Friday, December 15, 2006


Yes, im still in my office doing some POP materials for the much stressed events these coming two weeks!! Gosh! Its been like so long since i was still awake at this time and im downing coffee to keep myself awake until day break! Since its my first time working past midnight, i guess it deserved some mention in my much neglected blog.

To tell you the truth, im not exactly feeling very peaceful here. Not lest that im not supposed to feel peaceful since i should be rushing through my events preparation. But!! The printer was not being very good friend with my colleague's laptop, therefore, we must wait until the lap gets on friendlier terms with the printer. However, every time we need to print a new piece, the same hostility HAPPENS again. Sighz...

Anyway, back to the topic, my surrounding is so pitch dark that im so SCARED that i will step on some obscene stuff on the road while going to the company van to take newspaper lah, coffee lah, catalogue lah, laptop lah etc etc. By obscene stuff, i mean doggie SHIT! Gosh! If dogs (oh, plus cats) really have some toilet ettiquette, i guess i will walking around without shoes!

Further to that, the sky is so beautiful after the rain! The stars are flickering brightly in the far clear horizon. Do you guys and gals know that with without any lights in an area, the stars will peep out under the black blanket and start showing their glory!? And the other good public place to view it will be on our rustic island, Pulau Ubin!

Lastly, to my fav topic... The ghostly issue. I have ever heard of hauntings around this area, of which i will keep most of you guessing, but seriously, the night is relatively silent, only with the romantic howling of those horny cats at the back and occasionally the barking of dogs. Other that that, nothing.

But i keep my fingers closed... Still have 3 more hours until 6am........

============Times Passes.....============
Okay, now is almost 5pm! And my eyes are red and watery.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I have always been deemed as a crap, happy-go-lucky, chirpy guy. But its the first time that i was termed as someone who will always provide crazy (life threatening) scenarios or actions. This was apparently more frequent after i got my license one and a half years back. I cannot understand the mentality behind this bombastic thought!

I always come out with interesting places to go! See the following!

Think of Raffles Biodiversity Museum! Or was it Raffles Museum of Biodiversity? Watever!! Think of Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve! Ok, we were besiged by those blood starved mozzies but we seldom contribute to their well beings anyway!! Think of Cemeteries tour! Even though we were with a group of around 30 and din catch a single paranormal sighting!! Think of Inline Skating @ East Coast!! Even though it was expensive and a few injured themselves! Think of the car boot sales at IMM! The old coins were a steal!! Think of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve!! Without drinkable water, walking up the super tilted upslope!! Hahahaha. Not to mention the common eateries outings, the frequent board gamings, the recently popular private houses gawking etc etc!

Okay, i shall not deprived the 'alternate' stories!

Think of the apparently haunted View Road Mental Hospital!! Yes, we got caught by the cops! Think of the road junction opposite Khatib Camp! Yes, 4 of us almost got KILLED! Think of the private housing around Haw Par Villa! Yes, my car got kissed!

Readers can judge for themselves!! How life threatening were those events? I enjoyed myself though. LOL
A day in the East Coast Park 

Corridor along View Road Mental Hospital

Scenery @ Mosquitoes-Infested Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve

Car Boots Sale @ IMM

A Lonely House on our Private Houses Expedition

A Trip Up the "Books" Ship

View Road Mental Hospital

Monday, September 25, 2006


Less than 3 months have passed since I embarked on the sales executive job in this pet food & accessories supplies company. A lot of my friends commented that I will LOVE the job since I am so involved in caring for animals and has always REMINISCED about my working life in Pet Lovers Centre, one of the top pet shops in Singapore. BUT no, nO, NO! I love animals but not necessarily will love any work related to them!

Nonetheless, I still love and adore animals, warm blooded ones of coz. However, I am just so tired of working at this job, I feel so unmotivated, so stressed, so tired. I detest those retailers who:
  1. always complain about margins
  2. always behave like we owe them (sometimes they owe us!)
  3. always treat us like delivery men
  4. always act like an angel in front of the customers but a downright Satan in front of us
  5. always talk big, act big
  6. always return expiring stocks when they know they cannot and complained you din check but heck! Its their fucking responsibilities!
  7. always call us down to their store and says its important. Turns out only to give us a pathetic piece of paper or some items of non importance.
  8. always demand, more is never enough, it must always be cumulative to the infinity
However, there are some who are sympathetic to my obviously pathetic plight(s) as mentioned above and most are really not as bad. But u guys and gals ever heard about the 80/20 Pareto Rule, where 80% of my stress are undertaken by the 20% of the retailers??? Get the darn picture??

Sighz, now I am seriously considering if I should change jobs. Can I bear with the stress? I can! But should I sacrifice my happiness when I am clearly unhappy with it? And I know some of you will comment that no job is without stress. I dun deny that, never did but
  1. I think I have no useful purpose in this job. I will love to educate retailers but turns out its almost impossible to do so.
  2. I am not getting younger, so should I continue to be abuse mentally with this ever oldening outer shell?
  3. I will not be able to advance much since its a family owned business
  4. I never like sales job, where the more I sell, the more I earn! I think it will compromise on my work ethics and I never like to be "force" to sell.
  5. I need to learn something new, something out of the pets industry maybe?
  6. There are too many promotions and we only have 24 hours a day (unfortunately, there are currently no new technological breakthroughs and I have not been elevated to a god status to reverse them).
  7. I prefer meeting normal end users (pets owners) who are interested in pets care and welfare instead of margins, profits, more margins, more profits! (I know they are in businesses but some of them can be downright despicable with what they do just to earn more profits and yet proclaiming what they do are good for the pets)
  8. I am working 5 and a half day work!
  9. I am only having 7 days Annual Leave a Year!
Of course there are the plus points:
  1. I will miss those retailers who clearly takes care of me and sometimes even make my day better
  2. I will miss some of my lovable colleagues (local and international) who has taught me much
  3. I will miss seeing those "private and confidential" emails my boss send me to improve my knowledge about pets nutrition.
  4. I will miss driving my "heavily decorated" van.
  5. I will miss not paying much for my transportation to work! (except for the monthly $65 for seasons parking)
  6. I will miss being able to "yak" for as long as i want on the company-sponsored mobile.
  7. I will miss getting my “not so bad” discounts on pet food and accessories.
Scoring is 9 for negative, 7 for positive. But take extra big consideration of the retailers and I think one outweighs the others, heavily! So anyone has any job recommendations? Its ok, I prefer to find the work myself. Hahaha. A few employment considerations though:
  1. Work in a bank (I study finance remember?)
  2. Work in a zoo (which has always been my dream)
  3. Work in a education centre (retailers-induced stress versus students-induced stress?)
  4. Work in a hotel (able to gossip who and who stays in the hotel with who and who)
  5. Work in government service (at least some useful purpose!)
  6. Work in a tourism circle (another “time is never enough” area)
  7. Last but not least, hopefully win Toto $2 million and open my own pet shop! (A dream but at least a realistic one)

 How? HOw?? HOW???

Whatever written here is private and confidential, and never intended to be mass circulated.
This disclaimer will serve as a legal binding document and reminder to those viewing the article.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cemeteries Expedition

Cemeteries Expedition

The Chinese Cemetery Visited During the Tour.I Visited Again Today... in the DAYTIME!!

cheduled during the inauspicious chinese lunar 7th month @ midnight, i was abit apprenhensive when i received the email from SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigation) about the tour and well...., wat the heck!! I have always been intrigued by the unexplained and what will be a better time beside this month, when the hell gates were apparently opened and all the wandering spirits will roam the earth again for a month!

Vitagen being offered for Offerings
Im TEMPTED to Drink.

4 of us starhubbers (me ex-hubber) decided to join and hopefully enjoyed ourselves! Arriving at 10.30pm sharp, the tour started at around 11pm with the founder of SPI, Kenny telling us about the unexplained, the bulk being ghosts.

4 cemeteries were visited, namely the Malay cemetary at Sungei Kadut, the Chinese cemetary at Woodlands Road, the ever popular Lim Chu Kang cemetery and the Catholic cemetery at Church of Saint Joseph.

Unique Tomb @ Lim Chu Kang Cemetery

Which was the most popular or decidedly the most interesting for us?? Well, i preferred the Chinese cemetery where i managed to capture a few pictures full of orbs! Apparently, ORBS are the image of spirits/ghosts though they have been debated as a result of low quality camera lens, the light exposure, the camera flash etc etc. But i ascertained that i have never capture that many orbs before since i started using digital cameras 5 years ago. The other 3 of the starhubbers were divided on the question above but all of us agreed that the last one was distinctly the least popular since we were rushed in going through the cemetery.

Incense Papers Strewn all over the Lim Chu Kang Cemetery

Expectedly, we did not manage to see any ghosts even though i managed to capture the orbs. However, we succeeded in seeing those temple mediums in trance (though abit dramatic). In addition, we managed to understand why the chinese tombs are in such a shape, why malay tombs have the two stones, why the words in chinese tombs are in such color etc etc.

Overall, i personally though it was a trip well spent and the SPI team was rather professional, preferring to use advanced equipments and science to explain the unexplained issues.

Orbs at Chinese Cemetery.
Notice the Tomb's Name, which means Old Tomb.

Another Picture with Orbs at the Same Chinese Cemetery
A note though, as the story goes,
ghosts normally dun reside in their tombs if they died a long time ago.

Therefore, those corpses that were just been buried, while awaiting for the tomb encastment, were supposedly the place where you will have better chance to catch a ghost, though they will be more violent than the others.
How to know which one was recent? Next time when you visit the cemetery, spot the one with a white lantern over it....

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Aston's Specialties

I seriously think i should not have worked.

Becoz once i start to work, with money coming into my account, the first thing i will think of is to pamper myself with a good meal outside. And wats better than to have a small birthday gathering with a few friends of mine. Lol.

To start with, i was pondering the places that were available for a good meal and i saw this place called Aston's Specialties in the internet. Since the price was said to be reasonable, i really cannot resist the temptations.

Due to my small sedan, 5 of us went and we ordered 8 dishes! Not those that chinese share one hor~ Its those western cuisine!!

The place was a bit warm though but service felt personal with the staff being attentive and accomodating to our requests to put the cake in their fridge and presents at their counter. Lol. I will remember the two ladies in charge, one called Lily (who answered my reservation enquiries and will always remember me for my feminine voice), another one Liling.

Anyway, over at Aston's, the main is normally served together with 2 side dishes that you can choose. The varieties include baked beans, rice, seasonal vegetables, whipped potato, baked potato, french fries and onion rings. The drinks were inexpensive with the common soft drinks retailing at $1.20.

1) Root Beer
Dun ask me the brand, to me, it looked like a "chiong" root beer However, the taste was great with the usual distinctive root beer flavour without the standard over-loaded carbon gas that are forever making us bloated and a high tendency to impolitely burp infront of strangers, of whcih i can do FAIRLY well.

2) Prime Tenderloin Steak
I dunno if its because i have not tried steak for a long time and the extensive unattended desire for the slab of beef made me watered (in my mouth) when my knife cut through the semi cooked steak. As i slowly chewed through the bloody middle portion, i can almost hear myself finally relieving the desire.

3) Lamb Tenderloin Chops
This dish was really too marvellous! It brought back memories of the best lamb chops i ever had at KL, but at a much lower price of $5.50 then. Lol.

However, to find a really good lamb chop in Singapore was really very hard! The one i can say is good was from Tao's Modern Cuisine and the other one is @ Aston. The meat was tender, and not thin!! How much enjoyment can u derive from a thin piece of meat?????

One thing i realised was that as with Tao's, the lamb chop in Astons came together with a green gel that tasted like parsley and mint, and which further enhanced the flavour of this dish.

4) Honey Bourbon Ribs
Though smaller than the ever famous Saint Louis Pork Ribs in Cafe Cartel, this dish did provide a more distinct taste in terms of the overall flavour, with a strong honey and bbq taste, Though a bit burnt, it however provided inevitably the most palatable tange in your taste buds. But will not advise this dish for a hungry horse.


5) Grilled Fish with Herbs
A fish is just a fish with a fishy smell. But, put abit of herbs and it totally changed the entire zen of the taste. A lot of chefs tend to just cooked the fish (in whatever style) and poured a layer of gravy (in whatever flavour) over it. Whatever the taste , it was due to the gravy on the fish. This dish from Aston, however, had the taste exuding from the inside.


6) The Others
The Prime Sirloin tasted like the Prime Tenderloin but was more chewable and obviously more tempting because of the fats you can find at the slightly charred side. The Teriyaki Chicken tasted just like what it should taste like. The Pork Chop was a bit disappointing (give me Buckaroo) and so was the CharGrilled Chicken (which was supposedly highly commended by customers)

CharGrilled Chicken 
  Prime Sirloin
 Pork Chop

Teriyaki Chicken Chop

Though some of the dishes were disappointing, we will still go back because of:
  1. good service,
  2. multiple choices of mains,
  3. the food may not lookrf good but most tasted really not bad for the price
  4. economical pricing
  5. we really manage to stuff ourselves like crazy! 

(we spent a total of $84 for 8 main dishes and 5 root beers)


Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Food Fulfiling Evening

Gosh, it has been so so long........ Last time not working too busy, now working also too busy to update this damn blog of mine. Well, will talk about work next time. Will love to concentrate on the badly neglected food section. Lol.

Anyway, today was a great achievement for me because i tried two different eateries!! One French, one Chinese with Van and Kon, the perpetually two food connoisseurs (one of whom is sill attempting to be) always food scouting with me. I think food is really our leisure. The amazing thing isthat beside for Kon, Van and I know perfectly nothing about the cooking part (van is good with instant noodles, im just hopeless with it, even fried eggs).

French Stall
(as the name obviously suggests, it serves French cuisine)

Used to have a few branches but it is down to the original flagship near Little India. I tried the food around 5 years ago and though general impression about the food then wasnot bad, quite unique, i din go back again. This time, we ordered a set (soup, main and dessert) and a starter. Yes, for the 3 of us!!! In any case, the soup was not worth mentioning because it tasted normal. Give me Jack's Place lobster soup anytime!!

1. Main Course (Pork Chop)
After trying the Buckaroo Pork Chop, i have persistently seeked tasty pork chops around Singapore, which to my disappointment, has not been much of a success. Likewise, the pork chop in French stall provided a normal taste, though it was remedied a bit by the sourish, orangy sauce that covered it. The big white thing being lied on was the potato which wasbeing presented like a pastry and astonishingly tasted wonderful, with chunks of potatos dropping out as you cut into the pastry.

Rating: 7/10
Extra credit Due to the Potato Pastry

2. Dessert (Chocolate Souffle)
This one i dun fancy though both Kon and Van love it!! I cannot understand why people love bitter chocolate! Chocolate must be SWEET, CREAMY AND THICK to be nice!! Although the initial soft, spongy head did increased my anticipation of a fabulously, great dessert, it was disappointingly tasteless for my standard. To give it a fairer judgment, the others like it! *shrugs*

Rating: 5/10
Sighz, i love sweet, creamy, thick chocolate!

3. Starter (Foie Gras)
Starter should be commented in front as the name vaguely suggests. I know but this was the best dish of the lot! I know most of you and us including, has or had not tasted this apparently weird, cruel delicacy that is applauded and similarly condemned by most. I never love liver (it has this sandy, yucky, bloody feeling and taste). BUT, the foie gras is different!!

Cooked with a slight crisp at the surface with black pepper and a sweet, sour sauce, it tasted just sensational! For all who tasted suckling pig, it was almost like that but more tender. However with the sauce, it provided a bombarding attack on your taste buds as you chewed, leaving a lingering mix of sweetness and vinegary after you swallowed it!

Rating : 10/10
Luckily it is called Foie Gras at the menu, not Goose Liver.

Westlake Restaurant
(It is Ironically Located nowhere near a Lake)

For those familiar with the name Westlake, it is the same one located in Chinatown and the one that is always at food fair, offering their ever famous Kong Ba Pau (literally Pork Meat Bun). I saw this restaurant (at farrer road) being recommended on Channel U and even though i was  full then, i cannot help watering at the dishes being introduced! I knew i must try it!!!
1. Kong Ba Pau
Wats the point of coming if we din try their signature dish! However people, pls pls pls! Come down and eat it!!! The feeling was different and the taste was better than what was already fabulous when u bought from the Westlake booths in food fairs! The reasons being that a minimum 5 buns must be purchased and they came separately (buns one side, sauce another)! And that means you have alot more thick, tasty black sauce to go with the tender 4 level (fat, meat, fat, meat) slice of meat!! You can also try without the bun! It tasted just offendingly marvellous!! Although it can be abit too Je-la after a while. Hahaha.

Rating: 10/10
My favourite. Nothing can beats it!

2. Xiaolongbao
The appearance looked a bit sad, patched, dried without a sense of "life" in it. Although the inside tastedbetter than what it looked (with vegetables added), it was only on par to the one i had at You Tiao King and not comparable to the all time favourite at Crystal Jade.
Rating: 6/10
Miss Crystal Jade!

3. Beancurd Combo
This dish was not easy to describe but i admitted that it was unique and really adhered to the multiple taste buds popping out of our muscular tongue. On one side was a big piece of fried beancurd coated with a spicy sauce that was laced with numerous crunchy stuff (i only know how to eat) and the other beancurd was cut into six pieces, each one fried to a deep crisp with sesame seeds and then covered with  sweet and sour sauce. Recommended to take it hot because it tasted really shiok!!!
Align CenterRating : 9/1o

I love both of the beancurds and it really brings an almost light tasted product into a another dimension!

Total Expenditure was around S$41 for French Stall and S$34 for Westlake.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tofu from Another Dimension

Its been almost a month since my last update!! Im so freaking tired after starting work in a pet distributor company!! No need to ask me for discounts, not allowed. Lol.

Sighz....... But so freaking sianz..... Cannot play mahjong on weekdays, Mind's Cafe on weekdays, go blading on weekdays..... Sighz sighz sighz....... Luckily its something i enjoy~

Anyway, i have always wanted to blog this infamous food i always like!! I know its always food for me but hey, there are substantial reasons for my interests in them!
  1. I live to eat!
  2. Food is a universal subject that everyone and anyone needs!!
  3. It involves most of your senses!!!
  4. Singapore is a food paradise!!!!
For today, i shall recommend to some of you (guess you will know), the Smelly Fermented Tofu!!! To many, it has an acquired taste like durians. Till now, my mum and my sister practically hate it but my friends like Weeyuan, Kaijing and I love them!! Lol.

The Menu of Mini Star

Located at the end of the sleazy red light Geylang area, it used to be in Chinatown but was forced to move after many people, fellow stall owners included, complained. They actually have alot more items but i only tried a few!!

1. The Main Cast - Smelly Tofu
Cost S$2 a piece, it was better than the one i ever had at a street hawker in HongKong. Deep fried with a certain crispiness outside and the inside soft and tender, the smell is heavenly to me; just like durians but the burp that came with it is even worse than durian, smelly and obnoxious!! My family commented it smelt like the drain sewage but to me, it does not smelt tat bad. Coupled with a mixture of sweet and chilli sauce plus pickles, it brings out the absolute and complicated flavour of the tofu.

A word of advise, never packed it home in an aircon car!!!
It stinks the whole car!!!

2. Soft Shell Crab Bun
I first ate Soft Shell crab in Sakae Sushi. Though i dun detest it, i dun reli fancy it because it did not have much meat, only those crunchy legs, soft innards, sore throat inducing bite and taste. But this one here, was clapped in between a crispy bun that was loaded with sweet, sour mayonnaise. Though it still induces sore throat, the taste is just too good to ignore! Cost S$3.50 for two buns!!

Half of It has been Savoured by US!! Yumyum!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

The first time i stepped into Hard Rock Cafe, it was in Hongkong. I was disappointed by the food, though happy with the "size" of it. For a young punk at 17 years old, on the verge of finishing my puberty, the size of the food was more important, never so much bout the taste! Haha.

The second time i ate at the cafe, this time in Singapore, i was happy wif the personal service, food and size. Apparently, i have grown up.

Today, i went again, on the pretext of my dear sister treating me for a meal, and im satisfied with the food, price but neutral with the service.

Maybe its because we stayed too long, we dun look rich, we dun seem to have an ang moh friend beside we two orang cheena, or maybe its just us!! Lol.

But to give a fair judgment, all the servers are fine, except for one skimpy dressed server with a skirt so short even Alex will spew nose blood. She liked to throw things around, spoke too fast and seemed a tad too impatient. Maybe efficiency was more important to her. Maybe she was down with the so common, common flu. I DUNNO!!

Anyone, here's the devoured items:

1. Iced Tea

I know what u people were thinking, normal wat.... Maybe Season brand again. But no! I love drinking iced tea and especially adore the variation from KFC, with its sweet and bitter taste. Many of my friends complained KFC's ice tea is really too sweet though. Haha. This one from Hard Rock will please most of em, because it tasted less sweet compared to KFC and was refreshing enuff. I got refill for it as a result!

Ratings : 10/10

2. Clam Chowder Soup
I liked this soup but i dun seem to discover any fat clams inside it. My sister commented it was dissolved together with the soup but i bet she was treating me like an idiot. Haha. This soup tastef thick, with the taste of the cream more than the seafood. Furthermore, it contained loads of potatoes (which i detest!)

Ratings : 8/10
Because of its abundance of potatoes, its lack of clams and its usage of small bowls

3. Pork Cutlet (Mine)
I regretted ordering it because it tasted NORMAL. Nothing great, though i loved the big chunk of ONE mushroom. I thought the pork cutlet in AMK S11 tasted much better and it came in bigger portion too. Besides the mushroom, the other big chunk of item was the whip potato (which i detests again).

Ratings : 6.5/10
Obvious reasons

4. Sirlon Steak (Joyce)
The menu name of this dish was a mouthful long sentence, something that was sure to escape my long mature brain. But i can still remember the taste. Light, slightly bloody, with a soft yet chewy bite. And its medium well done!! Shd had advised my sister to take the medium. I loved this dish, but it still came with the detestable whip potato with its every-single-time disgusting gravy (every whip potato gravy was disgusting to me).

Ratings : 9/10
The taste of the beef belittles every other flaws.

5. Butter Pudding
This dish surprised both of us! Im not very keen on butter (ever play a game where the forfeit is a spoonful of butter? i did), but it came with a curd like stuff topped with a piece of bread, crowned with whip cream plus HALF a cherry and littered with strings of honey. The main actor was the curd like stuff, which happened to taste not abit like butter, more than egg pudding!! Though i was  already abit full, i managed to finish it, with the bread. Haha

Ratings : 9/10

Its really worth it for the set lunch because it only cost S$12.50 nett!! No GST, no CESS, no Service charge!! Dun bother looking at its website as i dun think it was updated. Lol.

Monday, June 26, 2006

A Visit to an Abandoned, Virtually Unknown Mental Hospital

I have always been curious of the supernatural and the unexplained. And of coz, the ability of me to hear and see "them" at times do help to increase this curiousity. It dampened as i gotolder but i dunno why, the interest came back recently...

I heard about this place from a Singapore paranormal forum and decided to meet up wif 3 of my friends for a visit at night (i know its crazy).

Reaching around 10pm and seeing the road was barricaded, i parked the car infront of the barrier and proceeded on foot. We saw that two lamp posts were still shining bright and were somewhat assured it shd not be too horrifying inside.

However, the eerie sight that greeted us after the second lamp post was one of darkness, pitch black darkness. The buildings standing right behind the gate protrayed a scene of not just eerieness but also of horror. U can almost though you heard those mental patients hollering in the midst of this silent night.

We looked around for an entrance but the "mentioned" entry hole had already been patched and no way im going to climb over the gate (god knows how difficult it will be if u have to run out of the place). We loitered for a while and took a few pictures, but my camera was too "primitive" to take night pics. I can only manage the gate.

As we proceeded away from the gate, trotting towards the comfort of the many street lamps along the main road, my friend said he got poked on his back. And it was not just any normal poke, he felt quite pained and the funny part was, we were all walking side by side.

No matter what, i think im going back again but this time, it will be in the afternoon, where i can take more pics!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Indonesian Food at its Best!

Memories brought me back to the time when i went for a dental mission trip to Bintan. I stayed there for 4 nights and every single night, i will be devouring a plate of Indo Mee Special and a glass of Avocado Juice.

This time in Batam, while loitering with Weeyuan at one of the malls in Batam (pity Vanessa, Lock and Alex who went for massaging), we chanced upon this open concept restaurant and decided to give it a try. Though i was disappointed not to find a Indo Mee in the menu, im somewhat pacified when i glanced upon the item "Avocado Juice"!

Mee Goreng
This dish looked suspiciously like Indo Mee, unlike the commonly Singaporean known Mee Goreng with its dark, red look. When i tasted it, i was astonished to realise it had the exact taste of the greatly missed Indo Mee!!

The balanced taste of sweetness, saltiness even made sleepy Weeyuan perked up! I slowly relished the dish, each bite having the memory of nostalgia. For those who dunno, IndoMee is not commonly eaten by the rich as it is considered a poor food.

Price: 10,000 Rupiah / Less than S$2
Rating : 10/10 obviously

Dun ask me the meaning of this name. It looked like an omelette and when i tasted it, it was an omlette!! Which was nothing special of course, though it had some pieces of fish-cake-like-dough tat tasted obviously disappointing.

However, the main actor was not the omelette but its sauce, which came in a vinegar bottle!! This sauce smelt like vinegar, looked like soy sauce but had an unexpected sweet and chill-hot sensation! With it, the flavour of the Omelette was grealtly enhanced!

Price : 11,000 Rupiah / Around S$2
Rating : 7/10, becoz of its fish cake like dough and some salty stuff in the middle.

Avocado Juice
I first tried this during my mission trip and when i came back to Singapore, i can never find one of the same taste and look! When i saw it this time, it had the same mixture of green and a brown syrup. But i was somewhat disappointed when i can still taste a slight dash of the raw Avocado but when i drunk further, the nostagia old taste of Bintan came back!

Price: 9,000 Rupiah
Rating : 8/10

Es Teler Juice
This looked weird but Weeyuan assured me its nice. It had the look of a bloody mary with loads of colorful rubbish underneath it. Lol. It tasted quite mixed, with bandung dominating the taste. I wun say i dislike it but i guess i prefer my Avocado! Hehe

Rating : 9,000 Rupiah
Rating: 7/10


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Day Worth It.

Did quite a number of desperately to be done tasks today!!

I finally sent two resumes! Not worth mentioning though since i shd got my butt going a month ago. Haha. I also finally managed to buy a decent pair of shoes. Finally i paid  in full the Batam trip that my mum has been so keen of (i miss the kueh lapis there!!).

Most importantly, however, i finally ate at my favourite Mee Goreng of all times from the Seah Im Hawker Centre. For those who do not know, go find out where the shit it is. I knew this stall since 1997, and have loved it for its moist mee, together with minute bits of mutton that i have not seen in any Mee Goreng in Singapore. Though the uncle is a bit grouchy (i can count the number of smiles for these 9 years patronage) and the standard of the Mee Goreng varies like recent weather, i will still trek to the centre for a bite of the marvellous mee.

The Stall Signage Selling the Mee Goreng

The Real Stuff!
Uncomparable! By My Standard. And i heard im not a very Particular Eater. Lol

Another worth noting event was tat i performed another literacy accomplishment! No, I din write a book, i just completed reading one in one day!! Call me speed writer, call me details blotter, anything u wana. But i did enjoy the book, though i will forget the details tomorrow. Haha.

The book name is Ellie by Lesley Pearse. The name of the book took after the main character in the novel and i read a few others by the same author, Charity, Camellia, Charlie, Rosie etc.

The Book That I Devoured In One Mere Day!
Two more, Tara and Georgia to go!!

One thing for guys and lesbians, the girls featured on the cover pages of Lesley Pearse novels are really hot!! The story line was always around the second world war period till the 60s, with the setting in United Kingdom.

Pearse's novels alway kept me awake, notwithstanding the sexual content (sometimes), but also the strong willed characters carved out in times of extreme conditions that was potrayed so realistically that you wish you evolved into one of the characters! I obviously will recommend this author because i fell in love with the character every time i start on a new Lesley Pearse novel.