Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 to 2007

It has been an eventful 2006 but lets not dwell on the past (just remember any freaking lessons that were been learnt though!) and should embrace the present and future!

For a surprising fact that i dun really like to party (hate the crowds, hate the smoke, hate the sweat, hate the noise), i spent the eve at the HDB chalet playing board games (Blokus, Samurai), exchanging gifts (post Christmas i know), mahjong & backjack. Dun ask me how much i lost. But i had a fun time lighting sparklers with friends in Changi. Brought me back to my childhood. Its of great sorrow that we cannot have fireworks in Singapore, like firecrackers, rockets etc.

Its really really dangerously fun!

But the really unique thing that i did on the first day of 2007 was to go for a BBQ!! But nothing's more fun than to have one at a place that was relaxed, tranquil, near the ocean without reserving the pit!! Yes, bring your own pit!! I bought one and i asked 3 friends to join me for a mini BBQ~!

Our Own BBQ!

Notice the prawns...... Salivating now.

We had such great fun preparing the materials for the BBQ at Sheng Shiong! The must-have(s) beside the usual hotdogs, prawns, crab sticks etc, were to bring

  1. mushrooms (any type but shitake has the punch of a tantalising taste. Dun get the canned ones!)
  2. eggs (for a steamed egg gourmet)
  3. cuttlefish (the type with the head, body and tenacles attached! Its like a chewing gum! And best of all, entirely legal in Singapore)
The good to have is the
  1. chicken wings (more troublesome and frequently turned out to be uncooked for the inexperienced like aku)
  2. sweet potatoes (time consuming but if weather is good, you can never thank god enough for such a wonderful item)
  3. fish / chicken fillets
  4. please add if you have something good to offer for the bbq, normal ingredients pls

The Setting Sun

Sat on a collapsible bench and table at the pavement seeing the sky turned grey with spikes of orange, blue and red with a slight salty whiff of the ever going sea breeze, its a pity we din have a glass of wine to just savour all of it! And its a greater pity that it starteds to rain! BUT we perserved and used our 3 mini umbrellas to protect, not ourselves, but the cooked food and the pit!

Nonetheless, we got a suprise!
The first rainbow for the new year!