Saturday, July 31, 2010

Megumi Japanese Restaurant @ Upper East Coast Road (Siglap)

Mr Kon has always been a great the best contributor for the restaurants i patronised and this time, it's this Japanese restaurant in the famous chill-out area; Siglap.

I don't have to give much explanation on Japanese cuisine, with it gaining a very strong foothold in Singapore for a few decades already.

So let's go straight to the food we had!

Mixed Sashimi Salad
Overall, this was a refreshing dish with its use of raw seafood instead of cooked meat as we usually know. 

Sadly, the dressings and seasonings seemed to be out of place. Personally, raw fish should just go with soy sauce and wasabi.

UFO Maki
The soft vinegarish rice with generous sprinklings of fish roe was obviously a big contrast to the crunchy fried seafood wrapped in the middle.

I love it!

Tempura Moriawase
They were not extraordinary.
Henceforth, not something i will specially come back for.

Suki Yaki
This is a dish i will definitely come back for!

The slices of nicely marbled beef were nothing to scream about. It's the soup that really matters in tingling thousands of your taste buds!

Clear, light yet full of flavours!!

Tori Katsu Curry Rice
Granted the chicken cutlet was crunchy but we all know Japanese curry differs very much from the Indian, Singapore curry we know.

Yes, i still prefer the curry prepared by my dear mummy!

Unagi Yaki Meshi
Typically a dish of fried rice with grilled eel, the unagi was not as tasty as what i expected it.

On its own however, the fried rice was a killer!!!

Gyu Don
My favourite BBQ beef don of all times came from this home style Japanese eatery in Junction, which had since closed down.

For a long period of time, a comparable gyu don had never been found. Until yesterday when i dined in Megumi!

Each spoonful was so amazingly memorable; slightly soggy rice that was soaked in a delish teriyaki sauce with one raw egg, slices of fresh onions, spring onions, seaweed and of course, yummy beef!!

Shoyu Char Siew Ramen
With my take on various famous ramen restaurants this year, this took a pretty average rating.


With the best gyu don and sukiyaki i ever have, this is a restaurant i am confirmed to be back again!

77, Upper East Coast Road,

Mixed Sashimi Salad - S$10.80 
UFO Maki - S$12.00 
Tempura Moriawase - S$16.80  
Suki Yaki - S$17.80 
Unagi Yaki Meshi - S$9.80 
Tori Katsu Curry Rice - S$9.80
Gyu Don - S$13.80 
Shoyu Char Siew Ramen - S$9.80

10% Service Charge and 7% GST. Free flow of plain water.

Additional Information
You can choose to be seated indoors or outdoors (we choose the area with aircon of course!)

For car drivers, there is a small private car park right outside the restaurant (shared with their neighbours) with valet service too!

Friday, July 30, 2010

StarCraft II

Please wait for me to complete the campaigns of the newly launched StarCraft II before i start to blog on my two recent makan sessions at Xian De Lai Steamboat and Megumi Japanese Restaurant!!!

It's at times like this that i hope humans will never go into a deep slumber (no sleeping) and fully utilise the seconds, minutes and hours given to us!

Especially so after watching the movie "Inception" where extraction and inception make dreaming much less innocent than what we thought it has always been.

Okay, challenge three!
Hundreds more to go!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


After my charitable and supposedly noble (according to friends) shave at Vivocity last Sunday, i was wandering around the children area when i saw this ultra cute scene!!

 This basset hound is just a normal glass decal but the adorable little girl was touching it as if it's the real thing!!

She looked as if she was massaging the doggie's head right?!?! Okay, maybe picking ticks out of the head!!

It's time like this that i really want a kid and capture these candid moments.

Until i remember what a brat my nephew is.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Panty Skirts!

We all know Japanese fashion has always been unique, especially the street fashion with its mixture of traditional, quirky and current trends.

However, the following few pictures were a bit over the accepted level!

I have to add that most gal-lovers would not have protested deep in their hearts, especially those with a specific kind of fetish!

Wondering if the above picture is really true?
I personally doubt it!

Apparently, this set of pictures was used back then in pornographic magazines which claimed to have a special camera lens to capture such alluring pictures.

Appearing SEVEN years ago, it's amazing that the circulation is still ongoing albeit with a different title.

These pictures were received under the title: "The Newest Skirts In Japan".

This time round, it was mentioned right from start that the panties were printed on the skirts and these are the current rage in Japan!!!

Again, I still doubt the authenticity of this email.

The thighs (real or printed) seem to gel too well, which is impossible if it's a skirt with a mere print!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Heaven's Loft @ Orchard Central

The word "heaven" incites a lot of debate amongst the believers and the non-believers. And to think that someone in Singapore came up with a place called Heaven's Loft.

Perched high up the building we all knew as Orchard Central, it has an outdoor alfresco area that overlooks the world famous green shopping belt, Orchard Road.

And that's as good as it gets.

The dessert offerings we had came from Ben & Jerry but it was at most passable.

I might have enjoyed it much better at home, sitting on my couch, watching the Taiwanese tear-jerker, 爱, and scooping the luscious, rich ice cream from its colourful tub.

Service was really bad with slow, bo-chup service although you can see the staff chatting with one another when there were at most 3 to 4 occupied tables.

Nothing against casual talk since it is necessary to keep the sanity at times!

Wrong orders and slow refilling of water despite countless reminders are just not acceptable nowadays. And the shoving of the bill to us before telling us they were closing did not help as well!

To tell the truth, besides its name, Heaven's Loft is anything but heavenly. If not for the marvellous company i had, my visit would be really unbearable!


Managed by the Happy People, i guess the people are really happy. Not sure if i can say the same for its customers.

181 Orchard Road, #08-01,
Orchard Central.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hair for Hope 2010

I Did It!

Further to my post HERE, 25th July 2010 has finally arrived and i have to fulfill the promise i made with regards to Hair for Hope 2010!

Reaching Vivocity to face my inevitable fate at 1.45pm, there was already a big crowd in front of the stage plus a long queue for all the shavees (yes, that's the term used for us)!!

Looking at those shavees on stage, i was, for just a slight moment, deliberating on two options; should i or should i not?

Heck with it!!

If a lady (my colleague) can do it, i can bloody hell do it better!! You can shave the other parts of my body which has hair as well!!!

I mean armpit hair by the way.

Thank you to my family (including the half-beasty sister) who came specially to support their beloved son/brother/uncle!

And to my dearest empress dowager who has always treated me as an eunuch, thank you too! I am a court official, not eunuch by the way. 

Lastly, to many others who supported me physically (Teck Wee and Sharon), mentally and even electronically (facebook, sms etc), thank you three!!  


Now's the time where you will want to see me without hair right? Here they go with no strings attached!!

As a man, my sacrifice is seriously nominal.

The female shavees deserve a greater respect! Ms Lai is so cute without her locks! 

Those who still wish to make a donation to the Children's Cancer Foundation, please feel free to do it via their website at