Monday, September 25, 2006


Less than 3 months have passed since I embarked on the sales executive job in this pet food & accessories supplies company. A lot of my friends commented that I will LOVE the job since I am so involved in caring for animals and has always REMINISCED about my working life in Pet Lovers Centre, one of the top pet shops in Singapore. BUT no, nO, NO! I love animals but not necessarily will love any work related to them!

Nonetheless, I still love and adore animals, warm blooded ones of coz. However, I am just so tired of working at this job, I feel so unmotivated, so stressed, so tired. I detest those retailers who:
  1. always complain about margins
  2. always behave like we owe them (sometimes they owe us!)
  3. always treat us like delivery men
  4. always act like an angel in front of the customers but a downright Satan in front of us
  5. always talk big, act big
  6. always return expiring stocks when they know they cannot and complained you din check but heck! Its their fucking responsibilities!
  7. always call us down to their store and says its important. Turns out only to give us a pathetic piece of paper or some items of non importance.
  8. always demand, more is never enough, it must always be cumulative to the infinity
However, there are some who are sympathetic to my obviously pathetic plight(s) as mentioned above and most are really not as bad. But u guys and gals ever heard about the 80/20 Pareto Rule, where 80% of my stress are undertaken by the 20% of the retailers??? Get the darn picture??

Sighz, now I am seriously considering if I should change jobs. Can I bear with the stress? I can! But should I sacrifice my happiness when I am clearly unhappy with it? And I know some of you will comment that no job is without stress. I dun deny that, never did but
  1. I think I have no useful purpose in this job. I will love to educate retailers but turns out its almost impossible to do so.
  2. I am not getting younger, so should I continue to be abuse mentally with this ever oldening outer shell?
  3. I will not be able to advance much since its a family owned business
  4. I never like sales job, where the more I sell, the more I earn! I think it will compromise on my work ethics and I never like to be "force" to sell.
  5. I need to learn something new, something out of the pets industry maybe?
  6. There are too many promotions and we only have 24 hours a day (unfortunately, there are currently no new technological breakthroughs and I have not been elevated to a god status to reverse them).
  7. I prefer meeting normal end users (pets owners) who are interested in pets care and welfare instead of margins, profits, more margins, more profits! (I know they are in businesses but some of them can be downright despicable with what they do just to earn more profits and yet proclaiming what they do are good for the pets)
  8. I am working 5 and a half day work!
  9. I am only having 7 days Annual Leave a Year!
Of course there are the plus points:
  1. I will miss those retailers who clearly takes care of me and sometimes even make my day better
  2. I will miss some of my lovable colleagues (local and international) who has taught me much
  3. I will miss seeing those "private and confidential" emails my boss send me to improve my knowledge about pets nutrition.
  4. I will miss driving my "heavily decorated" van.
  5. I will miss not paying much for my transportation to work! (except for the monthly $65 for seasons parking)
  6. I will miss being able to "yak" for as long as i want on the company-sponsored mobile.
  7. I will miss getting my “not so bad” discounts on pet food and accessories.
Scoring is 9 for negative, 7 for positive. But take extra big consideration of the retailers and I think one outweighs the others, heavily! So anyone has any job recommendations? Its ok, I prefer to find the work myself. Hahaha. A few employment considerations though:
  1. Work in a bank (I study finance remember?)
  2. Work in a zoo (which has always been my dream)
  3. Work in a education centre (retailers-induced stress versus students-induced stress?)
  4. Work in a hotel (able to gossip who and who stays in the hotel with who and who)
  5. Work in government service (at least some useful purpose!)
  6. Work in a tourism circle (another “time is never enough” area)
  7. Last but not least, hopefully win Toto $2 million and open my own pet shop! (A dream but at least a realistic one)

 How? HOw?? HOW???

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