Monday, April 14, 2008

Comforting Myself @ Arnolds Chicken (City Plaza)


It is rare that anyone would see me so pissed off! At the very least, I am so humongously angry that I decided to update my blog. Okay, a bit of an anti-climax but i am seriously, sincerely pissed.


Since im here, I might as well share a recent GEM (obviously food) that was introduced by a likewise foodie (as usual, our beloved Mr Kon).

The name of that GEM is called Arnolds.

Does anyone of you still remember the old KFC? Those in their late 20s and older would remember the good, old days; chicken served on plates, coupled with shiny, shimmering cutlery and well dressed, polite attendants.

Well, Arnolds is just like that, minus the cutlery and attendants.

To put it plainly, fast food outlets ARE fast food outlets; Orders are machine gunned to the customers to attain the best efficiency. But to fry a good piece of chicken was not easy. Our dear old colonel had done a good job but quality is dwindling fast (except for their ice lemon tea);

1. It is a well known fact that the KFC chickens are delivered frozen.
2. Taste of the chicken has lacked the ever important tenderness!
3. The skin is not fat but has super duper oil-dripping fats (note: plural)
4. Some bones are black-reddish in color. I believe they have been abused.


So what is so GOOD about Arnolds? It has only one full branch (there is an express outlet in Pasir Ris) since 1984. It is in an obscure place called City Plaza (how many people actually know where it is?). Instead of placing itself at level 1 or basement (like most fast food), it is located at level 2! The answers shall be as followed;

1) Chicken
This is obviously the most important factor to compare with KFC. Served on a usable plastic plate, the chicken was served hot; piping, searing, deliciously hot. No, the bones were not abused (it is proudly stated in their website that the chickens are delivered fresh to their shop DAILY!) but the deciding factor that triumphed KFC was the skin. Thin with just a slight hint of fat. A bite of that highly memorable deep fried skin exuded a taste that served to remind us what we missed out all these years!
Rating 4.7/5.0
2) Coleslaw
The coleslaw was not laden with mayonnaise like its competitor. It was mixed to a consistency (ball shaped ok!) that is just right and did not make me gee-lat! If only they can introduce the vegetable salad that KFC used to serve.
Rating 4.0/5.0

3) BunStill remember the soft bun that accompanied the chicken? Although long deemed to be a small player (so small until it was not commonly seen nowadays), it imprinted a long lasting impression on me. THIS one in Arnolds was also a small player but so AAAAAaaaaaaah!!!
Rating 4.5/5.0

4) French Fries
I still like KFC fries but my friends prefer the ones in Arnold. It had the same thickness as MOS burgers and for people who love to taste the REAL thing (potatoes), it is a good choice.
Rating 3.5/5.0

5) Squid Rings
I have a thing for Squids also known as Sotongs. Especially when they are deep fried like in Old Chang Kee. Arnolds served deep fried squids that had the springiness of rubber bands but the price was a bit steep for my liking (at $4.20 for 6 pieces). However, it is worth a try (quote: never try, never know).
Rating 4.1/5.0

Beside the above mentioned, Arnolds also served Fish and Chips, the aptly named Fish and Squid, Criss-Cut Fries, Natural Chips, Ice Kacang. Yes, they served the local favorites too! Attendants would also serve you with no 10% service charge!

Oh! Be prepared for long queues at times!
I waited for half an hour on Sunday!