Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Review - Where Got Ghost

I have never been disappointed with Jack Neo’s film offerings, maybe only for Ah Long Private Limited, which I attribute to my lack of understanding for the Cantonese dialect.

Ah Long used so much Cantonese then, plus as most of my Cantonese speaking colleagues fully understand, my Cantonese is so hilarious, I might as well join Jack Neo’s productions. But still, I enjoy the Ah Long movie (post note: i watched it again a few days ago and i still find it hilarious).

But the newest offering, Where Got Ghost?, is a different story.

Embarking on the trend of multiple storylines in a movie (of the ghosts/haunting/paranormal genre), the production includes the usual humour and of course, a lot of Hokkien dialect (which I love). But it falls short of my expectations.

1. The storyline was too loose, too fragmented. 3 different storylines with no link, to be completed within a normal movie duration of 90 to 120 minutes is no easy task. I will, however, really enjoy a storyline that flows through smoothly and with more details. This contrasts greatly with other movies like 4bia (phobia) which had a significant scary plot and the stories were at least vaguely connected (ensuring a more or less continuity) .

2. Acting was too exaggerated and stressed at times. The actors/actresses looked really “pushed” and this resulted in rather forced expressions; definitely not their best forms.

3. The movie gave an impression this was a fast tracked production to meet the start of the Chinese 7th (ghost) month and was the worst movie that Jack Neo offered.

Rating: 2/5