Sunday, April 30, 2006

Haji Maksah Barkat Chahya Food Stall

Dun be misled by the long name of this stall. The Nasi Lemak is recommended by Makansutra with 5 chop sticks rating!~! I saw e short queue so i just tried it! Despite having a cough (tat seemed to be getting more and more worse) and sore throat, i really cannot resist Nasi Lemak!! Anyway, i will decipher its ingredients!

  • Chilli - A great load was heaped onto my plate though i will prefer more rice. It tasted great to me since i prefer sweeter chilli!
  • Rice - Soft to my palate and smelt heavenly!!
  • Chicken Wing - I always prefer muslim chicken wings since they have a special tange to its taste but this was the best so far! The meat was fried to a crisp without the usual oiliness attached to it and its still hot to the mouth!! Yummy!! My favourite of all!
  • Omelette - Unlike those flat, dry almost skin thin omelette sold by most, this one looked more homely! Thicker with a more "meaty" feel to it!
Out of my 26 years savouring Nasi Lemak, i will say this is e best so far and its only @$2!!!! Go get it!! Its at Boon Lay Shopping Centre Hawker Centre!! Just go look for the one wif Makansutra logo!! Go Go Go!

Rating 10/10

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I Feel So Guilty

I just got a new car recently but tat has sadly culminated into a rather unwilling mentality to bring my dog out for "jalan jalan". Beside the fact that my new car has aircon (finally) with new seats etc, the very notion of my fairly haired Rubee dripping his saliva (i understand its a physiological necessity) made me think twice to bring him out!!

Sighz.... I feel so bad sometimes. Not tat im incessantly anthromorphic, but i still feel that its bad to just leave him alone. Two things may happen (high percentage),
  1. He will pee. If lucky (high % too), he will pee on the newspaper provided. A thing to note hor, he pees downstairs. And further info will tell you i live in a HDB flat. And for those who may not know wats that, its a high rise public housing!
  2. He will look at his pee and sniff it!! Its not so bad when he has short hair, with short beard, short whiskers. But if its bloody long, he will stain itl; not just one strand, one portion but all around!!! The hair will not only smell bad but it will be stained yellow, like what some men's white underwear will look like!!

 When He Sees You Wearing Shoes at the Balcony

The Last Look before You Close the Main Door

But who can ignore the above two faces that he potrays whenever i go out?!?!!? So i guess my mind is made up! I will shave him again!! It will make him comfortable and he dun reli need the look since he is 9 human years plus liao! Ok, my mind is made up!! After i earn more money first. Lol



Have anyone of you surf through youtube yet??? I love this website!! It enables me to search for additional info and clips of those korean tv serials that im so obsessed with recently!! Full House (tat stars rain and song huiqiao!) news, those NGs and the best is the Dae Jang Geum (da chang jin aka Jewel in/of the Palace).

 They have the reunion show where the actors (obviously our Min Jio Ho, but also have the King, the Uncle Dejiu and the Doctor who likes Changjin) and actresses (obviously Changjin, but also have GunYing, Cui Shangu, Han Shangu, Jung Shangu, Min Shangu, and the young Changjin!). Im so hooked on it!!

For those searching for pornographic, fisting, heading even, forget bout it, they normally screen thru the videos beforehand. Lol.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Waraku Restaurant

Got a treat from my brother-in-law for the above mentioned restaurant situated at Marina Square. It's sort of a birthday celebration but i wondered why they chose this restaurant as compared to most of the others. A few comments here and there.

  1. Service was great and the personnel were very attentive and concerned about your needs.
  2. Food was so-so. Not so special with THAT KINDA price charged. Though the displays looked exquisite enuff.
  3. Price was considered mid range but for a poor guy like me, i dun think it's worth for the price though. We spent $102 for 5 people and im not exactly full. It could be more worth it if you ordered the set meals that include rice and udon/soba etc.
Would like to show more pictures but my cell phone reli screww up!! Except for the main picture, all e others looked screw up on computer!! So maybe next time! Anyway, i wun go back there again. I will prefer PS sixth level japanese food stall! Cheaper and much more tastier!!


Time for a change from the slow, unreliable, crappy friendster blog and see if i can create a better one here. Hopefully it wun be just food, food and more food. I shd make it more like food, drinks, desserts, supper etc. Hahaha. Of coz, there will be the normal grouches and naggings about drivers, movies, people etc etc. Bear wif me and stay tuned to ever sensitive food entries. Pray for me because im having a diet .. as usual.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Animals' Sensitivity

I wonder if I am more sympathetic towards animals (especially dogs) compared to homo-sapiens.

I just watched the movie ‘Eight Below’ and as usual, I sobbed a little. Yes, comparatively little since I sobbed a lot more when I watched Quill. No, I don’t see myself as a sensitive new age guy wannabe but just someone who has more passion and feelings towards animals (albeit domesticated ones) that unfortunately have practically nothing much to protect themselves from harm.

Few examples:

1) De-clawed cats have no way to use their sharp claws to maul those stupid humans who attempt to touch them thinking they are practically agreeable with any touch!! I learnt this lesson hard so I always think twice before trying to feel pitiful towards those doe eyed, apparently half starved felines.

2) De-barked dogs have no way to warn of any danger! Think about it, just imagine! There's a fire, u have no fire alarm, u are alone, asleep in the big four-poster bed and your dog senses it! They have an acute sixth sense (for the paranormal too) but they cannot bark to warn you when they are de barked!! Eventually, the smell of BBQ meat will waft to your neighbours.

There are endless issues of anthropomorphizing (which directly and also indirectly contribute to the above). Although I anthropomorphize to a certain extent, I did find some extreme cases from my pet shop days.

I believe animals have feelings but they can be interpreted in many different ways. More tests and analysis are required but it will be a rocky path since no one is able to know 100% what animals are thinking. If they do, they face an uphill task just to convince non-believers.

Hence, it still boils down to what we feel is right, according to our custom, religion and personality!!

To me, all living forms (yes, down to the much disgusted ticks) have feelings. So all those lame, cruel, sadistic, horrifying, perverted animals’ abusers, I sincerely hope that all of you can be reincarnated as the animals you have abused in your next life (I so believe in karma).

Of course, I do attribute feelings to my old car, a non living form. I was so sad when it was scrapped. I just had to think of it like in the show ‘herbie’, where the cars have feelings and can go to some sort of non living things heaven. :(

Yes, I know I have a new car now!!!