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Yakiniku Go @ JEM (Connected to Jurong East MRT Station) [Singapore]

I am not a trendsetter, even when the topic concerns food. Contrary to popular assumption, I am not a fan of new eateries with a lot of hype as I am simply not prepared to queue for a ridiculously long period of time for stuff without much review and / or strong endorsement from friends.

Yakiniku Go has been trending since early this year with their first outlet at Seletar Mall; in less than a year time, there are now six outlets! The line to get in was said to be long but it appeared alright when I chanced upon its JEM branch!

We were ushered in almost immediately! Maybe some background on Yakiniku Go; it offers "simple and affordable Japanese grills" with a "smoke-free and fuss-free dining experience"! Two key words; affordable and smoke-free.

Each table has its own electric grill; tongs would also be provided for ease of barbequing. Now, I am not keen to grill the meat myself as I have the innate tendency to overcook and in the case of raw meat, it often means chao ta (burnt).  

I didn't check out the menu and recommendations beforehand and didn't know what to order. Hence, I would defer to the signature set; the Yakiniku Go set with full steak and jyo karubi & ribeye slice set.

Yakiniku Go Set - it has beef short plate, beef tongue (I presume 100 grams would be for these two meat), full beef ribeye steak, rice, soup and a choice between normal kimchi or radish kimchi. 

Jyo Karubi & Ribeye Slice Set - beef boneless short rib, beef ribeye slice, rice, soup and again, a choice between normal kimchi or radish kimchi. Since we ordered two sets; might as well try the different kimchi.

The normal kimchi was pretty good; albeit a bit on the sweet side and overly garlicky. Both attributes actually appealed to my palate though and were perfect for plain, white rice! 

Radish kimchi was, however, preferred even when I am in other Korean restaurants. Speaking of which, why is kimchi, being a Korean essential, served in a Japanese restaurant. Nonetheless, in case you are wondering if refill is possible, I did ask and the answer is a straightforward "no".

Let the grilling begin! It's true that there wasn't much smoke and surprise, surprise, I think we did a neat job in cooking the meat. None was excessively charred and since beef can be eaten raw; some pinkiness wouldn't harm. 

Amongst all the meat, the beef short plate was rated the best! For the rest, we actually didn't have any complaint as the meat was juicy and mostly tender, with the exception of the chewy beef tongue that didn't have much fats in the first place. 

Dips for the barbecued meat! Above was a citrus-garlic based with a yuzu aroma; not our cup of tea as it was too salty for our meat.

Our favourite had to be the house special yakiniku sauce which was sweeter and reminded us of the gyudon we used to swoon over at Megumi Japanese restaurant

It was so delicious! As a meat eater, the quantity of meat at Yakiniku Go was hardly enough to fill up my tummy and I can totally see myself ordering more of their ala-carte meat in future visits!

In the meantime, I would just indulge myself with the bowl of plain rice; a typical stomach filler. I am not too sure what rice was used but I can't stop digging into it, with the meat dipped in sukiyaki sauce! 

Burped with satisfaction. p.s. if you are really a huge meat eater, don't bother with Yakiniku Go; just go for Gyu Kaku


50 Jurong Gateway Road, 
JEM, #B1-01, Singapore, 608549


As above.

Yakiniku Go Set - S$21.80
Jyo Karubi & Ribeye Slice Set - S$16.80
(Subject to Service Charge and GST)

Additional Information
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Adventure Ocean @ Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas (Cruise to Nowhere)

The problem about being stuck on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean for a person who loves to wander is that there's only so many places you can explore! 

That's how I ended up on deck 12 of Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas, which are decked out mainly with staterooms but has this area known as Adventure Ocean. Now, Cavin knows an adventure and I gleefully stepped in for a closer look.

Remember to sanitize your hands; to be honest, Royal Caribbean did a great job in protecting everyone from the COVID-19 virus. Aside from hand sanitizers that were placed everywhere, staff members would diligently remind passengers to mask up if they are not eating / drinking / exercising.

Honestly, first step in and I knew this wouldn't be the place suitable for my age group. The use of such cute, cartoony characters and the wall colors would mean this Adventure Ocean should be targeted at humans a whole lot younger.

Spread over two floors, Adventure Ocean for kids below twelve years old, with multiple activities and games planned out for different age groups so that their parents can have free time to enjoy the cruise. Basically, it's a babysitting facility and while charges are already included in the cruise fees, fees can still be imposed beyond scheduled sessions.

Sessions as above for your reference. Since I don't have kids of my own, I can't comment much on the activities and how good they are. However, I think this would be beneficial for families with young kids. 


Friday, December 03, 2021

Sorrento's Pizza and Café Promenade @ Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas (Cruise to Nowhere)

I am not a late night snacker but what if, in the rarest occasion, that I were to get hungry at midnight, and I am in the middle of the ocean, on a cruise ship?

At Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas, you would have two options and as they are side by side, and inter-connected, I guess I might as well just reviewed both of them at the same time. 

First is Café Promenade; it's an outfit that operates 24 hours, which means you could grab something as late as 4am or as early as 6am, before Windjammer, the buffet restaurant, opens. 

Selection wasn't huge but you would get stuff like assorted cakes, tarts, jellies sandwiches, sliders, cookies, which would help towards reducing the hunger you have at those ungodly times! 

Tea selection as above! I am not too sure about coffee but I am aware that for beverages like latte, mocha etc, there will be a charge. For the others, including the tea selection, and the food that I share in the above paragraph; they were already covered in your cruise ticket.

It pays to eavesdrop some times; I heard you can request for hot cocoa mix! To up the flavour, ask for hot milk before throwing in the sachet of chocolatey content! 

What I had at 9pm; a cup of hot tea with black forest cake and the pickled relish egg salad sandwich (a slider is actually a small sandwich). Nothing spectacularly delicious, except for maybe the pickled relish egg which you can hardly go wrong with. Slider bun was too hard for my liking. 

Now on Sorrento's Pizza - unlike Café Promenade, this operates only from 11.30am until 2.00am but I think people remember it better as it's a pizzeria and has a lot more seating compared to Café Promenade.

You can get salad too! Not that I tried any as I am more a meat and thrash food person when I am on vacation. I will prefer to "suffer" when I am back to the daily grind. 

If my memory serves me right, I remember there were about four to six types of pizzas at any one time, and they range from pepperoni, cheese, vegetarian to carnivore. 

Nothing beats pizzas, fresh out from the oven! 

Pizzas the way I like them; stretchy cheese with thin, crisp crust! The only thing lacking, in my opinion, would be onions but that's more a personal thing. If you see me baking my own pizzas at home, you would likely be surprised on the amount of raw onions I use.


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tun Xiang 豚香南洋馆 - Roasted Delights Galore @ Yishun's Northpoint City Mall [Singapore]

Disappointment greeted my face when I noticed a difference in signboard as I approached the former  premises of Akimitsu (秋光), which I would sometimes patronize with my mom for their signature tendon.

In its place now is an eatery with the name "Tun Xiang (豚香南洋馆)" - some Singaporean Chinese might not know what the character 豚 means as we usually prefer the more common term; 猪 when referring to pig. Yes, the signatures of this new dining establishment are all pork based. 

Frankly, I have never seen a queue outside the restaurant and only decided to check it out when the Great Kon commented that their roasted delights were pretty good. The place was quite empty when I arrived past lunch on a weekday and we were quickly ushered in. 

Scanned the QR code to view the menu and order. It wasn't a huge list but I still took some time to deliberate between rice and noodle and whether I should go for roasted chestnut pork, signature iberico pork belly char siew or iberico pork collar char siew.

Make your payment at the cashier after you submitted the order online. To be honest, I thought the pricing was the high side as it was minimally S$9.50 but again, I don't mind trying to ascertain if the food is really worth the price. 

In about five minutes, we received our food - iberico pork collar char siew rice and signature iberico pork belly char siew noodle. More on the carbohydrates (rice and noodles) later. 

Roasted Chestnut Pork - let's check out the roast pork first and I must say visually, they already gave a fantastic vibe; golden pork skin and meat that glistened with juiciness under the light! I took my first bite and the resounding crunch was met with nodding approval. 

Skin was superbly crispy and the meat tasted tender, juicy and most importantly, not overly salted. Only issue is that the portion was a bit too much and too much of anything would result in a cloying disgust after a while. Maybe the eatery could consider having a smaller portion and a reduced pricing. 

Iberico Pork Collar Char Siew Rice
- this was mom's but she nicely allowed me to have a bite of the char siew. It was tough; meaty though with a smoky aroma and infused with the delicious char siew marination. 

Signature Iberico Pork Belly Char Siew Noodle - I was in the mood for noodle and since I am always game for char siew, this looked like the perfect dish for me, especially with the generous serving of deep fried pork lard! 

Featuring the same sweet char siew marination as the pork collar, this was better simply because there were more fats due to the pork belly cut, resulting in a delicious, juicy bite that was full of flavor! I relished every bite but it was just too much pork when I still had a large serving of the roasted chestnut pork.

Noodle with dark sauce was the kind I would enjoy without the need for any chilli / tomato sauce. And while this didn't disappoint, I was way happier when I mixed in the onsen egg as the strands of noodle turned out to be even more slurpy! 

Burp - I so regretted ordering the roast pork as my tummy was stuffed with pork and my mind was telling me "no more pork for the next few weeks"! As I mentioned earlier, pricing was a bit high but right here in Yishun, this is the best char siew and convenience would likely result in a return visit soon. 

930 Yishun Ave 2, #02-28, 
Singapore 769098

Facebook Page 
As above.

Roasted Chestnut Pork - S$12.90
Iberico Pork Collar Char Siew Rice - S$10.60
Signature Iberico Pork Belly Char Siew Noodle - S$9.50
(Inclusive of GST)

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