Friday, February 08, 2008

My Nephew - First Time Uncle!

I know it has been a long time since i stepped into the realm of blogging but as most of you would have known, im busy with work, ds lite, books, meals and most importantly, my family. And my family has become bigger in the past few months, with the addition of the new born brat, Jerald!

Yes, i know im officially an UNCLE and to tell you the scary truth, im dying to be called uncle. No, not by any tom, dick, harry, nor any mary, jane, neither by those noisy, unreasonable, spoilt little brats (boys and girls alike) that i saw on the MRT but only reserved for my dear chubby nephew!! Of course, i know he is currently gabbling in some foreign language that only he seems to understand but well, i am willing to wait for just an happy, jubilant "Uncle"!

To be consistent, i love kids in general! As long as they dun shit, dun cry, dun shout, dun go into mischief and are always smiling innocently. My mum says those kinda kids only appear in fairy tales, not in real life and its impossible for anyone not to shit!! My nephew shits, cries, shouts, screams, vomits milk, salivates excessively but i still love him.


I dunno whether all uncles feel like that but my family is a close knit family and you can see me frequently going out with my family for shopping, holidays, makan trips etc etc. And i saw my sister going through the pregnancy, saw the baby 2 hours after he is borned, saw how he grew (horizontally and vertically) in the past few months

Even though i am only an uncle, my tear ducts almost started loosening when i saw him for the first time and his innocent young black eyes meet with the old, near-sighted eyes of mine. Added to that, he has two big, drooping, squeeze inducing mechanising apples at the sides of his face that are irresistible to all aunties and uncles alike. So people, how to not love him?!

Okay, the question is answered. Seriously, as i get older and older, i want to spend more time with my family. We only live a while so why not make it worth the while. SO! Let's;
  1. Gorge ourselves with food (which i strongly believe and practise)
  2. Enlarge our brains with ds lite (which i do even when i am having a "hard" time, albeit bombing, in the toilets) and,
  3. Make our hearts more alive by spending time with our families.
Hence, i would like to wish every family and of course everyone,


For those that dun understand Chinese, i have tried my very best in deciphering the characters but i appear to translate it like those restaurants in China. The overall meaning means happiness and prosperity for the whole family, period.

Just an addendum; I still run like mad when my nephew shits, when he vomits milk and my arms would be attacked with those numbing cramps after i carried him for like less than 5 minutes (He is heavy!).