Monday, June 26, 2006

A Visit to an Abandoned, Virtually Unknown Mental Hospital

I have always been curious of the supernatural and the unexplained. And of coz, the ability of me to hear and see "them" at times do help to increase this curiousity. It dampened as i gotolder but i dunno why, the interest came back recently...

I heard about this place from a Singapore paranormal forum and decided to meet up wif 3 of my friends for a visit at night (i know its crazy).

Reaching around 10pm and seeing the road was barricaded, i parked the car infront of the barrier and proceeded on foot. We saw that two lamp posts were still shining bright and were somewhat assured it shd not be too horrifying inside.

However, the eerie sight that greeted us after the second lamp post was one of darkness, pitch black darkness. The buildings standing right behind the gate protrayed a scene of not just eerieness but also of horror. U can almost though you heard those mental patients hollering in the midst of this silent night.

We looked around for an entrance but the "mentioned" entry hole had already been patched and no way im going to climb over the gate (god knows how difficult it will be if u have to run out of the place). We loitered for a while and took a few pictures, but my camera was too "primitive" to take night pics. I can only manage the gate.

As we proceeded away from the gate, trotting towards the comfort of the many street lamps along the main road, my friend said he got poked on his back. And it was not just any normal poke, he felt quite pained and the funny part was, we were all walking side by side.

No matter what, i think im going back again but this time, it will be in the afternoon, where i can take more pics!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Indonesian Food at its Best!

Memories brought me back to the time when i went for a dental mission trip to Bintan. I stayed there for 4 nights and every single night, i will be devouring a plate of Indo Mee Special and a glass of Avocado Juice.

This time in Batam, while loitering with Weeyuan at one of the malls in Batam (pity Vanessa, Lock and Alex who went for massaging), we chanced upon this open concept restaurant and decided to give it a try. Though i was disappointed not to find a Indo Mee in the menu, im somewhat pacified when i glanced upon the item "Avocado Juice"!

Mee Goreng
This dish looked suspiciously like Indo Mee, unlike the commonly Singaporean known Mee Goreng with its dark, red look. When i tasted it, i was astonished to realise it had the exact taste of the greatly missed Indo Mee!!

The balanced taste of sweetness, saltiness even made sleepy Weeyuan perked up! I slowly relished the dish, each bite having the memory of nostalgia. For those who dunno, IndoMee is not commonly eaten by the rich as it is considered a poor food.

Price: 10,000 Rupiah / Less than S$2
Rating : 10/10 obviously

Dun ask me the meaning of this name. It looked like an omelette and when i tasted it, it was an omlette!! Which was nothing special of course, though it had some pieces of fish-cake-like-dough tat tasted obviously disappointing.

However, the main actor was not the omelette but its sauce, which came in a vinegar bottle!! This sauce smelt like vinegar, looked like soy sauce but had an unexpected sweet and chill-hot sensation! With it, the flavour of the Omelette was grealtly enhanced!

Price : 11,000 Rupiah / Around S$2
Rating : 7/10, becoz of its fish cake like dough and some salty stuff in the middle.

Avocado Juice
I first tried this during my mission trip and when i came back to Singapore, i can never find one of the same taste and look! When i saw it this time, it had the same mixture of green and a brown syrup. But i was somewhat disappointed when i can still taste a slight dash of the raw Avocado but when i drunk further, the nostagia old taste of Bintan came back!

Price: 9,000 Rupiah
Rating : 8/10

Es Teler Juice
This looked weird but Weeyuan assured me its nice. It had the look of a bloody mary with loads of colorful rubbish underneath it. Lol. It tasted quite mixed, with bandung dominating the taste. I wun say i dislike it but i guess i prefer my Avocado! Hehe

Rating : 9,000 Rupiah
Rating: 7/10


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Day Worth It.

Did quite a number of desperately to be done tasks today!!

I finally sent two resumes! Not worth mentioning though since i shd got my butt going a month ago. Haha. I also finally managed to buy a decent pair of shoes. Finally i paid  in full the Batam trip that my mum has been so keen of (i miss the kueh lapis there!!).

Most importantly, however, i finally ate at my favourite Mee Goreng of all times from the Seah Im Hawker Centre. For those who do not know, go find out where the shit it is. I knew this stall since 1997, and have loved it for its moist mee, together with minute bits of mutton that i have not seen in any Mee Goreng in Singapore. Though the uncle is a bit grouchy (i can count the number of smiles for these 9 years patronage) and the standard of the Mee Goreng varies like recent weather, i will still trek to the centre for a bite of the marvellous mee.

The Stall Signage Selling the Mee Goreng

The Real Stuff!
Uncomparable! By My Standard. And i heard im not a very Particular Eater. Lol

Another worth noting event was tat i performed another literacy accomplishment! No, I din write a book, i just completed reading one in one day!! Call me speed writer, call me details blotter, anything u wana. But i did enjoy the book, though i will forget the details tomorrow. Haha.

The book name is Ellie by Lesley Pearse. The name of the book took after the main character in the novel and i read a few others by the same author, Charity, Camellia, Charlie, Rosie etc.

The Book That I Devoured In One Mere Day!
Two more, Tara and Georgia to go!!

One thing for guys and lesbians, the girls featured on the cover pages of Lesley Pearse novels are really hot!! The story line was always around the second world war period till the 60s, with the setting in United Kingdom.

Pearse's novels alway kept me awake, notwithstanding the sexual content (sometimes), but also the strong willed characters carved out in times of extreme conditions that was potrayed so realistically that you wish you evolved into one of the characters! I obviously will recommend this author because i fell in love with the character every time i start on a new Lesley Pearse novel.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Mahjong Mahjong!

Today is the scheduled mahjong session with the starhubbers.

For those who dunno mahjong or just dunno how to play it, please try!! Its amazing!! I think its the greatest game in the world that requires not only wit, brains but also on luck! And apparently it helps to deter Alzheimer's Disease. Tats why i keep persuading my mum to join my kaki sessions. Lol.

Up till now, i have lost 9 bucks! And im still jobless! Sighz..

Look at Lock's Tiles (the one facing us), nice nice.
He Won for this Particular Round

I woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for the mahjong kakis!! My so called first attempt!! Had eggs, toast, sausages, luncheon meat, cucumber salad etc etc! I tasted it, i liked it!!

But apparently, the eventual reviews were not so good!! So sad... Next time, forget bout me cooking! I should save my time and go downstairs buy the fabulously, delicious nasi lemak or roti prata. Hehe.

The American Breakfast That i PAINSTAKINGLY prepared.

A Close Up.
I love it though

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ring Part Two

During the rainy day of 060606 in Jurong Bird Park, my compatriots must had been still energetic and alert enough to come up with the following pictures in the park...

Out of a well.. A wishing well in Jurong Bird Park to be exact.

Pushing herself Upright, Sadako advanced

A lame Boy was Talking on the Phone, Eyes Ahead!
Must ban Handphones while Walking!!

The stupid lame Boy finally Realised

Sadako Got Him!

Our Hero to the Rescue, using Mystifying Light Waves!
Sadako was Driven Off!!!

Now all of you know wat kinda friends i have..

But i enjoy and appreciate their companion, their creativity and of course, their jokes!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jurong Bird Park

A name that brought back many young memories; when we were still in primary or secondary school.. But seriously, most of you should go back and revisit those memories.

It changed a bit (same bird shows) but at least its an educational and fulfiling trip! Provided u are not extremely terrified of birds and your main purpose is to "know" those featheries, not just "see" them.

Five of us (Weeyuan, Vanessa, Lock, Alex and I of course) woke up early in the morning and we enjoyed ourselves immersely, despite the stormy, thundery weather!

Snow Owl..
Its really cute. Its not Only Majestic, but Dignified and Most of all, Cuddly! lol

God Knows What These Two Were Doing...

 Our Favourite Attraction in the Park, The Lory Loft. Strongly Recommended! But please bring an umbrella!
 Our Lockie Boy with his arms, hands, fingers full of Lories.
They are Beautiful. They Bite Hard too!
To Protect Lockie from being Recognised, His face was Mosaiced and Double Blocked Out.

Alex Drinking From the Man made Waterfall. 

Made a Very OBVIOUS statementStaged by Weeyuan

Its been a trip well spent. And my knowledge on nature had deepened (on birds obviously)!! Biggest, Fastest, Heaviest bird is Ostrich! Puffin Classis Emblem is a real bird!! Etc Etc.

Next trip will be the zoo i guess. Lol.
Lets hope i can get the free entry pass again!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Handle Bar

Not sure if any of you has heard of this bar that's situated near  the former Saint Andrews Junior College? I always passed by that area but had never ventured into it. So imagine my enthusiam when my friend suggested that area when we were scouting our way around Singapore for a place to chill out! Haha.

The Dark, Errie, Steep Staircase Leading to Handle Bar

Handle Bar is a meeting place for Harley Davidsons fans and riders alike! We reached ard 12 midnight (i think) and even though the bar was reserved for a private function, we were welcome to enter.

Once inside u can see that the ambience, decor were very unique. It was not so "showy showy" and was quite run down. However, any grouches were gone when u saw the deep, inset culture of the Harley spirt. Dunno how to describe it wif u people but u can see for urself at the photos below! Or please visit it at your earliest convenience!

The Pictures that Served as Wallpaper in The Male Toilet!

The Sink Area. Note all the Side Mirrors!

A bit Dark. We Found This Dinosaur somewhere around Handle Bar and our Dear Weeyuan was Fighting Bravely!!

Vanessa Cleaning the Asshole of the Dinosaur. Lol

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Xin Wang HongKong Cafe

There is another new kid on the "HongKong Cafes Craze" block in Singapore and its called New Prosperity @ Marina Square! And this time, i was not disappointed either with the level of service and most importantly, with its food!! Alex and I savoured a few dishes and here's e freaking reviews!!

1) Ice Milk Tea @ $2.90

The milk tea was really sedap! Its not too milky, not too thin and best of all, quenching to the thirst that resulted from the bloody hot weather that Singapore was facing recently! Of coz, i know i can get it at $1.50 from my favourite Prata shop. Hahaha

2) French Toast @$3.90

This was really amazing, great, fabulous!! The sweet taste of honey coupled with the hot crispy toast and the smooth butter put it on the top of my list! Only the one in Kim Gary can fight with it!! Dun be deceived by the picture; it was abused by us even before i can get a shot. lol. But, the size was quite minute.

3) Pork Chop with French Fries @$7.90

Before i can even try this course, Alex gulped down the eggs, chomped down the fries, leaving only the two pieces of pork there! I will say the pork was grilled to perfection though i admitted the gravy on the pork was really taseless, to e extent of non existent.

4) Cheese Baked Pork Chop Spaghetti @ $8.90

Yes, the spaghetti was there!! But it had been covered by a thick layer of cheese that was lip smacking good! Thats wat cheese baked products should be like! (hint: the hk cafe in IMM sucked in this aspect) The pork chop grilled to a crisp at e side and notwithstanding the bones, it was mouth watering.... *slurps* Surprisingly, the spaghetti dun really taste that 'out of ordinary' and the sauce was quite little, though it brought out the redness in the dish. lol

Overall, i liked this place. The service staff attending to us never hesitate to give us a smile. And the food was one of the better ones in Singapore, better than e one in Upper East Coast and of course IMM. The ambience was comparatively better than e others with red leather seats and even the menu looks great!

Rating 8/10

Friday, June 02, 2006

What If?

I was just lying on my bed this morning@ 2 am when i started to imagine....

What if i am involved in an accident today and will be in a coma for ten years before i finally wake up?

And i realised that my dad had passed away, my dog had died, my girlfriend had left me, my mum had a head full of silvery hair. And my memory still remained as what has happened before e accident?

My heart felt so pained, so sore, so uncomfortable when i thought of that.... and in the silence of the night, i dragged rubee closer to me...