Friday, June 18, 2021

Crab Man - Grilled Crab and Lamb Chop @ 341 Beach Road (Opposite The Concourse) [Singapore]

Sometimes, things happen for a reason and not necessarily a bad one. Early in May, before the heightened alert kicked in, I finally arranged to bring my parents to try the
grilled crabs at Happy Crab, knowing their love for the crustacean. Alas, it was not opened for business that day.

Thankfully, I remember from my staycation at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites (Beach Road) that there's another stall, a mere 2-minute walk away, that also sells grilled crab. It was closed too but unlike Happy Crab, it would start operating 15 minutes later, at 6pm! 

It's a battle between Happy Crab and Crab Man! To be honest, as far as service is concerned, both were exemplary and the friendly, elderly operators would actually come to your table and ask you if everything is okay. 

Mom was mildly surprised to see the tools provided for us to enjoy the crabs in a coffeeshop setting, and lamented that things like a box of tissue paper and pick fork might not even be readily provided by some seafood restaurants! 

It's not uncommon to see Singaporeans having chilli with crabs cooked without any sauce but to have wasabi would be a first for me; looking forward to the interesting combination.

Lamb Chop - a friend actually tried Crab Man before and she told me the grilled lamb chop was delish! Since I enjoy lamb and mutton, I decided to get one all for myself as my parents don't enjoy the gaminess of the meat. 

It was delicious! The seasoning brought out the sweet flavour of the juicy lamb and grilled so well; lightly charred with an enticing smoky aroma. A saucer of apple mint sauce would have made this perfect! 

Grilled Crab
- served on an aluminum wrapped platter and garnished with Chinese parsley, I ordered three; one for each of us. No carbohydrates for dinner as I brought my parents over for toast and coffee at the super old school Heap Seng Leong just an hour ago. 

Full of roes!! In the past, I am really not a fan and didn't understand why people would go crazy over the strange-tasting, high-cholesterol, mushy stuff that I initially thought to be the crab's brain juice. It's a different story now; I love it although that affection is limited to only crabs that were grilled. 

Similar to Happy Crab, the crab meat had a solid texture, sweet tasting with that irresistible seasoning that was delectable! Frankly, I prefer Crab Man. The operator actually shared his recipe; just steamed / boiled the crab beforehand, seasoned with salt, pepper, unagi sauce, and then grilled. 

To be honest, simple to him but not that easy for me! Anyway, eating the crab meat with wasabi was darn good - the unique 'spiciness' strangely enhanced the taste of the crab! 

Max satisfaction! My mom was asking when we can go again. Well, now that the government announced that dine-in is allowed for maximum 2 persons from 21 June; I guess we can always arrange for a crab session! 


341 Beach Rd, Singapore 199567
(Within Luk Lu Eating House)

As above. 


As above. Aside from crabs and lamb chops, other items on the menu include large prawns, oysters and even foie gras. 

Lamb Chop - S$6.00 each
Grilled Crab - S$40.00 each

Additional Information
Note for diners: there were a lot of small flies attracted to the 'remains' even though they were not your typical black houseflies. It's just that they were quite irritating towards the end of our satisfying meal. 

Any expert can identify what kind of flies they were? 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

I Got Shot - Vaccination (Pfizer-Biontech First Dose) Against For COVID-19!

14 June 2021 - I was all prepared to go out despite the fact that we were encouraged to stay at home given that the nation was still on a mini lockdown crafted nicely as phase 2 (heightened alert). 

Don't get me wrong, I am all supportive for the government's measures to fight COVID-19 but I was duly assigned by the Ministry of Health to visit Nee Soon East Community Club for a procedure; yes, the same one that many countries are trying their best to push their citizens to undergo. 

Vaccination - a key step to counter the pandemic that has tortured us for more than a year; crumbling businesses, driving up unemployment rate and worsening the lives of many. There's an urgent need to get back to pre-pandemic normalcy! 

As my slot for my first shot was scheduled on a weekday, right after lunch, there was hardly a crowd. The outdoor seating was for family member / friend who would need to wait for at least 30 minutes; a duration set to spot for any acute allergic reactions towards the vaccine, for the persons getting vaccinated. 

After taking my temperature and showing my identification card and the SMS showing my appointment slot, I was asked to register at a designated counter. 

My counter - R10. Standard questions were asked; whether I have medical condition, any recent surgery and allergic towards drugs etc. No, no, no. I did have a medical condition when I was younger but things have been fine for about two decades now and doctors had so far not seen it as an issue whenever I raised it. 

Sticker was printed to ensure all information (name, address, IC number, contact etc) were in order before I was sent off. As vaccination is free, proper records should be kept.

Sent to this section to wait for my turn to be vaccinated but as can be seen, there wasn't anyone which means I was sent straight to one of the twelve vaccination booths.

Boxes of sanitizers were staring at me as I took a seat in the tiny vaccination booth. Bet the small space would have been mentally tormenting for the vaccinators! 

Excitement grew when I saw the plastic kidney bowl with an alcohol swap, cotton wool, band-aid and the most important injection syringe containing the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine which has an efficacy rate of 95%. 

Short and sweet; okay, maybe not so much on the sweetness. Even though it's not like my first time being vaccinated against viruses / diseases, this felt different as COVID-19 had severely affected our life.

Got a slip of paper with a time indicated; 2.25pm.

I would have to stay at this observation area for 30 minutes until 2.25pm; in case of any acute allergic reaction that could be assisted immediately. Thank god for the invention of smartphones as I knew exactly what to do; attended to work emails, and then played Homescapes!  

2.25pm - my name was promptly announced over the PA system to proceed to another counter where I collected my vaccination card with the vaccination record and the appointment date for the second dose. Overall, process was quick, efficient and handled with the utmost professional care by those on duty. 

Side effect wise - nothing much from me. The injection site was a bit swollen and felt tender on the first day, worsened slightly on the second and that's it. I was all well on the third day. As per advice by the older generation, I drank a lot of water and had a few fresh coconuts too! Hope that the second dose, said to have more pronounced side effects, would be as smooth sailing! 

Are you still deliberating over whether to take the vaccine? In my opinion, there's a risk factor for everything and you would have to make the decision since vaccination is not mandatory. For those with medical conditions, refer to the above and in doubt, check with your family doctor.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Creamier - Waffles, Handcrafted Ice Cream & Coffee @ Block 131 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 [Singapore]

Started business in an old, quiet Toa Payoh neighbouhood, Creamier got so immensely popular that it actually changed the demographics of the clientele; bringing in youngsters and those with higher spending power to the area. 

Creamier is no longer at its original location and has in fact spawned two other branches in Singapore. However, its roots were not forgotten as the ice cream parlour continued to be stationed in Toa Payoh, just 50 meters away from where they first started. 

We decided to pay it a visit after our delicious meal at the nearby Bangkok D.K Thai Food; since there were four of us to share the desserts, it's technically less sinful for everyone! 

This was the queue at 3.00 pm! 

Given the pandemic, it's important to ensure safe management measures are adhered to; not just for the diners but also for the dining establishments as they could be forced to stop operations by the authorities! Hence, please just do your part.

Got in after 20 minutes; I honestly can't remember what was the layout like in its original store and had to rely on my 2014 review here. Well, seemed like they kept the hanging bulbs with wires concept. 

I almost forgot; you would be given the order list with a clipboard and a pen to write down your orders. Once you are given your seats, just proceed to the cashier to pass the list and pay for your items. 

"Handcrafted in small batches everyday", it's always amazing to see a wide variety of choices although for the unadventurous soul like myself; I would go for traditional flavours like vanilla unless I can sample the ice cream, which isn't possible with all the safe management measures. :(

Summer Strawberries Ice Cream
- the good thing about having family sharing is that I am way more willing to take the risk! Served on ice, this summer strawberries are sourish yet creamy-sweet with my teeth biting occasionally into the strawberry seeds. 

Matcha Latte and Iced Mocha - former was slightly bitter and not as thick as I expected. Latter was nicer in my opinion and sweetness was just right for my age-group; i.e. not sweet. 

Waffle with Roasted Pistachio and Blue Pea Vanilla Ice Cream - see, another two interesting flavours even though I think the pistachio would appeal to my mom who enjoys nuts and for me; vanilla-related shouldn't be too bad. Thankfully, we didn't opt for a third scoop as toppling would be a definite.

The waffles at Creamier were famous in the past for their thickness and texture. I found the taste to be on the bland side back in 2014 and since I managed to secure seats; it's an obvious order, especially when we can split the calories among four persons. 

They tasted good with that desirable thin crispness encasing the moist, fluffiness within; so glad I had two other persons to share (elder sister isn't much into carbohydrate stuff) as I would have a hard time finishing the waffles if I am with just Alex! 

Roasted Pistachio and Blue Pea Vanilla Ice Cream - loving both of them even though the blue pea one was really more on the coloring as there wasn't much difference in taste compared to pure vanilla ice cream. Pistachio was delicious and so richly infused with the nuts; it would be even nicer if larger pieces of pistachio can be added to the ice cream.


Block 131, Toa Payoh Lorong 1,
#01-02 Singapore 310131

As above.


As above.

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