Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I have always been deemed as a crap, happy-go-lucky, chirpy guy. But its the first time that i was termed as someone who will always provide crazy (life threatening) scenarios or actions. This was apparently more frequent after i got my license one and a half years back. I cannot understand the mentality behind this bombastic thought!

I always come out with interesting places to go! See the following!

Think of Raffles Biodiversity Museum! Or was it Raffles Museum of Biodiversity? Watever!! Think of Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve! Ok, we were besiged by those blood starved mozzies but we seldom contribute to their well beings anyway!! Think of Cemeteries tour! Even though we were with a group of around 30 and din catch a single paranormal sighting!! Think of Inline Skating @ East Coast!! Even though it was expensive and a few injured themselves! Think of the car boot sales at IMM! The old coins were a steal!! Think of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve!! Without drinkable water, walking up the super tilted upslope!! Hahahaha. Not to mention the common eateries outings, the frequent board gamings, the recently popular private houses gawking etc etc!

Okay, i shall not deprived the 'alternate' stories!

Think of the apparently haunted View Road Mental Hospital!! Yes, we got caught by the cops! Think of the road junction opposite Khatib Camp! Yes, 4 of us almost got KILLED! Think of the private housing around Haw Par Villa! Yes, my car got kissed!

Readers can judge for themselves!! How life threatening were those events? I enjoyed myself though. LOL
A day in the East Coast Park 

Corridor along View Road Mental Hospital

Scenery @ Mosquitoes-Infested Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve

Car Boots Sale @ IMM

A Lonely House on our Private Houses Expedition

A Trip Up the "Books" Ship

View Road Mental Hospital