! 

Eventually, i decided to give a go for Nasi Lemak Kukus (from Walaku Express). There's actually a well known non-halal nasi lemak stall in the same coffee shop but when it comes to non-halal nasi lemak, my heart is always with Star Hup Lee near my parents' place. 

It has your standard nasi lemak lineup like peanuts with ikan bilis, chicken wings, fish, fried eggs with available top-ups like rendang, otah, sambal eggs, begedil. Four sets are available if you couldn't decide and they range from S$4.00 to S$9.00 (salmon set).

An item which i thought should be exposed at all times would be the large pot of rice by the side. One look by any rice lover and you would be drawn by their longer shape and their apparent fluffiness! Pity it has to be closed so that it can continue to stay warm and soft.

Set B - Nasi Lemak Wing Set at S$4.50. The price may seem pricey but do keep in mind that you would get a fried kuning fish, a chicken wing, peanuts with ikan bilis and a fried egg.

The rice was definitely the key takeaway; i absolutely love it! The aromatic infusion of coconut milk in every bite and its fluffiness was unmatched when compared to other nasi lemak stalls. Unlike most nasi lemak, it didn't feel heavy in my stomach after the meal! 

No complains about the peanut with ikan bilis and the fried kuning which are pretty standard; special mention to the sambal chilli which had a good ratio of spiciness and sweetness. A bit too fluid in my opinion and the male staff was a bit stingy (and was even a tad unhappy) when i requested for more. 

Aside from the halal logo, one key difference that a halal nasi lemak stall has over a non halal one is the marination of the chicken wings. I prefer the Muslim style chicken wing which has a turmeric flavour which i find utterly appealing! While it's still the same case at Nasi Lemak Kukus, what i found lacking were that frozen chicken wing was used and it could have been crispier. 

Nonetheless, still a pretty good meal.

Now, who wants to go with me to challenge the humongous nasi lemak kukus platter set!? I say only as i am not a big fan of ginormous portions; people my age really can't eat that much of food.


Block 101, Yishun Avenue 5, 
Swee Sian Yuen Eating House, 
Singapore 760101 

As above (red star)

Operating Hours
Mondays to Sundays - 9.00 am to 9.30 pm

As above. 

Set B (Nasi Lemak Wing Set) - S$4.50

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