Saturday, September 24, 2005

Curry Favour

It's been a few weeks since i last updated my blog.. And it has been like what, one month or so, since i have food inside my blog! I guess my friends in Australia are hating it.

One commented that it made her so envious, so hungry whenever i touched on Singapore food and they can’t have it!!! But seriously, i can make sure they will get the food if they want, provided they pay for DHL. Hm… Provided the food don't chao sen. Lol

Anyway, i went to another place today for makan. Sort of a last minute thingy, my younger sister wanted to treat my elder sis, my bro in law and myself to this retaurant called Curry Favour, some Jap fusion cuisine. Apparently it is supposed to be good, ever winning a food award. No big deal though, i realised a lot of places nowadays have certificates touting their good food, good culinary skill etc in their area.

Curry Favour's decor is nothing to fantastize about, no sexual drawings, just plain with splashes of color here and there. There are two connected areas; one relaxed area like coffee bean called Moon River cafe (machiam like elves kingdom) and one that is Curry Favour. The staff service is okay but should smile more. I dunno if we are paying service charge since it's free for me!! lol.

We ordered one main dish each that comes with either salad or miso soup (there are 4) , one side dish (shared by all) and one desert. Of coz, as usual, i have a taste of everything!

Beef Stewed Curry
 (choice of Regular or Spicy)
Spicy was selected and it's like normal japanese curry althought with slightly more spice. The main thing is the tendorloin beef that goes together wif the curry. The meat was cooked to medium rare, with a tenderness to it. You can even see the redness in the meat itself!

Rating 7.5/10.

Pork Stewed Curry
(choice of Regular or Spicy)
Regular was selected this time. This dish was almost like normal Japanese curry i have eaten before. So of course i am disappointed!! I am paying a much higher price for it lor!! But it came with quite a big serving of pork, though it's like san cheng rou. My younger sis, being a fat conscious girl, like most others, didn't finish it.

Rating 6/10.

Teriyaki Chicken Don
This one i like. It's very different from outside's teriyaki chicken don. The meat was cooked to a state where the outside was dark but not yet burnt and the inside was tender, soft and moist. The extra thing in this don was the minced tamago (egg) put on top of the rice. So basically, you can only see the meat and the egg! The taste was really marvellous! After eating teriyaki chicken don for so long, this dish is really a master of all!

Rating 10/10 .

Spicy Pork Don
I tell you. This one everyone DIE DIE must try!! The pork wascrisp and the taste of e japanese sauce with a tinge of spiciness brought out the taste until it's like so heavenly!! I dunno how they do it, but everything just mixed very well and tasted marvellously!!

Rating 10/10. Would love to give more thou. Lol.

Stuffed Mushroom (Prawn and Scallop)
This one is abit overated thou it looks nice. Price is abit too high for it and the taste is ok ok lor. Cannot reli taste e scallop. I will prefer to pay abit more and order another spicy pork don thou.

Rating 5/10 .

Death of Chocolate
This is unique and tagged with a scary name. It came with a chocolate brownie, a slice of chocolate fudge cake and a scoop of ice cream. The cake was reli good, with the fudge oozing out of your mouth. Felt so blissful just eating the cake! Most importantly, it's not very sweet. The only disappointment was the hard brownie. This dessert is not suitable for one person unless you love eating!!

Rating 7/10.

That summed up my visit. I will recommend people to check out this place but do remember that it's a bit pricey. Situated at Stamford House in between the Old national library and city hall Mrt station.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Don't like Books? Too BAD!!

Terminated another book! Yes, i know i have complained to many that i am feeling stressed over my projects and also felt sick due to my heart condition, but well, books are a source of relaxation!!!! Hm... I normally stretched my day until the wee hours just to finish a book. That shows how book hungry i am!! Inevidently, i normally feel a lack of sleep after tat!! Lol. .

Anyway!! Another Jeffrey Archer book! Guys and gals, take my advice and read his books. It's really good and will make you crave for more!!

This book, Honour Among Thieves, is the 3rd book i am reading from him. And surprisingly, this book is unlike the few books i read. A bit of a fantasy and it involved public figures that both you and me will know; President Bill Clinton, ex-president of USA, and Saddam Hussein, ex-president or should i say deposed president of Iraq. Those who dunno what e fuck i am saying, please read the newspapers frequently.

Summarising without revealing too much, in case i am killed by some of my friends who are also following his books, this book narrated a plot by the then-President of Iraq to teach a lesson to the then-President of USA. 

There are two main characters; a professor on law and a Israeli Mossad agent. Like wat i said before, i found it entertaining, revealing the factual information of Iraqis and also the Kurds, plus the intelligence of Israel. It may be a bit far fetched on how the plot really comes about, with too many hints and pointers that can readily solve the mystery.

I hope i didn't reveal too much. And i hope i can finish another book tonight so that i can concentrate on projects tomorrow… Wish me luck ppl… I need a holiday.. By the way, rating for this book is 7/10

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fruitful Week

It had been a very good last week for me.

Not just because i can be in sync with things or maybe i should say the life i like. Last Sunday, i helped out in another pet event (i get paid thou). A cat show. I like cats. Basically i like all mammals and will love to have a cat to add to my little animal family (my younger sis is called pig mother so you can imagine how many animals my family has).

Surprisingly, this is also my first cat show! I ever went to one and frankly, it's so different from a dog show! You people should just get ur butt off your house and visit a cat show! Besides the normal showing (i find that boring, sorrie, cat and dog showers), there was a competition for best crate design!! Many were so unique, so nice! I don't mind sleeping in it!! I have ever managed to squeeze into a four feet cage. Lol.

Of course, there are the cats on show. Pedigree cats!! Some look like some of you guys and gals wouldn't like and will start wif a loud Eeeeeeeeee. But most cats have a certain personality. Even if it's a cat you don't like physically, you will still be amazaed wiith a soft fluffy heart when it comes up to you and purr~

It was very fun especially when i can be in touch with the pet owners and show my expertise to them. I may not have much experience on cats but i have read extensively on them. At least it's something!! lol

Anyway, besides fulfiling the little animal in me, this week was eventful when i saw a few friends whom i haven't see in ages!! Just last sunday for the cat event, i saw my poly mate, Sarah and another ex vet assistant who is studying a vet course in Philippines, her name is also Sarah!

And i happened to meet up with a few customers i knew from the pet shop (which i quit over a yr ago). When i go for Comex in Suntec, i saw ex colleagues, Shirleena, Li May and Gordon! And i also coincidentally met a secondary school mate, Cindy who is a year my senior. And yesterday, i saw another friend, Charles, in NTU when i went there for some personal matter. He is my NS friend whom i haven seen for 2 years! Gosh, evenful eventful. But i did learn something….

A few commented i have gained weight…. Sianz…… I haven't really been bingeing recently… But nevermind, i started jogging yesterday! Six packs, COME TO ME!!!