Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Chef Goo Red Sea Prawns Hokkien Mee @ Alexandra Village Hawker Centre [Singapore] #alexandravillagehawkercentre

Working on Saturday back in the office means I would take the opportunity to dine out! The primary issue was that I would be dining alone and hence, had to be slightly more selective with what I can eat, without over indulging.

Craving for the day - hokkien mee and I decided to cast my lot for Chef Goo Red Sea Prawns Hokkien Mee at Alexandra Village Food Centre! It offers more than just hokkien mee on its menu and to be frank, I was deliberating between its namesake or crab meat fried rice.

Ordered and waiting for the buzzer to ring! 

My serving of hokkien mee after a wait of about 10 minutes; dish's shape was interesting; like a cross between a plate and a shallow bowl. 

Ingredients, aside from the basic noodles, included squid, pork belly and prawns; compared to many hokkien mee sellers, I must say chef goo is generous as many of its competitors would at most give half of what he was giving. To be fair, this plate cost me S$5.30, which is premium pricing considering that S$4 is the industry-average. 

Gravy was thick, richly flavored with a desirable ratio of more bee hoon over yellow noodles. Some people would tag this as the wet style of hokkien mee although I am agreeable to both wet and dry since taste is still the major determinant. 

Pork lard was separately distributed from the plastic container and I was thankful to have gotten fresh tasting ones that were huge and still crispy. What I found lacking were actually the tough and rubbery pieces of squid and the slices of porky tasting pork belly. 

Known for their rich flavor given the high salinity of the Red Sea, the red prawns exhibited fresh crunchiness with a deep, endearing sweetness. p.s. I always eat prawns with their shells as I am lazy to peel them and it's extra calcium for the body. 

Almost licked clean! While I did enjoy what I had, I also feel that Chef Goo can consider removing / reducing the portions for the squid / pork belly, for a slight reduction in price that would be more appealing for customers who are more price-conscious. 


Block 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, 
#01-13, Alexandra Village Hawker Centre,
Singapore 150120

As above.  

As above.

Red Sea Prawns Hokkien Mee (Small) - S$5.30

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