Sunday, August 07, 2022

Big C Supercenter opposite Central World in Bangkok [Thailand]

Big C is a supermarket chain in Thailand with many branches but for most travelers; they associate the brand with the supercentre building located right opposite Centralworld, where they would usually visit to purchase souvenirs for family and friends back home. 

No exception for me as well as the supercentre provides the largest variety as the hypermarket wing of the conglomerate, and location wise; the most convenient in downtown Bangkok. p.s. closure timing has now been revised to 11.00pm! 

I am the type who enjoys checking out local supermarkets! Aside from having a rough gauge on the popularity of locally manufactured items among the locals, there could also be surprises that you don't get to encounter in Singapore. For example, selling frozen nuggets by the weight. 

Or the sheer amount of instant noodles for sale! And in bulk! In Singapore, we usually buy in bags of about five packs of instant noodles. 

The MAMA brand is my preferred to-go brand for Thai instant noodles; this box of 24 packs just cost me 215 baht (about S$8.30), and its the big pack one! Ecstatic to buy although it's going to take up quite a bit of space in the luggage.

It's obvious that this particular supercentre is more for tourists though; with items packaged specifically in bulk for cheaper pricing and easier distribution to family and friends. I used to buy some of them but honestly feel that most were just average tasting. 

Quite common to see tourists pushing trolleys filled to the brim! I often wonder how many pieces of luggage they bring along as I am barely surviving with a combined luggage of 50 kilograms with Alex, who doesn't shop. 

My haul over two visits in my recent Bangkok trip, with smaller packs that were purchased for tasting before buying them for home. Some items have samples (like the rice crackers), and you can make the decision a lot faster! 

You can't bargain in a supermarket and I bet you might be able to secure cheaper pricing in shops that offer bargaining. However, the goods in Big C are fast moving and stocks are likely "fresher". 

A scene you don't see in Singapore. People reusing discarded carton boxes to hold their purchases for ease of checking in to the airports when they leave the country! There are also packing points, similar to those in IKEA, but we don't see them in Singapore's supermarkets. Not yet. 

Saturday, August 06, 2022

2280 Burger (Double) by Burger Labo @ Henderson Industrial Park [Singapore]

I have been raving about Burger Labo amongst my friends but its price tag for its single-patty basic burger, at S$25, is a bit hard for me to indulge on a frequent basis.

However, a friend shared that there's a wallet-friendly version that's also managed by Burger Labo. Located at Henderson Industrial Park, here's 2280 Burger! Why 2280? It's supposed to be "“the abattoirs’ international four-digit code for the beef neck cut", the part used as the burger patty! 

Compared to Burger Labo, the dining space at 2280 can accommodate much more people! 

If you are keen, you may also choose the counter seats that face the kitchen! Well, I don't mind checking out their cooking process if I am alone; not when I am dining with three other friends.

Order via the self-serviced kiosk! You don't have to fret over an extensive menu; there were only three types of burgers with two sides. The beverage list was longer with options for beer, milkshake, coffee, coke, tea etc.

Collecting my order when the order number flashed on the television screen! I was gunning for a burger single (100 gram patty) but reviewers were generally in favor of burger double for satisfaction.

My double happiness; the two thick beef patties, made from beef neck cut (hence its relevance to the eatery's name), stood out prominently. Thankfully, I have a large mouth and didn't foresee any problem biting down and enjoying all the layers! 

It's obvious from the above picture that the operator's objective was not to over-beautify a simple burger with colors and other ingredients; you have your essential buns, patties, onions, cheese and mayonnaise, which should be enough. 

Verdict: the first thing that ran through my mind was the meatiness of the double patties! They burst with juiciness and featured crisp edges! Maybe because there were so much meat; the taste of the buns was correspondingly weaker.

Interestingly, the sweet onions and chilli sauce played a bigger role in enhancing the overall experience, providing my tastes buds with tastes of more than just plain beef.  

It was a decent burger no doubt, although couldn't hold a match to Burger Labo. After taking a few bites, I actually told my friend the burger tasted just like my first time having Big Mac at McDonald's. Not meant to be an insult as that was the first burger in my life.

Burp! Personally, a single patty at 2280 would be preferred but if I have the cash, I would splurge it for the epic yet plain sounding basic burger at Burger Labo.

Shoestring Fries - crisp with soft filling! I think I have been 'infected' by Jovyn as I would crave for fries nowadays, and that would be disadvantageous for my starch-restricted diet! 

Sweet Potato Fries -  thick and crunchy perfectly complemented by the sweetness of the sweet potatoes! Should I attempt to make it at home?! There must be an air-fryer recipe out there! 


213 Henderson Road, #01-10, 
Henderson Industrial Park, 
Singapore 159553

As above. 

Operating Hours
Lunch - 11.00 am to 3.00 pm
Dinner - 5.00pm to 9.00 pm
(Closed on Sundays)

As above.

Burger Double - S$13.50
Shoestring Fries - S$4.00
Sweet Potato Fries - S$6.00
(Inclusive of GST)

SATS Premier Lounge @ Changi Airport Terminal 3 [Singapore]

I don't really splurge when I travel and to me, paying for airport lounges in Changi International Airport is a waste of money as there are already nice seating in the departure hall and plenty of things to see, eat and do in the renowned airport, given the limited time we are there. 

But when my credit card (Citibank PremierMiles) gave me two lounge access every calendar year, I am not going to reject their kind offer and therefore, here's my first visit to an airport lounge; SATS Premier Lounge at Terminal 3! 

Registration at the counter using my boarding pass, passport and membership (via the Priority Pass app which you have to download, install and register beforehand). You can bring non members in, at a charge of US$32.

Stepping in, you would see a lot of plush, classy sofa chairs made of luxurious looking leather. As one of the best airports in the world, Changi International Airport prides on delivering comfort for travelers; hence, the chairs in the lounge didn't wow me. 

However, there were sections reserved for those who would love to catch up on some sleep, with dim lights and slightly better privacy. I envy those who can sleep anywhere as I am those who need a bed to have a restful sleep; that's why I can't stand long flights (and I can't afford to upgrade too). 🤷‍♂️

Those hoping to relax their tired body can get the massage chairs to help them! I think there were two sets and I forgot to check out the brand. My focus that day was fixated on the key advantage for airport lounge access.

Yes, the food and beverage section! This would be the greatest motivation personally, especially when F&B outlets within the airport attached a premium to their pricing and I frequently fly with budget airlines, where meals are not provided as part of the basic ticket sale.

Get ready your plate and prepare to indulge! You have the warm food section, where I found ayam bakar balado (spicy chicken), baked cream snapper, kaiser vegetables, roasted chicken thigh, cheese mashed potato etc.

There were also cereals, bread, with lurpak butter and jam. You may use the mini toaster nearby to toast and warm your bread, if need be. 

Salad, ham, fruits, and even sandwiches! 

You see correctly; there is also a live station! More on that later as I want to talk about the drinks. Aside from fruit juices and canned drinks, there were also cans of Tiger beer! 

More alcohol but do drink sparingly. Unless you can really hold your liquor. You know you can be thrown off the plane if you misbehave. 

Need snacks to go with your tiger beer or liquor? 
Help yourself to the bar snacks! 

I am happier with the selection of hot beverages like espresso, cappuccino, latte and dilmah tea! As it can be a hassle going to the washroom on the plane, I must be mindful not to drink too much! 

Now, the live station.

It's a self-serviced live station and the dish is signature for SATS; laksa! Instructions were quite straightforward although I am unsure how long should I blanch the noodle? 10 seconds, 1 minute? 

I think I made a pretty decent bowl of laksa!
p.s. I would prefer lesser of the thick bee hoon though.

Cutleries tray.

Quite a lot of food, if you ask me! The laksa was so rich and tasty; definitely deserving its signature tag! The other dishes were quite average except for the spicy chicken which was flavorful. Sandwich cannot make it. 

Doing some work on the laptop and having some fruits to end the meal. The cut fruits would have been better if they were chilled. Before I left, I had to check out one last place. 

The shower rooms! Many people actually sign up for lounge access for three reasons; the ability to rest peacefully, the provision for food and access to the shower room to refresh your mind and body! 

Rainfall shower, with body soap, dryer and disposable combs. I forgot to ask the staff if they provide towels; I assume they would. It wasn't well maintained with a musty smell.

Since the toilets were opposite; might as well check it out. For a moment, my heart skipped a beat. Is that an electronic bidet control? Sadly, it wasn't working. =_=

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