Sunday, April 11, 2021

Injured at Home Again

It's a known fact that I am prone to injuring myself and while many can be attributed to my carelessness; sometimes, it's just pure bad luck, like today. 

Part of my daily activity before hitting the bed, I was just washing my dishes in my huge-ass sink. As I picked up a mug, it suddenly dropped and I immediately felt a sharp pain! 

Blood started trickling and for that split moment, I honestly didn't know what had happened! Yes, I had been complaining about the soreness and weakness of my arms and elbows but I doubt they were contributing factors. 

Whatever the case, it's best to wash out the blood first and use something to stop the bleeding. Sigh, would have to rewash the dishes again. 

Cut on my ring finger was actually quite small; nothing of serious concern. Let's focus on the troublemaker; the mug emblazoned with my name.

Oh, the handle cracked and fell off. There wasn't any hard knock prior to me washing the mug; as mentioned earlier, I was merely holding it up so that I can rinse the inside with water. 

With a broken handle that's hard to fix back, I made the hard decision to discard the mug. It's with a heavy heart as it's one of my favorites that came with a lid and a nice, golden spoon; perfect for Alicafe Premium Gold Instant Coffee. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Hei Lun Shi Tang (Black Wheels Eatery / 黑轮食堂) - Taiwanese Cuisine @ Yishun's Wisteria Mall [Singapore] #wisteriamall

Wisteria Mall, located in the infamous town of Yishun, has been opened for more than two years. Embarrassingly, as a proud Yishunian, I only stepped into the mall a few weeks ago, for the very first time even though I would often jog past on an almost daily basis. 

As expected, my purpose of visit was food related and the outlet I am reviewing today shall be Hei Lun Shi Tang (黑轮食堂); said to be a second branch of a popular, Taiwanese eatery at Queensway shopping centre, serving bento boxes. 

There were tables and chairs for dining in and as per norm nowadays, order from counter, pay and take the pager, and then wait for it to beep before collecting your food. 

Winter Melon Drink - it was a hot day and I decided to top up the bento for just S$1.50 for an extra drink. Thirst quenching it definitely was but the portion was a bit meh... my straw had an allowance of more than half after I plunged it into the cup! 

Taiwanese Curry Rice - one look and I knew this isn't the kind of curry I would generally like as it appeared to be more the Japanese curry style. To be fair, my mom gave it the thumbs-up! Issue was me for sure as I very much prefer our local Nyonya / Indian curry. 

Ala Carte Gongwan Soup - for a moment, I thought we were scammed as it didn't seem to contain much ingredients! Problem was that the soup was a bit cloudy; just stir and you would find the meatballs and slices of radish within.

Broth had a flavour we deemed to be a bit porky if you drink it on its own although the tenderized radish did a great job in soaking up the broth and everyone piece was delicious! Meat ball wasn't as QQ as expected; dense with a strong meat gusto. Sadly, not the kind I enjoy.

Signature Mixed Bento - I was in a dilemma over which to choose from the five meat bentos; on one hand, I would love to try their signature braised pork and on the other hand, the stewed pork belly, the pork cutlet, fried chicken and braised chicken were tempting too! Luckily, they have a mixed bento that included everything! 

Honestly, the pork cutlet, fried chicken and braised chicken were passable. Braised pork was more savoury than sweet and lacked the punch to wow me. Stewed pork belly was comparatively better in taste although picky me thought the texture could have been more tender. You know what I really love from the bento? The soft carrot! 


Would I return? Maybe as Jiak by Jin Feng (金峰) at Northpoint has closed down and the nearest luroufan would be Hei Lun Shi Tang. And digging into a serving of stewed pork belly bento on a stressed day can be so therapeutic. 

598 Yishun Ring Road,
Singapore 768698

As above.

As above.

Winter Melon Drink - S$1.50 (top up)
Taiwanese Curry Rice - S$5.80
Ala Carte Gongwan Soup - S$4.50
Signature Mixed Bento - S$8.80

Friday, April 09, 2021

Henri Charpentier - Financiers & The Shortcake @ VivoCity [Singapore]

I sure hope I am not the only person in Singapore who had always mistaken the Charpentier in
Henri Charpentier as Carpenter! Thankfully, I took a closer look at the signboard this time; if not, readers might wonder if am talking about a new dessert store.

Renowned for its little yet expensive French pastries known as financiers, some of you would be surprised that  originated from Japan even though it borrows the name from a famous 19th century French chef. 

Coming back to the bite-sized financiers, I first encountered them when a pop-up store appeared at Northpoint, outside Cold Storage and was tempted to purchase until I saw the price which was like more than S$2 apiece! Heck, it's like a few dollars gone in one mouthful and my big mouth can easily stuff 3-4 at one go.

Nevertheless, I was lucky to Alex who decided to give me a treat and of course I am going to miss this rare opportunity given that he is the kind who doesn't quite splurge on food except for maybe crabs. 

Cafe Latte - as many of you are aware, I am not that particular when it comes to Western style coffee but Alex likes it enough to return back the following week to the same branch and have another cup of cafe latte. For a dine-in cafe, however, I would have expected something non-disposable.

Financier - giving you a perspective on its size.

Turned out to be way beyond my expectation; dense texture with a crispy, caramelized outer layer that could be even nicer if we can give it a short session in the toaster. There's an amazing buttery flavour mixed in with a unique taste that turned out to be almond flour! Ingredients seemed simple enough, I guess; maybe I can try making a batch on my own. 

The Shortcake - said to be Henri Charpentier signature cake, it's a given that we must give this a try, especially when the financer is not likely to give us a fulfilling satisfaction given its miniscule size! 

What I didn't realize was that it cost S$10.20 a slice! 
Luckily, I am not the one paying for the food. 

Large strawberries that looked like they came from a storybook; they were sweet and complemented well with the light fresh cream and layers of soft sponge cake. So good, I would count it as one of the best strawberry shortcakes I have in recent times! 


1, Harbourfront Walk, 
#02-K4, VivoCity, 
Singapore 09858


Cafe Latte - S$6.40 a cup
Financier - S$2.50 apiece
The Shortcake - S$10.20 
(Inclusive of GST)

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Discovery Slides Playground @ Jewel Changi Airport [Singapore] #jewelchangiairport

It's hard to miss this colossal sculpture when you are at Canopy Park in Jewel Changi Airport, unless you are visually impaired. With its round, stumpy legs, I would have thought it's merely a display aimed to capture your attention and nothing else.

But don't be too quick to brush it away as it contains activities that would be fun for both kids and adults! This is the site for the Discovery Slides; as the name suggests, it's a playground! 

Terms of use and the most glaring one is the height restriction as I would have assumed some of the slides might be suitable for toddlers, which I guess wouldn't be the case here with a minimum height of 1.1 meters.

Let's climb up to check out the slides! 

Top was more like a slope that's about 18 by 16 meters. I wouldn't be surprised to find younger kids trying to roll down as part of the fun activity. Good to visit on a weekday when there's hardly any crowd.

A see through glass that looked down at a height of roughly 6.5 meters. Showing you both the upside and downside via the first and second photographs, respectively.

Personally, the peak of the discovery slides playground would be the best place in the entire Jewel to have a bird's eye view of the world's tallest indoor waterfall; HSBC Rain Vortex

Short, time-lapsed video for your viewing pleasure.

Finally going to talk about the slides! According to Google, there should be four slides in total although I didn't know about the piece of information when I was there and thought there were just three.

One was closed due to safe management measures as the sharing of gear wasn't allowed. 

Another was also not operational as they didn't have sufficient staff. I think it's a pretty lousy excuse; on one hand, the government is encouraging us to travel domestically yet on the other hand, the operator tried to cut down on expenditure while charging us the same ticket price as pre-COVID times.

Another closed activity which was presumed to be aligned with the risk of contamination given the difficulty in having to wipe down the ropes. Frankly, I think consumers are aware of the challenges but we should be kept informed of the "closures" before we make payment.

Taking the only operational slide; as expected it was fun but for an adult, it's fun yet not that unique! There's another slide which I would share in my posting for the canopy park at night. 

In case you are thinking of climbing up the "closed" slide us via the outlet on the ground level of the sculpture; do note that cushions were used to block the exit. Not exactly a deterrent for those bent on breaking the rules though.


78 Airport Boulevard, 
Singapore 819666

Map of Canopy Park
As above.


Pricing Menu
As above; second photo is for annual pass.

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