Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boon Kee Wanton Noodles (文记云吞面) @ Clementi Central Hawker Centre

When i tried the wanton noodles from Boon Kee the very first time with the Great Kon, i didn't understand what was the big fuss for the stall to generate a waiting time of 20 to 30 minutes!

Slow workers? Limited manpower? Or maybe a horde that happened to be craving for wanton noodles?

It wasn't till i was hungrily sourcing for breakfast one day (before work that is) that i decided to give Boon Kee another chance to redeem itself.

This time, i can fully understand why it is so popular! There's a difference when you have only one dish as versus to four or five carbo-laden dishes spread out on your table. For one, it's easier and more time efficient to appreciate its very essence.

The char siew (叉燒) is one of the better tasting ones for wanton noodles although it can never be compared on the same standing as Kay Lee.

I used to have a weird habit when it comes to wanton noodles - the wanton (dumplings) will be left untouched in the soup. However, this habit was broken when i tried the ones from Boon Kee; they weren't exactly meaty but still palatable enough for me to finish them every time.

A mee kia (thin noodles) and mee poh (面薄 aka flat noodles) person, i allocate a big proportion of my taste test to noodles when it comes to wanton or fishball noodles. Obviously, Boon Kee's mee kia did not disappoint!

Mixed with chilli paste, it was a great concoction that tingled my taste buds with every ungraceful slurp! Given its dark outlook, this will likely be placed under the commonly known "KL style wanton mee".


Block 448, Clementi Food Centre,
Clementi Ave 3, Stall No # 01 -36

S$2.50 a plate

Monday, May 30, 2011

Nature Spot - Kingfisher in NUS

The green view dotted with gigantic, huge ass trees right in front of my office was always cited by me as a possible area to build a new block of office to replace the ageing, no lift-access one i am assigned to.

Before i am hurt with rocks thrown by nature lovers, i meant it as a harmless joke! A nature lover myself, i know humans are the real intruders and wild animals are merely the unfortunate victims.

The above reflects one main reason why i will prefer the green area to remain as it is. No lah!! Not the money!!! It's that beautiful blue-white creature avian on the S$10 Singapore bird series currency!

Since i joined this department, i was captivated by these two kingfishers that always stopped by my office. Within a short while, i can accurately pinpoint their grand arrival by that distinctive shrieking chirp they made.

It may take a while for me to spot them amid the numerous leaves that make up the majestic crown of this group of trees but the feeling of seeing them ALIVE is always so heartwarming (Cavin is such a loving person)!

They went missing for a long period of time and i remember how sad i was when i chanced upon the dead carcass of a kingfisher - i am not sure if it was the same one that frequented my office. They all look the same!

Anyway, it was with happiness when i heard that familiar playful chirping once again recently! Oh, there it was; standing on a tree branch far far away and calling for its mate.

Nature is sometimes best observed from an non-invasive distance.

Don' you think so?

Treasure nature in Singapore; it is surprisingly in abundance in such a tiny nation we proudly call home.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pizzeria Mozza (The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands) - Desserts (Dolci)

It's no secret that i especially love desserts and make it a point to order at least one serving (even it is shared with a few persons) in any new restaurant i patronise.

Therefore, let me present to you the Gang of Four's choice of desserts at Pizzeria Mozza. Dolci, by the way, means sweets in Italian.

Banana Gelato Pie
Chocolatey fudge flowing down the slice of banana ice cream (or gelato or whatever you call it) pie with sprinklings of hazelnuts looked really enticing. The banana taste was actually quite authentic but I will still go for the real thing; bunches of creamy bananas!

At S$17.00 a slice, the comparatively cheaper banana fritter is my choice any time. Seriously, any bloody time!!!

Caramel Copetta
Despite the lacking service (and the pricey tag), this is one dessert i will likely come back for.

The use of whole salted peanuts was unseen of in western desserts and a perfect supporting actor (or actress for those who accuse me of being sexist) to the rest of the ingredients!

Thin waffle, sweet caramel sauce, ice-cold gelato, crunchy savoury peanuts and sticky marshmallow sauce; a highly recommended combination for all dessert lovers for that desirable outburst of flavours!


Banana Gelato Pie - S$17.00
Caramel Copetta - S$15.00

Subject to GST and Service Charge

Additional Information

For the location and my review on the pizzas from Pizzeria Mozza, please visit http://cavinteo.blogspot.com/2011/05/pizzeria-mozza-shoppes-marina-bay-sands.html

Reference for MyCityCuisine.org (a wiki project)

To get a better understanding of my blog traffic, i will click on feedjit to see how people access my blog; directly, via a search engine, through facebook, via a forum and to a lesser extent; a link from another blog.

This gives me a detailed picture of where my readers come from. But what surprised me one day was finding a source from mycitycuisine.org!

According to its webpage on Char Siew Rice, my blog is cited as one of the references! It's flattering and at the same time baffling; i am obviously no expert on char siew rice.

I am just a person who loves to eat!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Nikon D5000 is Sick!!

As the subject goes, my beloved D5000 is currently in the good care of the technicians in Nikon Service Centre. A checkup was deemed to be necessary after the flash stopped working and the warranty is expiring this June!

My companion every single day; tucked comfortably (and conveniently) in my brown backpack, this lack of presence means i would be without my DSLR for around two weeks. Yes, two bloody weeks!!! You can imagine my eyes popping out when i heard this long service time from the service staff!

Anyway, i shall make do with pictures taken over the last four to five years and test my memory on how much i really remember.

For one, i don't think i have blogged in detail on my unforgettable China trip to Yunnan (with special reference to Dali and Lijiang)!

I can also touch on my mom's delicious home cooked meals! Many of you who have came to my house and eaten the food my maid mom whipped up should have memorable thoughts on them.

Tyersall Mansion near Botanic Gardens
Besides food, one category that has always been popular in this blog is supernatural. Pictures were taken in a few of my haunting expeditions but unfortunately, i am totally not satisfied with their quality.

Hm..... maybe i should go for another exploration trip to showcase unique tombstones in century-old cemeteries.

That, should be interesting.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ramen Play (拉面玩家) @ Junction 8

It's been a long time since the last craving for ramen struck me! To put it politically correct, i do crave for it at times but that feeling can only be described as a fleeting moment.

Having ramen vouchers totally change the ball game especially when it's the last day of usage!

Money-faced me will never forgive myself for missing the damned deadline and with that, i forced my mom to accompany me for my virgin visit to Ramen Play.

It was dinner time and some of you might know that i am desperately trying to lose some fats! A big bowl of ramen is a big NO NO at night! That's when i have to thank the management for offering mini combo meals!

Firstly, let's have a picture of what my dearest mommy had; Unagi Toji Set that came with miso soup and pearly rice. It's sizzling hot with sweet marinated Japanese eel and loads of eggs; a good combination of course!

Next coming up is my mini combo set, which came with a free ice lemon tea (other choices include iced green tea, ice oolong tea, pepsi and 7-up).

Misomaki Katsu was my selection for side dish; a deep fried mini pork cutlet that hid a few pieces of vegetables under a layer of cheese.

Given my low level of affection for katsu, i was again not blown away by this. Anyone can recommend the best katsu in Singapore? Let me know and i will try it out!

Chef-recommended Sanpou Shoyu was my obvious choice for ramen! Why choose something over a chef recommendation? Doesn't really make sense unless you are very picky with what you want to have. By the way, the egg failed in its appearance; the yoke is supposed to be gooey sticky.

Simmered for twelve hours, i was most impressed with this clear, simple broth. It was uncomplicated and gave a refreshing sensation that was just.... different.

The Cha Shu and Buta Kabuni were so filled with meat juices that i was relishing every bite and deterring my mom from having more than a small little bite! My argument of how fattening they were worked favourably on my side.


I will go for the normal-sized bowl next time!

9, Bishan Place, #01-51

(housed within this standalone building right outside Bishan MRT Station)

Other Outlets
Look above

Unagi Toji Set - S$14.80
Mini Combo Meal - S$13.80

Subject to GST and Service Charge

Additional Information
The basic mini combo meal is S$11.80 and is available till 14 July 2011. Five ramen are available for this combo and some of them may require a cash top-up.

This is something that enhances the tastes of almost everything! Garlic chips that are nice to eat even on its own!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

喜怒哀乐 (Happiness, Anger, Sorrow, Cheerful) - That's Life

It was said that i might have a screw loose because i am always smiling and it seems like there has never been a day i am sad or unhappy.

Well, i guess some of my friends would totally disagree with that; having caught me in a super moody day when everything goes wrong.

I am a mere mortal and i do have my extreme emotions like many of you do. In case you are feeling down the weather, let me show you four pictures that would hopefully raise your spirit!

Happiness (喜)

Anger (怒)

Sorrow (哀)

Cheerful (乐)

p.s. Please don't tell Alex i have shared these pictures! 
He will kill me if he ever knows!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Skinny Thin Rubee

I have just returned from an appointment with my dog's vet; Dr Kasey Tan of Mount Pleasant Springside.

Basically, my fifteen year old (plus minus) shihtzu is in a really bad shape. Weight loss of over 4 kilograms over six months and a 0.5 kilogram reduction over a few weeks are dangerous signs for a canine that only weighs 4.8kg now.

It is frightening to see him in his current state - especially in his weekly bath.

Skin and bones are the best words to describe his physical state. His aversion to food and water plus a nutrient-hungry tumour have taken a heavy toll on a weak body ravaged by ageing, Cushing disease and a few bouts of serious illness.

His used-be-thick and flurry fur coat is now dropping out in clumps and sticking to my mattress which i have personally reserved a spot just in case he needs some warm comfort at night.

The end is coming and i feel really helpless. The least i can do is to ensure Rubee can still maintain a certain level of quality of life and eventually to decide on cruelly terminating it when he turns for the worse.

A decision i am not willing to make....
No, i am not prepared to even make it.