Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Food Fulfiling Evening

Gosh, it has been so so long........ Last time not working too busy, now working also too busy to update this damn blog of mine. Well, will talk about work next time. Will love to concentrate on the badly neglected food section. Lol.

Anyway, today was a great achievement for me because i tried two different eateries!! One French, one Chinese with Van and Kon, the perpetually two food connoisseurs (one of whom is sill attempting to be) always food scouting with me. I think food is really our leisure. The amazing thing isthat beside for Kon, Van and I know perfectly nothing about the cooking part (van is good with instant noodles, im just hopeless with it, even fried eggs).

French Stall
(as the name obviously suggests, it serves French cuisine)

Used to have a few branches but it is down to the original flagship near Little India. I tried the food around 5 years ago and though general impression about the food then wasnot bad, quite unique, i din go back again. This time, we ordered a set (soup, main and dessert) and a starter. Yes, for the 3 of us!!! In any case, the soup was not worth mentioning because it tasted normal. Give me Jack's Place lobster soup anytime!!

1. Main Course (Pork Chop)
After trying the Buckaroo Pork Chop, i have persistently seeked tasty pork chops around Singapore, which to my disappointment, has not been much of a success. Likewise, the pork chop in French stall provided a normal taste, though it was remedied a bit by the sourish, orangy sauce that covered it. The big white thing being lied on was the potato which wasbeing presented like a pastry and astonishingly tasted wonderful, with chunks of potatos dropping out as you cut into the pastry.

Rating: 7/10
Extra credit Due to the Potato Pastry

2. Dessert (Chocolate Souffle)
This one i dun fancy though both Kon and Van love it!! I cannot understand why people love bitter chocolate! Chocolate must be SWEET, CREAMY AND THICK to be nice!! Although the initial soft, spongy head did increased my anticipation of a fabulously, great dessert, it was disappointingly tasteless for my standard. To give it a fairer judgment, the others like it! *shrugs*

Rating: 5/10
Sighz, i love sweet, creamy, thick chocolate!

3. Starter (Foie Gras)
Starter should be commented in front as the name vaguely suggests. I know but this was the best dish of the lot! I know most of you and us including, has or had not tasted this apparently weird, cruel delicacy that is applauded and similarly condemned by most. I never love liver (it has this sandy, yucky, bloody feeling and taste). BUT, the foie gras is different!!

Cooked with a slight crisp at the surface with black pepper and a sweet, sour sauce, it tasted just sensational! For all who tasted suckling pig, it was almost like that but more tender. However with the sauce, it provided a bombarding attack on your taste buds as you chewed, leaving a lingering mix of sweetness and vinegary after you swallowed it!

Rating : 10/10
Luckily it is called Foie Gras at the menu, not Goose Liver.

Westlake Restaurant
(It is Ironically Located nowhere near a Lake)

For those familiar with the name Westlake, it is the same one located in Chinatown and the one that is always at food fair, offering their ever famous Kong Ba Pau (literally Pork Meat Bun). I saw this restaurant (at farrer road) being recommended on Channel U and even though i was  full then, i cannot help watering at the dishes being introduced! I knew i must try it!!!
1. Kong Ba Pau
Wats the point of coming if we din try their signature dish! However people, pls pls pls! Come down and eat it!!! The feeling was different and the taste was better than what was already fabulous when u bought from the Westlake booths in food fairs! The reasons being that a minimum 5 buns must be purchased and they came separately (buns one side, sauce another)! And that means you have alot more thick, tasty black sauce to go with the tender 4 level (fat, meat, fat, meat) slice of meat!! You can also try without the bun! It tasted just offendingly marvellous!! Although it can be abit too Je-la after a while. Hahaha.

Rating: 10/10
My favourite. Nothing can beats it!

2. Xiaolongbao
The appearance looked a bit sad, patched, dried without a sense of "life" in it. Although the inside tastedbetter than what it looked (with vegetables added), it was only on par to the one i had at You Tiao King and not comparable to the all time favourite at Crystal Jade.
Rating: 6/10
Miss Crystal Jade!

3. Beancurd Combo
This dish was not easy to describe but i admitted that it was unique and really adhered to the multiple taste buds popping out of our muscular tongue. On one side was a big piece of fried beancurd coated with a spicy sauce that was laced with numerous crunchy stuff (i only know how to eat) and the other beancurd was cut into six pieces, each one fried to a deep crisp with sesame seeds and then covered with  sweet and sour sauce. Recommended to take it hot because it tasted really shiok!!!
Align CenterRating : 9/1o

I love both of the beancurds and it really brings an almost light tasted product into a another dimension!

Total Expenditure was around S$41 for French Stall and S$34 for Westlake.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tofu from Another Dimension

Its been almost a month since my last update!! Im so freaking tired after starting work in a pet distributor company!! No need to ask me for discounts, not allowed. Lol.

Sighz....... But so freaking sianz..... Cannot play mahjong on weekdays, Mind's Cafe on weekdays, go blading on weekdays..... Sighz sighz sighz....... Luckily its something i enjoy~

Anyway, i have always wanted to blog this infamous food i always like!! I know its always food for me but hey, there are substantial reasons for my interests in them!
  1. I live to eat!
  2. Food is a universal subject that everyone and anyone needs!!
  3. It involves most of your senses!!!
  4. Singapore is a food paradise!!!!
For today, i shall recommend to some of you (guess you will know), the Smelly Fermented Tofu!!! To many, it has an acquired taste like durians. Till now, my mum and my sister practically hate it but my friends like Weeyuan, Kaijing and I love them!! Lol.

The Menu of Mini Star

Located at the end of the sleazy red light Geylang area, it used to be in Chinatown but was forced to move after many people, fellow stall owners included, complained. They actually have alot more items but i only tried a few!!

1. The Main Cast - Smelly Tofu
Cost S$2 a piece, it was better than the one i ever had at a street hawker in HongKong. Deep fried with a certain crispiness outside and the inside soft and tender, the smell is heavenly to me; just like durians but the burp that came with it is even worse than durian, smelly and obnoxious!! My family commented it smelt like the drain sewage but to me, it does not smelt tat bad. Coupled with a mixture of sweet and chilli sauce plus pickles, it brings out the absolute and complicated flavour of the tofu.

A word of advise, never packed it home in an aircon car!!!
It stinks the whole car!!!

2. Soft Shell Crab Bun
I first ate Soft Shell crab in Sakae Sushi. Though i dun detest it, i dun reli fancy it because it did not have much meat, only those crunchy legs, soft innards, sore throat inducing bite and taste. But this one here, was clapped in between a crispy bun that was loaded with sweet, sour mayonnaise. Though it still induces sore throat, the taste is just too good to ignore! Cost S$3.50 for two buns!!

Half of It has been Savoured by US!! Yumyum!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

The first time i stepped into Hard Rock Cafe, it was in Hongkong. I was disappointed by the food, though happy with the "size" of it. For a young punk at 17 years old, on the verge of finishing my puberty, the size of the food was more important, never so much bout the taste! Haha.

The second time i ate at the cafe, this time in Singapore, i was happy wif the personal service, food and size. Apparently, i have grown up.

Today, i went again, on the pretext of my dear sister treating me for a meal, and im satisfied with the food, price but neutral with the service.

Maybe its because we stayed too long, we dun look rich, we dun seem to have an ang moh friend beside we two orang cheena, or maybe its just us!! Lol.

But to give a fair judgment, all the servers are fine, except for one skimpy dressed server with a skirt so short even Alex will spew nose blood. She liked to throw things around, spoke too fast and seemed a tad too impatient. Maybe efficiency was more important to her. Maybe she was down with the so common, common flu. I DUNNO!!

Anyone, here's the devoured items:

1. Iced Tea

I know what u people were thinking, normal wat.... Maybe Season brand again. But no! I love drinking iced tea and especially adore the variation from KFC, with its sweet and bitter taste. Many of my friends complained KFC's ice tea is really too sweet though. Haha. This one from Hard Rock will please most of em, because it tasted less sweet compared to KFC and was refreshing enuff. I got refill for it as a result!

Ratings : 10/10

2. Clam Chowder Soup
I liked this soup but i dun seem to discover any fat clams inside it. My sister commented it was dissolved together with the soup but i bet she was treating me like an idiot. Haha. This soup tastef thick, with the taste of the cream more than the seafood. Furthermore, it contained loads of potatoes (which i detest!)

Ratings : 8/10
Because of its abundance of potatoes, its lack of clams and its usage of small bowls

3. Pork Cutlet (Mine)
I regretted ordering it because it tasted NORMAL. Nothing great, though i loved the big chunk of ONE mushroom. I thought the pork cutlet in AMK S11 tasted much better and it came in bigger portion too. Besides the mushroom, the other big chunk of item was the whip potato (which i detests again).

Ratings : 6.5/10
Obvious reasons

4. Sirlon Steak (Joyce)
The menu name of this dish was a mouthful long sentence, something that was sure to escape my long mature brain. But i can still remember the taste. Light, slightly bloody, with a soft yet chewy bite. And its medium well done!! Shd had advised my sister to take the medium. I loved this dish, but it still came with the detestable whip potato with its every-single-time disgusting gravy (every whip potato gravy was disgusting to me).

Ratings : 9/10
The taste of the beef belittles every other flaws.

5. Butter Pudding
This dish surprised both of us! Im not very keen on butter (ever play a game where the forfeit is a spoonful of butter? i did), but it came with a curd like stuff topped with a piece of bread, crowned with whip cream plus HALF a cherry and littered with strings of honey. The main actor was the curd like stuff, which happened to taste not abit like butter, more than egg pudding!! Though i was  already abit full, i managed to finish it, with the bread. Haha

Ratings : 9/10

Its really worth it for the set lunch because it only cost S$12.50 nett!! No GST, no CESS, no Service charge!! Dun bother looking at its website as i dun think it was updated. Lol.