Monday, April 11, 2022

Famous Malaysia Winner's Fried Chicken in Foodgle Hub (next to Alexandra Village Hawker Centre) [Singapore]

You know what I find hard to resist? Fried chicken, especially one with the word "famous" as it is like a direct challenge for me to take it on! 

But, I was alone when I chanced upon the poster for "Famous Malaysia Winner's Fried Chicken" and had already filled my tummy with 
Chef Goo Red Sea Prawns Hokkien Mee.

I purposely arranged to bring my friend to try Chef Goo a few weeks later so that I could "coincidentally" check out Winner's Fried Chicken! It was only about 7.30pm but the stall had already run out of most chicken parts, except for boneless chicken thighs and chicken wings. 

Well, I love chicken thighs and to have it boneless would be a bonus! Ordered two pieces to be shared with my friend and it's a wait of less than 10 minutes before the buzzer started beeping! 

Here they are; S$3.50 apiece. 
The one with bones cost S$2.60 apiece.

It was substantially sized and definitely bigger compared to KFC chicken thigh, which seemed to have shrunk over the years. p.s. just had KFC a month ago after a hiatus of quite a few years! 

Meat was juicy with a nice, firm texture; flavor was a bit light, like old school fried chicken in my younger days, and I think the operator needs to improve the seasoning to set the chicken apart from its many competitors in Singapore. 

The one thing that's the best from Winner's Fried Chicken has to be its chicken skin! Not fatty and ultra crispy, this is definitely the best chicken skin in the little red dot. If Winner has a branch in Yishun, there's a high chance I will patronize once or twice a week! 

Best sauce for fried chicken?
It has to be chilli sauce! 


119 Bukit Merah Lane 1, 
#01-40, Foodgle Hub, 
Singapore 151119
(next to Alexandra Village Hawker Centre) 

As above.

As above.

Boneless Chicken Thigh - S$3.50 apiece.

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