Food Philosophy

One man's meat is another man's poison.

Reviews on food have always been subjective and like many foodies, i have faced occasional brickbats that my reviews were entirely wrong and the restaurant / stall / eatery does not deserve anything less than utter insults.

I would like to emphasize that taste varies according to personal preference, one's mood, even the mood of the person preparing / cooking your food, service of the waiting staff, ingredients used and many other factors far beyond our control.

Hence, the need to have an official disclaimer!

Opinions expressed in this blog are entirely based on my taste buds numbering thousands and may not fit in with what others think. You may agree or disagree and i would respect your opinion. The most i ask for is for you to respect mine. 


  1. oh yah rite julius very hungy hor

  2. Alicia Goh1:20 PM

    i am also humgry

  3. i am hungry everytime i read my own food entries! haha. really missing the salted egg crab (third picture) from Yi Jia!

  4. I hate your blog!!
    Just kidding but I always feel so hungry when I read it... lol

    1. hahaha thanks! love reading your blog too; would hate to travel with a person like your cousin's friend!


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