Saturday, October 10, 2020

Signature Cheng Tng from Tian Tian Yuan Dessert House (甜甜园甜品屋) @ Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre [Singapore] #tiongbahruhawkercentre

Following a serving of the
old school chee cheong fun at Tiong Bahru hawker centre, the next thing that came to mind was definitely a bowl of ice cold local dessert! I had something in mind from another dessert stall but my sister got turned off by a customer in front of her, in the queue, who wasn't wearing a mask and happily coughing away.

She decided to try the other dessert stall instead; Tian Tian Yuan Dessert House. To be honest, I wasn't excited as the other stall was featured in a number of blogs and I thought it would be better worth a review. 

Turned out it was a good move from my sister as Tian Tian Yuan Dessert House appeared to have a signature cheng tng which happened to be the dessert I had in mind that day! I can't resist cheng tng and more so if the stall-owner expressed confidence to name it as their signature.

Costing S$1.80, this bowl of cheng tng didn't appear to be any much difference from other competitors. Like an iceberg, the tip can only show so much detail. 

I took a sip and found it a bit bland. Stirring helps obviously and the taste was so much better; it had that traditional cheng tng flavour that I absolutely relished but there were more! Hints can be found in the above picture.

In addition to common cheng tng ingredients, there were also red beans, green beans and slices of Chinese chestnuts. That's a rather unique combination as I can vaguely taste traces of red bean and green bean soup in this bowl of cheng tng! 

Needless to say, this was a joy to have in the hot weather and I cleaned it up in no time. I was glad my sister decided to order from Tian Tian Yuan Dessert House as it definitely benefited me although my sister was rather disappointed with the ice kacang she had. From our observations customers appeared to order more ice kacang from the other stall and more cheng tng from Tian Tian Yuan Dessert House.


30 Seng Poh Rd, 
Tiong Bahru Food Centre,
#02-61, Singapore 168898

As above. 

Signature Cheng Tng - S$1.80

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