Saturday, September 25, 2021

Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 Street Light Up @ Chinatown [Singapore]

The mid-autumn festival took place a few days ago on 21 September 2021 and the following set of photographs were actually taken on 09 September; I know, I am super delayed but work has been busy recently and my weekends had been occupied with activities! 

Well, late is better than never and let's go back to the very start of the photo-taking session, when we exited Chinatown MRT station, to the pedestrian street known as Pagoda Street.

Given the pandemic, activities were severely curtailed and you don't really feel the atmosphere of the mid-autumn festival. There were shops selling lanterns but even then, business didn't look promising when there was already a dearth of customers. 

As it was still daytime, and I came straightaway after work, I decided to go for dinner with my dad first. No prize for guessing what's our dinner; it's definitely Kazan Japanese Cuisine at Chinatown Complex food centre

The lights were already switched off but with the daylight, it's quite hard to take good pictures. But without a tripod, and a lack of deep understanding on using my camera, it's a definite that I would have a hard time taking photographs at night! You shall see later.

Another standalone store offering lanterns and also mooncakes. Nowadays, it's quite easy to secure mooncakes as every bakery would concentrate on making mooncakes for sale during this period. And without travelling being an option, I understand that local sales for mooncake have skyrocketed these two years. 

Lanterns again; sadly, I am no longer of the age where I get excited over lanterns, especially the kind lighted by candles. Maybe the pandemic has changed everything. Even on the actual day of the mid-autumn festival, I didn't see that many children carrying a lantern around the neighbourhood. 

Perfect timing after dinner as the sky had darkened, showing us the beautiful illumination from festive lightings. These lights weren't put up because of the festival though as you would have seen the same setup during lunar new year.

Street light up along South Bridge Road; given my amateur photo skills, I am not sure which manual setting I had adjusted that overexposed the hanging lights across the road. 

Slightly better; at the very least, I can roughly make out the design. They were, in essence, mooncakes of different designs. But if you bake mooncakes, as I did, you would know the amount of molds out there is staggering!

The iconic People's Park Complex; if this building was ever demolished, it would be a landscape changer for the entire Chinatown area. Oh well, we could have said the same for the Pearl Bank apartments but they were eventually redeveloped anyway, despite the petitions. 

More on the snowskin mooncakes street lights. To me, they appeared more like biscuits than mooncakes since the latter is usually much thicker and chunkier. 

12-meter centerpiece in the middle of Eu Tong Sen Street and New Bridge Road. As compared to past installations for mid-autumn festival, I have only one word for this year version; stunning! 

Installed in parts, it did give the visual impression that Chang Er, goddess of the moon, was ascending to the moon palace, as per legend. Of course, there is more than one legend when it comes to mid-autumn festival but Chang Er is iconic, together with the jade rabbit, lanterns and mooncakes. 

Overhanging street lighting across New Bridge Road. As expected, over exposed and my poor photography skill was unable to improve the conditions. I think I need to take up some courses soon so that I can make better use of my DSLR.

Hanging lanterns include images of rabbits, traditional mooncakes and flowers. From an article on Straits Times, I noted there are about 900 lanterns in total; with the overhanging ones likely taking up a majority.

Larger ones, aside from the centerpiece, were on the ground, featuring people, trees, rabbits, and items like wine jars, mooncakes, pomelos etc. 

Back of the centerpiece.

Middle section between Eu Tong Sen Street and New Bridge Road, where many decorative lanterns were placed. I think the pity is that the roads were not closed and many people couldn't stand closer for a selfie / wefie. 

View of Pagoda Street; it's slightly more crowded although still incomparable to the scene pre-pandemic. Do you miss the life then? I sure do as people contribute to vibrancy and a livelier festive atmosphere.

I bet Dad feel the same way too.

These hanging lights had the jade rabbit hugging the pomelos! I have no idea why pomelos were part of the mid-autumn festival and decided to google. Click here for more information! 

Last segment for the lanterns. I understand that the wires in the lanterns were necessary for sculpting but I wonder if they could wrap the wires with white tubing instead so that they were less noticeable. 

Ending this post with photographs of Dad!


Duration of Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 Street Light Up
Until 05 October 2021.


Friday, September 24, 2021

Moin Moin Gelato - Another Chillout Place in Yishun [Singapore] #moinmoingelato

Yishun is getting increasingly crowded with new housing blocks sprouting along the town's outskirts and the spike in population translates into more retail and dining options. In recent months, I did realize a proliferation of ice cream / gelato shops and today; let's talk about one of them.

Moin Moin Gelato. This shall be the most convenient for most Yishunians as it's located in the central area, in between Yishun bus interchange and Khoo Teck Puat hospital; albeit nearer to the former, with a sheltered walkway. 

Bright, spacious interior with white being a prominent feature and wood providing a comfortable contrast. I would say it gave a relaxed, chillout vibe, without the tight clutter common in neighbourhood shops. 

Forgot to share the list of gelato flavours available in the store; this document was pasted on the main door for ease of reference before you step in. There were unique ones like chocolate stout, osmanthus lychee; however, as some of you are aware, I am hardly adventurous. 

Let's choose! 

Tea selection to reduce the guilt of this sinful, gelato indulgence. I like it when Gryphon Tea (a local Singapore brand) is available, given their variety, quality and interesting flavours. Not interested in tea? There were other options in the cafe like hot / iced chocolate, milkshake. 

Chamomile Dream - came in a good-sized teapot! In many places, this would likely be for one person and I had encounters whereby I can't even refill with hot water. At Moin Moin, they automatically passed us two cups and were more than happy to help us refill! p.s. the tea dispensed a soothing aroma although taste wise, a tad too faint for my mom's liking.

Waffle with two scoops of ice cream! 

The Waffle first; costing just S$5.00, you can opt for it without the ice cream and I believe many might consider as this was one of the better waffles I have had in a long time! It was thick with a crispy shell yet didn't compromise on having an airy, fluffy inside. 

Classic gelato flavours; Blue Pea Vanilla and Black Sesame. Latter was liked a cold, thickened version of a classic Chinese dessert; black sesame paste! Mom loved it and it helped that each scoop was of substantial size and super satisfying in the hot weather we had recently. 

Blue pea vanilla was just your usual vanilla with a baby blue tinge due to the blue pea flowers, which I understood was used mainly as a source for natural colouring. Dotted with noticeable vanilla seeds, it's nevertheless still a delicious scoop of vanilla gelato that went perfectly with the waffle! 

Needless to say, I would be back with family and friends to check out the rest of the flavours! It's a pity that we can't sample, as was the case before COVID-19 hits us last year. 

Good message to take note that's displayed prominently on the wall at Moin Moin, even though you have to look closer, given the font style and glow. Message; Indulge Reasonably. 

930 Yishun Central 1, 
#01-125, Singapore 760930
(Near Yishun Bus Interchange)

As above.

Operating Hours
Mondays - Closed
Tuesdays to Thursdays - 2.00 pm to 10.00 pm
Fridays - 2.00 pm to 12.00 am
Saturdays to Sundays - 12.00 pm to 12.00 am


As above. 

Waffle - S$5.00
Chamomile Dream - S$4.50
Double Scoop (Classic Gelato) - S$7.00
(No GST, No Service Charge)

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