Monday, January 25, 2021

Slippery Floor Due to Broken Bottle of Olive Oil @ Yishun Northpoint City Mall [Singapore]

It's a route not unfamiliar for me and I instinctively whipped out my mobile phone to check out the newsfeed on facebook while walking from Northpoint basement passage to the connected Yishun bus interchange, to collect some plastic containers from my friend and also pass him a small pack of Florentine cookies that I just baked.

Before my mind could register what happened, I was already lying on the floor with a broken pack of cookies, and my mobile phone flung two meters away from me. There was some light yellowish liquid and a plastic bag. Darn, did someone just drop a bag of drink or something!? 

As my friend had already arrived, I quickly picked myself up and met him in less than a minute. That's when I realized I was bleeding with a cut across my knee. It didn't hurt much though and my friend kindly passed me some antiseptic wipes to clean up the blood. 

I would need to go back the same route to return home and took a closer look at the spot where I slipped. It wasn't a pack of drink that broke; what I found within the bag was a shattered bottle of olive oil! Now, I really have to count my lucky stars but it wasn't happiness flying in my brain; it was pure rage! 

The pieces of glass were everywhere and I was incensed that the person who broke the bottle of olive oil didn't even take the basic responsibility to contact housekeeping to clean up the mess! There are so many elderlies living in Yishun and the slippery floor could result in serious injuries (hip displacement etc) or even death. Not to mention the glass shards that could cut them too! 

Yes, I escaped pretty unscathed but I am not going to just walk away and think it's the mall's job to ensure they clean up! Okay, technically I did walk away but more to find housekeeping; eventually, I found the mall's contact and informed the guy who picked up the phone to quickly activate manpower to clean up the area. 

Maybe it was bad luck when one got injured as mine continued with a cut to my thumb when I was removing the skin from a persimmon earlier this evening, using a peeler. Alright, it's just me and my butterfingers. 

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Hoe Fried Hokkien Mee (和炒福建虾面) @ North Bridge Road Market & Food Centre (Near Lavender MRT Station) [Singapore] #northbridgeroadhawkercentre

I tried to undertake a bit of research before checking out a hawker centre I have never patronized before; this would enable me to roughly plan out what to eat beforehand and help cut some time in deliberating which stall to order from! 

With a review rating of 4.5 on Google, I was half expecting a queue at Hoe Hokkien Mee but on second thought; who would have hokkien mee at 9.00 am?! Regardless, I am happy I didn't have to wait long. 

Generous plate of hokkien mee at S$4.00 a plate.

Aside from having a higher proportion of thick bee hoon (as opposed to yellow noodles in other places), there were also slices of pork belly, in addition to your typical prawns, eggs and squids. To be me, the squid can definitely be removed as they were tasteless! 

Slurping good; it was flavourful and rich of the sweet prawn stock that I always find irresistible in a good plate of hokkien mee. While good on its own, I do enjoy the chilli as it added an addictive layer of contrasting sourness, spiciness that made every spoonful into the mouth, an heavenly experience.



861 North Bridge Rd, #01-93, 
North Bridge Road Market & Food Centre, 
Singapore 198783
(Near Lavender MRT Station)

As above.

Operating Hours
9.00 am to 6.30 pm
(Closed on Sundays)

Facebook Page

Hokkien Mee - Minimum S$4.00 a plate

Friday, January 22, 2021

Tian Yi Desserts (天義) - Signature Mixed Green Bean and Red Bean Soup @ North Bridge Road Market & Food Centre (Near Lavender MRT Station) [Singapore] #northbridgeroadhawkercentre

I started using my kitchen a lot more during the circuit breaker (CB) last year and one item I constantly made was green bean soup as the recipe is simple with a pretty fast process.

Fast forward to a few days ago when I was at North Bridge Road Market & Food Centre; the signboard of Tian Yi Desserts (天義) caught my attention as their signature was green bean soup and red bean soup! Now, I am intrigued as to how different could their soup could be and decided to order a bowl of their signature mixed green bean and red bean soup. 

The photograph above didn't do it justice as there was a noticeable half shade of green and half shade of red when I was at the hot dessert stall but my unstable juggling back to my table had mixed them up.:(

Featuring an interesting flavour combining both green and red bean soup which you could easily replicate at home, the highlight was really the sheer amount of ingredients that went into the soup, other than the necessary green beans and red beans. Visually, I saw dry longan, orange peels, sago, pearls, barley and lotus seeds! 

Nice, nutritional and generous; I bet this hot dessert would be a hot favourite among the older generations. For me, it's just too much ingredients and coming from a guy who likes more soup than green beans in his homemade green bean soup, this is just not my cup of tea.


861 North Bridge Rd, #01-112,
North Bridge Road Market & Food Centre, 
Singapore 198783

As above. 

Operating Hours
9.10 am to 3.30 pm
(Closed on Sundays and Mondays)

As above.

Signature Mixed Green Bean and Red Bean Soup - S$2.00

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Traditional Local Singaporean Breakfast @ An Old School Coffee Shop - Heap Seng Leong 協勝隆 (Near Lavender MRT Station) [Singapore]

Singapore's real estate has always been hot property and with the country being a free economy; many shops that existed in the past are now taken over by businesses with greater consumer demand and /or ability to generate a higher profit yield. 

One of the victims is those traditional coffee shops; some were renovated to be air-conditioned with specially curated interior design in order to justify a significantly higher price on their menu whereas many others had been converted to restaurants / cafes etc. 

Heap Seng Leong is one of those that continued to survive in the cut-throat food and beverage industry. And it's amazing how the operator manages to keep the decoration unchanged throughout the years! In my childhood memories, coffee shops generally had the same messy look as Heap Seng Leong! 

Step in to see how time had apparently stopped at the coffee shop; the use of glass containers to keep biscuits and snacks. And who uses abacus nowadays?! Did you also notice the coin-operated payphone on the left?

Seeing how old school it was; I guess it's appropriate for me to order a traditional, local Singaporean breakfast that comprised firstly of a cup of kopi gao and soft boiled eggs. Latter was a bin too thin for my liking although Alex loved the coffee aroma from his kopi. Soft boiled eggs turned out fine; no complaint about them.

I am more excited to try the toasted bread which didn't look like the conventional ones we get nowadays which would be thinner with a crispier crust. 

For someone who always love his toasted bread with a crunchier texture, I was surprised to find myself liking this thicker yet fluffier version! The crisp was really just a thin layer and the insides remained warm and soft. 

Of course, both the delicious brown kaya and butter played an equally important role and you would notice an unmistakable aroma that could only have come from toasting the bread on a charcoal grill.  

Generally satisfied, even though I still had misgiving over my coffee. I read from the web that the coffee shop is renowned for its butter coffee (Kopi Gu You); guess I would have to check it out on my next visit! 


10 North Bridge Road, 
#01-5109, Singapore 190010

As above.


Two Kopis, soft-boiled eggs & toast - S$4.40

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Char Siew Rice from Yong Kee H.K Roasted Duck Stall (鏞记香港烧腊) @ Redhill Food Centre [Singapore] #redhillhawkercentre

My mind was set; I am going to have the roasted chicken rice from 
Rong Ji Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice stall. However, my eyes kept veering towards the above stall near our table; Yong Kee H.K Roasted Duck, and it's not roasted duck that attracted our attention.

I was captivated by the strings of gooey red char siew and the temptation eventually caved in! Right after chicken rice and pancakes from Granny's Pancake, I got myself a plate of char siew rice, with half the rice portion that would shared with my mom! 

The dark colored rice surprised me and I was expecting this would be some unusual carbohydrates that would make me regret making the decision to reduce my rice. Turned out the grains were dry and it didn't have any special taste to it; I still need the sauce to enhance the palatability. 

Char siew had a nice charred exterior but it's the lean kind that diners with a healthier palate might enjoy. I found the texture to be a bit on the hard side and while they were not gross tasting; it's unfortunately not something I would return for. 


Block 85, Redhill Lane, #01-44, 
Redhill Food Centre, 
Singapore 150085

As above.

As above.

Char Siew Rice - S$3.00 a plate 

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Rong Ji Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice (荣记传统海南鸡饭) @ Redhill Food Centre [Singapore] #redhillhawkercentre

I accompanied my mom to redhill today for her dental appointment today and since it's an area quite far from Yishun and not frequented by us; we decided to pay a visit to the nearby redhill hawker centre that's also conveniently within walking distance from the MRT station! 

A search on the web for good food in the hawker centre revealed a Hua Kee Chicken Rice. Coincidentally, I was craving for a sinful meal and chicken rice seemed like a good fit! However, I decided to circle round the food centre and come to realize that Rong Ji Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice had a way longer queue! 

The wait was fifteen minutes before I collected my roasted chicken rice that cost just S$3.00. It came with separate chicken and rice, and a bowl of chicken soup infused with the sweetness from red dates.

Compared to steamed chicken, I am more in favor of roasted chicken, especially the skin! The chicken here didn't disappoint; juicy, tender with a not to fatty skin; flavor enhancer was definitely the sauce used to drench the chicken meat and cucumbers! With that sauce, I bet I could easily finish two bowls of chicken rice.

Please do not forget to help yourself to the chilli at the counter! While I can normally do without the chicken rice chilli; I was glad to have gotten an extra saucer after getting one for my mom.

It was your typical, garlicky chicken rice chilli, with an added spicy kick! Furthermore, there's a sweet undertone that I personally found irresistible, especially when mixing the chilli into the oily and fragrant rice! 

I don't think it's an exaggeration if I tell everyone I literally licked clean the plate! Even at this moment as I am typing out my review, I am reminiscing the roasted chicken rice I had earlier this afternoon. Should I go over and have it again this Tuesday, when I am on leave?!


Block 85, Redhill Lane, 
#01-42, Redhill Food Centre,
Singapore 150085

As above.

As above.

Roasted Chicken Rice - S$3.00 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Huluruk Myeon House @ Bishan Junction 8 [Singapore] #koreanfood

I walked past
Huluruk Myeon House when I had dinner at the neighboring Canton Paradise (Bishan Junction 8) and did remember that despite the eye-catching façade; there wasn't a queue outside the restaurant serving Korean cuisine.

Don't be too quick to judge; an observant person would have noticed that the eatery was full of customers and that the entrance was at the other side, within the shopping mall. And there was a snaking queue! It cleared pretty fast though and we were brought to a table after a wait of less than 25 minutes. 

There were so many dishes on the menu; I wouldn't be able to decide what to have if not for the Great Kon who had patronized the restaurant before and knew who to order, and what not to. 

Some would judge a Korean eatery with the kind of side dishes served. I don't but I would be darn impressed when many side dishes were placed on my table! At Huluruk, it's a simple affair comprising of just kimchi and pickled radishes. Guess we would have to place more hope on the dishes we would be paying for! 

Stir Fried Bulgogi Pork (Non Spicy)
- quite nice, yet unexceptional. We opted for non-spicy since Alex is a weakling against chilli; hence, there's a chance our review might differ if this was served in the original, spicy format. 

Grilled Pork Jowl - jowl is actually the pig's cheeks and the first time I had it was at Ramen Santouka more than 10 years ago! The last time I had it was at the now-closed Jeju Kitchen (Northpoint).

The ones from Huluruk Myeon House were comparatively taster; they were all grilled to a crisp with the insides still retaining the tender juiciness! The deal-breaker was the drizzles of sweet teriyaki sauce topped with sesame seeds! 

Original Dumplings - the famous Din Tai Fung was just next door even though I am not such a huge fan of their signature xiaolongbao, which looked a bit like these original dumplings that also came in two other flavours; kimchi and chilli crab. 

Unlike the Chinese style dumplings, these Korean ones were meatier with an intense ginger-infused punch! To a person who loves to eat Din Tai Fung xiaolongbao with tons of sliced ginger, the above was a delicious nugget of satisfaction! 

Jjajang Myeon
- I am fan of Running Man and it's no secret that Jjajang Myeon (noodles with blackbean sauce) is the favourite food of the main host, Yoo Jae-suk! Every time I saw him slurping the noodles on the show, I would tell myself I must continue to try those from other stalls as my virgin experience wasn't that great. 

And with huge anticipation, came disappointment. Yoo Jae-suk always had Jjajang Myeon with a happy expression and I just couldn't relate to that! The yellow noodle tasted weird and the black sauce didn't manage to result in a delicious combination. I guess I wouldn't be trying at Jjajang Myeon in the future unless I have some strong endorsements from friends. 

Cold Buck Wheat Noodle - ask around and you would know I am hardly an adventurous person when it comes to food. I usually need people like Kon to 'force' me to try something new and in this case, I was actually introduced to this cold noodle from a colleague. 

The first time I had it; I was dumbfounded, just like that time I had cold soba on a plane flying from Hokkaido to Bangkok. This cold buck wheat noodle is best eaten on a hot day, for obvious reasons, and I absolutely love how the vinegarish broth tingles with my taste buds! In spite of my well-documented love for meat, it was the least of my priority when it comes to this bowl of cold Korean noodle soup.

Grilled Pork Belly with Signature Noodle
- to be honest, the grilled pork belly would be secondary as it's quite normal but we decided not to go with the Chef's Choices' mixed seafood or signature 3 treasures as Alex didn't want seafood and some of the things like original dumplings would be ordered in larger amount. 

Knife noodle, similar to guan miao noodle, didn't impress but the extremely flavourful broth was the star here! Infused with the tasty flavours from the sea, this would make a marvelous stock for ramen but in my case, I am just wondering if I could just have the soup, without any carbohydrates like noodles / rice... 


Hits and misses; overall, still a satisfying meal with great company and almost everything wiped out! Like Jeju Kitchen, it's said that the volcano fried rice is delicious; guess I shall give it a try the next time I am there.

9 Bishan Pl, 
#01-40, Junction 8
Singapore 579837


Order List
As above.

Stir Fried Bulgogi Pork (Non Spicy) - S$9.80
Grilled Pork Jowl - S$8.80
Original Dumplings (10 pieces) - S$9.50
Jjajang Myeon - S$10.80 
Cold Buck Wheat Noodle - S$13.80
Grilled Pork Belly with Signature Noodle - S$12.80
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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