Thursday, July 22, 2021

Bath Bomb / Bubble Bath for Bathtub at Marina Bay Sands

I don't need a bathtub but when we were upgraded to a premier room in our last staycation at Marina Bay Sands, that came with one; we decided to make full use of it as I was literally working from the hotel in the daytime (half days), instead of relaxing. 

A friend recommended the bath bombs from Lush but I couldn't stomach the minimal price of S$16 for just one! So, I proceeded to Tokyu Hands and happily paid less than S$13 for the above two. 

The blue pack contained just one blue ball, wrapped with plastic. I thought Japanese products are supposed to be easy-to-use? The plastic was hard to remove and I had to resort to using a pair of scissors instead.

Time to throw it in.
p.s. water in the bathtub was in its original colour.

Sizzling like a piece of meatball submerged in a boiling pot of oil; there wasn't much difference in the colour and no bubble as well. Nice smell though. 

We were more surprised to find a plastic ball with a toy inside! It's like kinder surprise and I think kids would love to have this bath bomb in the bath tub! 

Cute right?
Turtle on top of a dolphin! 

Stupid me was fixated on just the price and didn't care to check out the packaging at Tokyu Hands; I figured it didn't matter since I don't recognize the Japanese words. Turned out there are seven different toys and the kid in me would of course want to amass the "collection". 

The pinkness of the packaging caught my attention but it was the line of English words that enticed me to buy; bubble bath. To me, bubble and bathtub go hand in hand together; the perfect combination. 

Instructions, yes, I decided to read it before tearing it open; "put all the bath powder into bath water and stir it well to make bubbles turn your bathroom into a playground with bubbles".

High anticipation!

It was more peachy red, than pink and the aroma would appeal better to the ladies; a tad too flowering. Nevertheless, it shall be the bubbles that I was looking forward too.

This might be mistaken for a crime scene. 

Well, the water starting frothing but I can honestly get the same amount of foam by pouring in detergent. As I was getting bit disappointed, I started thought of an idea.

Using the shower spray to agitate the water! 

Effect was way better even though still not to the level of large clumps of bubbles that I was expecting. I was so hoping for a bubble playground.............

And best of all, someone just plonked himself into the bath! 
No prize for guessing who.  


Purchased From

Blue - S$6.50
Pink - S$6.00

Additional Information
I found a small section of bath bombs at DON DON DONKI and the cheaper range was from S$1.90 to S$2.50! Hope I would get a room with bathtub for my next staycation at Marina Bay Sands

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Maxwell Haha Mee Siam Mee Rebus @ Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre [Singapore] #chinatowncomplexhawkercentre

Mee siam is a local dish that I really enjoy but seldom have as I would often fall ill after eating it in the past. This resulted in a light phobia that's hard to shake off, especially when there are so many other local food to choose from in our little red dot.

But I couldn't draw my eyes away when I saw this Maxwell Haha Mee Siam Mee Rebus stall, which is located right next to Chef Leung's Authentic Rice Noodle Roll. At S$2.50, I thought it's quite economical and decided to give it a try, while praying I would remain fine after the meal. 

For that price, the portion was generous and you get one sliced egg, beansprouts and loads of fried bean curd, aside from the bee hoon and gravy! Lime wasn't provided but just tell the auntie and she would squeeze out some from a bottle. 

The signature sourish, piquant aroma of mee siam was nostalgic as she passed it over to me; darn, how long had it been since I last had mee siam?! Taking a large mouthful, with my mind full of anticipation! Tangy with a tinge of sweet spiciness; this didn't wow me, unfortunately.

Gravy was too watery and lacked the nutty flavour that's literally synonymous with mee siam. It's still a hearty bowl that managed to get me sweating like a pig but as far as satisfaction goes; it's not there. I heard of a good mee siam stall at circuit road; likely I would go check it out, soon! 


Block 335, Smith Street, #02-95, 
Chinatown Complex Food Centre, 
Singapore 050335

As above.

Non-Operating Days 

Closed on Sundays, Mondays & Public Holidays

As above

Mee Siam - S$2.50 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Chef Leung's Authentic Rice Noodle Roll @ Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre [Singapore] #chinatowncomplexhawkercentre

My sister mentioned that there was a famous dim sum stall at Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre that served only six types of dim sum! I wanted to check it out but it was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays! 

A stall next door appeared to be drawing a crowd and it seemed to have started business recently. Chef Leung's Authentic Hand-milled Rice Noodle Roll - I am not a huge fan for chee cheong fun but Alex is hence, this shall be his breakfast, and I shall take a bite for the sake of review.

Took the pager and wait for it to beep - aside from cheong fun (original, pork, char siew, prawn and tuna), congee (pork & century egg and, seafood) is also available. Strange to see tuna in chee cheong fun and I figured original is plain. 

Wait was almost 25 minutes! 

Our serving of authentic hand milled rice noodle roll (prawn); at S$4.50, it's not exactly cheap for hawker fare although its appearance was aligned with those chee cheong fun served in dim sum restaurants. What I was more apprehensive with was the light sauce; would it be appetising enough?

My taste buds told me it was just plain, old, light soya sauce mixed with sesame oil, which means flavor wise; it didn't impress and lesser so if not for the shallots. Prawns wise, there were six pieces of decent size. To be fair, the handmade rice rolls were smooth and could have benefited from a more favourful sauce. 


Block 335, Smith Street, #02-96, 
Chinatown Complex Food Centre, 
Singapore 050335

As above.

As above

Prawn Rice Roll - S$4.50 

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Pandan Butterfly Bun in Tai Wah Cooked Food @ Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre [Singapore] #chinatowncomplexhawkercentre

The problem when you have favorite hawker stalls is that you resist trying new stalls. But it was Saturday when I dropped by Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre and it's the rest day for Kazan Japanese Cuisine

I took the "opportunity" to check out other stalls and one of them was Tai Wah Cooked Food. It's not something I would commonly try as the products sold are full of carbohydrates; nemesis for my carbo-restricted diet.

But, something green caught my attention when I walked past the stall's glass display counter. Pandan butterfly bun? Frankly, I do crave for butterfly buns sometimes although I am still quite apprehensive when it comes to trying new stalls. The one that served the best butterfly bun is Kim Soon @ Kovan Hawker Centre.

However, it's the first time I am seeing pandan buttlerfly buns and I can't resist, despite the full stomach. One piece at S$0.70; you can mix and match with other stuff (except for tau suan) for 3 for S$2.00.

Honestly, this would have been nicer if it was served right out from the boiling oil or after a light toast in the airfryer / oven. Texture was stretchy even though I love the crunchy sesame seeds dotted on one side of the buns. The pandan (which contributed to the greenness) flavour was faint, to the extent of being non-existent. 

p.s. I am quite interested in their Chinese fritters (youtiao) and tau suan (split mung bean dessert); shall give it a try next time, on an empty stomach. 


Block 335, Smith Street, #02-115,
Chinatown Complex Food Centre,
Singapore 050335

Pandan Butterfly Bun - S$0.70 each

Friday, July 16, 2021

Hua Kee Hougang Famous Wan Ton Mee @ Old Airport Road Hawker Centre [Singapore] #oldairportroadhawkercentre

I started patronizing Old Airport Road Hawker Centre only after I secured my driving license back in year 2005 and back then; there were just a few popular stalls and one of them was Hua Kee Hougang Famous Wan Ton Mee.

Circle Line wasn't built yet but people would travel from far and lined up patiently to have the wanton mee that had obtained many accolades over the years. The hawker centre is a lot more crowded now and in comparison, the queue at Hua Kee didn't seem that exceptional.

Let's order their signature wanton mee! Note: the chilli was just dumped onto the noodle upon your request, and not mixed in like most, if not all, their competitors. 

The use of dark sauce pointed towards the Malaysian style of wanton mee which has its own group of lovers and haters. I personally enjoyed it as there's a sweeter tinge although the level of affection would be similar towards our local, classic wanton mee too. Noodle were thicker than our conventional mee kia with a more satisfactory bite, and so slurpy with the sauce and chilli!  

Char siew and wantons were forgettable in taste. The wantons (dumplings) were surprisingly quite big though as many wanton mee stalls had pathetically sized ones; to the extent I don't understand why they even put them in! Maybe for decoration. 

Cleaned it up - to be frank, not the best wanton mee but still above average. Problem is the location as there are just too many good food stalls in the same hawker centre, and I only have one stomach.


51 Old Airport Rd, #01-02, 
Old Airport Road Food Centre, 
Singapore 390051

As above.

Wanton Mee - S$4.00

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Supreme Prawn Noodle (Dry) from Tian Ji Shu Shi (添记熟食) @ Chong Pang Hawker Centre in Yishun [Singapore]

Having to endure a craving can be such a frustrating chore! My simple mind was hankering for a bowl of dry prawn noodle one Thursday afternoon and when I got to my favourite stall at Chong Pang Hawker Centre; it was closed! 

My eyes scanned the surrounding and spotted Tian Ji Shu Shi (添记熟食) which had a long queue! I remember my elder sister telling me that she actually preferred the prawn noodle from the above stall. Okay; an opportunity to try! 

When I finally reached the front of the queue, the humongous plastic container in front of me caught me off-guard and I almost fumbled my order; never the main star, its inclusion often elevates the taste of the entire dish. It's the holy grail for food; crispy pork lard.

I meekly asked the auntie if I could have extra on my noodle and she gladly accommodated; and likely with a knowingly smile behind the face mask. I like her.

Our order; Alex's prawn noodles with yellow noodles and my supreme prawn noodle (essentially with just prawns and noodles) with mee pok. Compared to Tian Tian Cooked Food, the soup was less flavourful.

See my bowl of noodles! Four large prawns with a ton of crispy pork lard and not only were they fresh; their size was also one of the largest I have seen. Sinful yet so deliciously irresistible! 

Prawns had a good texture and comparatively bigger than the ones at Tian Tian Cooked Food, even though the price was the same. What really stood out were the noodles; cooked al-dente and covered in both chilli paste and ketchup, they tasted extremely palatable! To the extent, I had to relegate Tian Tian to a lower rank.  

p.s. Alex loves his prawn noodles with yellow noodles too! 


Block 105, Yishun Ring Road, 
#01-141, Chong Pang Hawker Centre,
Singapore 760105

As above.

As above. Do note that the stall operates on a dual-usage system, for which different kind of food is sold. For morning to early afternoon, it would be noodles where rojak would be the focus in the late afternoon to night. 

Supreme Prawn Noodle (Dry)  - S$4.00

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