Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Beh Leh Hainam Satay @ Melaka [Malaysia]

The dog cafe I visited at Melaka was six kilometers away from our hotel and me being me; I searched around the area for food so that I technically wouldn't waste the trip. 

There was none that caught my attention but I did notice a satay eatery that popped out on Google Map; Beh Leh Hainam Satay! With a review score of 4.3 from over 500 reviewers, I guess it's worth a visit by a person who loves satay, especially pork ones! 

Queue was expected but we were lucky! 
No line at about 5pm and I secured a table immediately. 

Open view kitchen right at the shopfront where you see workers working hard in grilling the many, many sticks of satay! Imagine walking past the shop and got tempted to have a serving of satay. 

Interior of the air-conditioned eatery that evoked nostalgic memory of those who had gone through the 1960s to 1980s. For the last photo, who can identify the five female celebrities!? Our family, with the exception of Jovyn who was too young, had a fun time picking our memory. 

Can't imagine that this ancient fan was still working! 
It's repurposed though since the buttons don't work. 

Remember this earthenware dragon pot?! Came in various sizes in my youth, it's the equivalent of a bath tub back in the village, where I will soak in for extended period of time.

Iced Kopi - it's been a hot day and having this glass of cold, thickened pulled coffee down my throat was just so soothing! In the Singapore's context, this was shiok!

Satay - with options of chicken, pork, intestine and gizzards, no prize for guessing that I would only for the "normal" chicken and pork, with higher priority for the chicken; 30 sticks of pork, 20 sticks of chicken. 

Perfectly grilled with just a bit of char that didn't scream 'cancer', and loving the pieces of fats in between the meat! To be frank, while the meat for both chicken and pork was tender, the marination lacked the sweetness I am more accustomed to for satay in Singapore.  However, it was compensated by something else, which I thought would be the key highlight for this satay eatery.

The gravy was the component that sealed the deal! With pieces of pineapple, this was one satay gravy that hit the right notes; savory, sweet, sour, fruity! Okay, maybe one note can be improved; I would prefer more peanuts for better texture.

Nevertheless, the gravy was good enough that my brother in law and sister, and me, literally cleaned up our respective bowl of satay gravy! 


315, Jalan Gajah Berang, 
75200 Melaka, Malaysia

As above. 

Chicken Satay - RM 1.20 each
Pork Satay - RM 1.20 each
Iced Kopi - RM 3.20

Monday, October 23, 2023

Chendol at Peranakan Place along Jonker Street in Melaka [Malaysia]

I am very focused here; although Peranakan Place serves authentic nyonya cuisine, we already had a heavy breakfast and the only thing beckoning to me would be chendol! 

This eatery came recommended from a friend of my elder sister and even without having taken a morsel of the food and drink; I was already impressed by the heritage interior design that wasn't too over and infused with modern elements, like the wall mural.

A section was even carved out to showcase a typical living hall of a Peranakan family. The only thing lacking was a costume rental company onsite for you to don nyonya / baba attire for that perfect shot. 

Photograph of my mom! We kept telling her to get a nyonya attire as I think it would look good on her. But her stingy soul cannot get away from the fact that it can cost more than a hundred dollars. And she has the impression that nyonya attire is for thin ladies. 

Iced Lemongrass - whatever the case, I need a glass of iced beverage to quench my thirst in the hot Melaka weather! The taste of this lemongrass was different; stronger, with a tinge of sourness from a citrus fruit like lime. p.s. not sweet.

Baba Chendol - at a price of RM 6.90 (almost S$2.00), it was a small bowl that had a thick base and a wide opening. Using red kidney beans, which are more satisfying, I noticed that the chendol (the green stuff) was also much thicker than the norm.

To be frank, it was more coconut milk than the gula melaka that made up the overall taste. I would have prefer more gula melaka given we were in its place of origin! Nevertheless, I do enjoy the green stuff which had an appetizing saltiness complementing its alkaline flavor, and the crunchy beans. 

Finished in no time! Sadly, I only managed to stomach only one bowl of chendol in my entire 3 days, 2 nights trip. My record in the past was five or six bowls, from different eateries, in one day! 


Jonker Street, 54, Jalan Hang Jebat, 
75200 Melaka, Malaysia

As above

Iced Lemongrass - RM 8.90
Baba Chendol - RM 6.90
(Subject to Service Charge and Tax)

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Terminal 21 Rama 3 @ Bangkok [Thailand]

Shopping centers are all the same right? Generally they are but there's a particular shopping mall chain that stands out from the rest; the Terminal 21 malls in Thailand! 

After a few hours at Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market, the true blue Singaporean soul with me was craving for a place with air-conditioning. Since there's a terminal 21 nearby at Rama 3, which was opened in October 2022 (the newest), we decided to GRAB there.

It's not unexpected to alight at the entrance with such a themed facade. I actually blogged about Terminal 21 Asok, its original flagship mall, in 2015 and cant' wait to be captivated by its latest mall. 

As with the rest of Terminal 21 malls, each level is themed by countries, cities or regions, and I can't wait to show you the decorations on every level.

First thing first, Alex and my Thai friend opted to dine at Boon Tong Kee (a Singapore brand) so that I have a free rein of time to take as many photographs as I would want. p.s. Alex claimed this Boon Tong Kee is better than its original shop in Singapore. 

Ground Floor - England
The thing that caught my attention was the ceiling; flushed with flowers, lightbulbs hanging amidst greenery and gigantic strawberries that had me craving for strawberries! 

Not to also mention the number of photo spots showcasing icons of England; the red telephone booth, the Paddington bear lookalike, Thames river etc. To be frank, the decorations itself would be the main draw factor, whereas the retailers and dining establishments complement it.

Another big draw for me would be its themed washrooms, which I had shared previously in greater details. Click here for the Uniquely Themed Toilets @ Terminal 21 Rama 3

There was a Valentine's event when I visited in February 2023; hence, the pop-ups. Yes, you did read correctly, this post was delayed for eight months. 

A large structure on the upper floors.
Similar yet different from the Golden Gate Bridge at Asok.

HOKA shoes for sale at 40% off! 

First Floor - Italy
What would be the icons of Italy? I haven't been there but Venice, with its waterways, is definitely one of them, including pasta and pizzas! If only there's a replica of the leaning tower of Pisa. 

Vespa, the brand of motorbike, is considered a Italian style icon! Although I don't have a motorbike license yet, I ever told myself I would buy a Vespa if cars get too expensive. Problem now is that COE for motorbikes isn't that cheap either.

Mesmerizing glass terrariums and coloured glass balls adorned this section. 

Again, the themed toilets; honestly, I am unsure if these were the correct floor for which the toilets were situated and I can't find more details of the toilets in Terminal 21 website! There should be a special section on the webpage for interesting facts and information. 

Free phone charging with USB ports! 

Wait, isn't KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken?! 
Quite cool to wear that jacket into KFC, and order a zinger meal. 

Second Floor - France
Known as French loaf in Singapore, these humongous loafs shall kick start the many photos of France. Its two most famous icons, Eiffel Tower and Mona Lisa, were missing but there were still plenty to charm your eyes. 

A replica of a Citroën branded motor vehicle, driven by a poodle, the cyclists, the circus, the carnival etc etc. I guess I am not the only one tempted to ride on the carousel horse or pull down the "balloons".

I think there's a mascot animal on some levels. London should be bear, whereas for France, dogs, specifically poodles, seem to be on display every now and then.

Tintin and Snowy, its doggy sidekick, were also featured via a "hot air balloon" that crossed about three floors! Even though Tintin first appeared in Belgian, it was in French and he was well known in France as a cultural icon. 

A go-kart track right outside the mall.
I am confused; is this track on top of a carpark? 

Toilets again!

Third Floor - Japan 
Fox would be the mascot animal for this level. They were every where and in greater quantity than the poodles. I wonder how much they spend on maintaining these decorations. p.s. don't you just love the one of a fox sleeping on a class Honda motorbike?

This is funny! 

Cultural icons for the land of the rising sun; life sized rickshaw puller, the sumo players and the red post box (latter of which is quite iconic for the world in the past). I can just imagine the children being tired out by other parents for the non-stop phototaking! 

Seasonal changes, from summer, to autumn and then spring with the sakura flowers. People are always surprised that even though I travel quite often, I have only been to Japan once, and that's to Hokkaido, which isn't top on the list for most people. 

Top of the biggest decorative structure for Terminal 21 Rama 3. It seemed more like a church than a link bridge like London Bridge. Can anyone share the insights? 

This level toilets were the most amazing with Japanese onsen and ramen themes! My Thai friend who is half Japanese, was horrified by the large strands of ramen noodle! 

Even though this wasn't Japanese, the area surrounding the escalator going up to the fourth and fifth floors has a small Hollywood theme with an Oscar statue, and setting of interview segment before an award ceremony. 

Fourth and Fifth Floors - San Francisco
Proceeding up to the fifth floor from the escalator. There's no missing fourth floor, which was mainly carpark and and extension of spa salon that had its main entrance on the fifth floor.

Personally, I would have termed this movie zone instead of San Francisco since what appeared in front of us were replicas of a movie icon; the popcorn! Even the seats were in the shape and design of it!

I rest my case.

Only elements of San Francisco would likely be limited to the pier 21 food court. Terminal 21 Asok actually had a food court of the same name and I was obsessed with its food for one period of time, when it had this unforgettable Thai egg omelette with rice. 

Alex finally allowing me to take a photo of him.
He had become too difficult as a model! I need a new model.

A chandelier in the toilet!?! 
The other one was neon themed.

Not ending the post yet as we had another level that had yet to be cleared. On lower ground, which is known as basement in the Singapore's context, would be a theme for the children.

Lower Ground - Caribbean
There's even a lighthouse spanning three floors!
p.s. don't think people can climb up from inside though.

Elements of the Caribbean flamingos, which is "a chain of islands surrounding the Caribbean Sea". Just in case you are wondering why there were flamingos; there's indeed a species known as Caribbean flamingos.

Most memorable about the Caribbean would be the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, and the games I played in the past known as Sid Meier's Pirates! Those were great times in my youth, where I didn't have to care about working and earning money for my life. 

Just wondering, would the rope be able to handle the constant tugging of the "dead shark"? Given my work, I often had to grapple with the risk of safety, damage and housekeeping. 

Ongoing storytelling session at this cute whale. Obviously, the language was Thai and I didn't understand a single word. The kids did appear to be enjoying and that's the most important. 

Loving the designs of these kiosks! I noticed one of them was Nam Dao Huu; a soya milk, beancurd store that I visited at Bangkok chinatown on the same trip. 

Ending this post with, yes, toilets on the level. 


356 Rama III Rd, Bang Khlo, Bang Kho Laem, 
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10120, Thailand

As above.