Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Eleven Kitchen Cafe - Halal Chinese Food Johor Bahru [Malaysia]

The Greatest Kon reminded us numerous times that should we visit JB again; we should check out Eleven Kitchen, a Halal eatery. We did in our recent trip and to be frank; we were not impressed by the façade although age has taught me that looks can be deceiving! 

It was after lunch hours and expectedly, the crowd was thinning. Given the location where there was a lack of shopping malls, I doubt you would see many travelers, aside from those with motor vehicles. p.s. I took GRAB. Anyway, here's the food! 

Mushroom Siew Mai - the rare Halal dim sum which we thought we can just order one basket to try. There were six options, with five concentrated on siew mai and one har gow. 

Four pieces for RM8.00; the first thing that came to mind after a bite was the softness of the filling. A few chews later and a sense of familiarity arose; this was like one of those mushroom meat balls that we threw into steamboat! 

Prawn with Butter Cream - it was just Alex and I for this meal, but I knew Alex long enough to know that he often has stomach for prawns and the opportunity was seized when I noted the prawn dishes on the menu!

Ten prawns in total for RM 38.00, the size was decent, batter wasn't overly thick with a slightly spicy kick. Problem was, the butter cream wasn't memorable and it didn't help that the prawn shells were quite hard to peel, which, in the mind of a prawn lover, implied not so fresh prawns.

Kolo Mee Chicken -  which would you think is the main star; the mee or the chicken? Answer: the chicken. The noodle was a bit dry and taste wise; didn't blow us away. Hence, let's award the star to the chicken instead.

Although chunky, the strips of fried chicken were amazing! The meat was tender, and well marinated. So good they were; we actually asked the service staff if they could sell the meat separately! 

Beef Fried Rice - most tables actually have a plate of this beef fried rice and my interest was piqued as most Singapore tze char eateries don't really offer this. Issue for me was more that Alex isn't much of a beef eater and there's a high risk I had to ingest this all by myself.

My worry was unfounded as this was hand-down the best dish we had. Beef was well tenderized and didn't feature the toughness associated with well doneness and every bite of the fried rice permeated with delicious, pepperiness chocked with wok hei! Even Alex was in awe! 


A filling and satisfying meal no doubt! I would be back for the chicken and the beef fried rice, and maybe their halal bak kut teh! Service, by the way, was great and they spoke good English (in case you are worried as a non Malay speaker like me). 

Jalan Kebun Teh, Larkin, 
80350 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

As above.

As above. 

Mushroom Siew Mai - RM 8.00
Prawn with Butter Cream - RM 38.00
Kolo Mee Chicken - RM 8.00
Beef Fried Rice - RM 12.00

Monday, August 28, 2023

Pork Lard Rice with Egg from Old World Bak Kut Teh & Fried Porridge in Yishun [Singapore]

The fried porridge at Old World Bak Kut Teh was legendary and in my frank opinion; better than its namesake bak kut teh. But just when you think that there's nothing more, I recently realized that the menu has expanded quite extensively since their move from block 747 to block 732. 

In my recent visit, something caught my attention; specifically the two words, pork lard! At just S$1.00, it's an absolute value meal although egg lovers like me would definitely go with the fried egg option that cost a dollar extra.

You know what it reminded me of? The tuckshop rice from Nic & Tom Eatery, which used to be at Serangoon Gardens but had since moved to Chinatown (near Buddha Tooth Temple).

Uncovering the gems hidden underneath the fried egg; simple plain white rice drenched with dark soya sauce, sprinkled with spring onion and shallots, and topped with large pieces of pork lard! Visually, it was already so appealing in my eyes! 

Break up the egg with its yolk oozing all over the rice and take a bite. Sparks flew and pupils enlarged; every bite was a sinful touch of delicious blissfulness and every spoonful was carefully savored with much gusto. 

Before long, one small bowl was cleaned up, leaving not one grain of rice. The portion wasn't big although this was good news for someone who had a starch-restricted diet. p.s. I would love more pork lard! 

It didn't stop me from ordering the same pork lard rice with fried egg the next day too! I commented to Alex that should it be my last day alive, this unassuming pork lard rice would be amongst the dishes I would love to eat before I die.  


732 Yishun Ave 5, 
#01-380, TST Coffee Shop,
Singapore 760285

As above. 

Pork Lard Rice with Egg - S$2.00

Do note that the stall would be moving again but still within Yishun. Only problem for me is that it's no longer near my house! Last day would be 03 September and the new stall, operational from 11 September 2023, shall be at Block 285, Yishun Avenue 6, Singapore 760285.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

TWG Tea on the Bay - Gourmand and Signature Breakfast Sets @ Marina Bay Sands [Singapore]

It was a typical Sunday morning but my ass was already at Marina Bay Sands, although on most of such weekends, I would be lazing at home. The occasion was special as it was the farewell brunch for a colleague (now former)! 

We wanted high tea at TWG yet decided on brunch as it didn't allow reservation on weekends and we figured high tea on a weekend is likely to have a long queue. 

Having been to Marina Bay Sands countless times, I am familiar with TWG Tea on the Bay branch as its open, classy colonial decorated concept has always been quite memorable for anyone who walks past. I had been to this branch before but it was just for some tea. 

Too many items on the menu made it so hard to decide and we figured that the breakfast sets would be the way to go. Since there were four of us, let's go for two gourmand and two signature, which would give us a greater variety for extra patisserie and macarons. 

Table setting - simple for the pretty high class cafe. I am more a hawker person and fine dining doesn't quite appeal to me, especially given their so-called dining protocols! I burp after a full meal and I slurp my soup. 

Freshly Squeezed Juices - choose from apple, orange and pineapple! The authentic deal as my orange juice was sour with just a slight tinge of sweetness, and I bet you can see the oxidization of the apple juice. 

Tea - my pot of warrior's tea! Do note that they use tea leaves and not tea bags; hence, don't bother to add with hot water, as I had assumed I could do so. Love the teapot? You can get it from their retail shop nearby. p.s. tea was okay; I should have gone with my regular silver moon. 

Our four mains based on the four available selections; eggs benedict, croque salmon, truffle croque and wagyu beef lasagna. One for each of us although in reality, we all shared! 

Eggs Benedict - those were flower petals on the salad. While I am an egg lover, I prefer sunny side up, omelette and fried eggs over eggs benedict. Furthermore, I am not a huge fan of smoked salmon. Hence, my review on this will be biased! Don't take my word for it. 

Croque Salmon - like many of you, I have no idea what croque means. Turned out it was a French word that means "crunch" and refer to the texture of the bread for the sandwich.

It's like warm, toasted bread with a layer of smoked salmon the middle. As the name infers, there was a layer of crisp before giving way to fluffiness. Love the bread and again, not so much the smoke salmon. 

Truffle Croque - literally the same as the croque salmon with a change in the "filling", which  was filled fungi like portobello mushrooms. Definitely prefer this over the croque salmon, especially given the addictive aroma of truffle! 

Wagyu Beef Lasagna
- looking like a cuboid of mish-mash ingredients, I am not expecting much from this abomination. Turned out it was the best main amongst the four.

Moist and flavorful with chunks of appetizing shredded beef, what sealed the deal was the delicious pool of sauce surrounding the lasagna! Don't waste it; the accompany hard bread (missing form the photo) shall help to clean up the sauce! 

Muffins and Scones - I might be ignorant but I do know what that bell-like container was for! 

Containing cream, I am aware this would be for scones. Just like smoked salmon, scones have never appealed to me. A friend, frequent high tea patron and a lover of scones, told me the clotted cream made a difference. Sorry.... my hardly refined taste buds still can't discern much differences! 

Our muffins and scones from the gourmand sets. I took a bit of scone, just to check out, and again, it failed to captivate. I do enjoy the TWG tea jelly though.

Chocolate muffin with a chocolate lava filling! Both muffins were fluffy but the other banana muffin was better tasting. However, I think too much baking soda was added as there was a metallic taste to the muffins. 

Macarons - we can choose six (three from each signature set) from the ten selections on the menu. At four for S$10.00, it was a pretty economical price point given that TWG is not known to be wallet-friendly.

Our choices - black tea & blackcurrant, earl grey fortune & chocolate, grand wedding tea, matcha, silver moon tea & strawberry, napolean tea and caramel. No complaints about the macarons; personally, they are not my favorite  type of cookies and I don't understand the fanfare surrounding them. 

Two more choices of patisserie! At this point, I noted that my companions were on the verge of bursting and it didn't augur well for me as I am the only gentleman and have a much larger appetite. Problem was; I didn't want too much calories! 

Choosing the prettiest of them all from the patisserie display. 

Strawberry Tart - pretty, it sure was and taste was acceptable. You know how sometimes you can taste when something was mass produced? That's how I felt about this tart. 

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake - the cake portion was a tad dry although that can be rescued from the artistic dollops of hazelnut and chocolate cream. Not bad tasting but didn't blow me away too. 


Overall, TWG Tea on the Bay was blessed with a great ambience that would be nice for a treat for loved ones. Service was fine for me although for the price point, I bet many would expected more; for example, tap water at no charge. 

Two problems for me though; one, it can get quite warm. And two, there were flies; the service staff did try to improve situation by lighting a candle and placing it on our table. p.s. you can buy the candle from their retail store. 

2 Bayfront Avenue, B1-122/125,
Singapore 018972

As above.


Gourmand Breakfast Set - S$56
Signature Breakfast Set - S$62
(Subject to Service Charge and GST)