Thursday, March 11, 2021

The Canopy Bridge @ Jewel Changi Airport [Singapore] #jewelchangiairport

Once you step into
Jewel Changi Airport, the first thing that impresses your mind would be the HSBC Rain Vortex and not many people would notice the glass-bottom suspension bridge right above them.

Known simply as the canopy bridge, you can access it on level five with one condition; it's ticketed entry and you would have to bloody pay S$8.00 (an adult) to walk on it! Granted I would get a 10% discount as a Singapore resident but a bundle package makes it a lot more worthwhile.

Re-entry is not allowed; hence, I would suggest you linger for around 10-15 minutes for two reasons. One, because you pay money for it and two, something magical would happen every 10-15 minutes.

Stepping onto the bridge; as this came right after our "walk" on the Manulife Sky Nets, I wasn't that much shaken by the height since the bridge was a lot more stable than the bouncy nets. 

Given that it's a weekday, the place was relatively quiet and you can totally feel the peacefulness while on the bridge, especially with the man-made waterfall so close to you. Imagine if Jewel Changi Airport allows you to camp there overnight; a total possibility if you are willing to fork out a hand or leg for the experience. 

Why was there a floor mat on a bridge?!

Glass bottom flooring; thanks to the reflections and the texture, I honesty can't see much and this absolutely didn't result in that heart in the mouth moment.

That texturized glass was only for the first three floor panels, likely to prepare you for the full see-through glass panels right in the middle of the bridge! Again, the reflections helped to reduce the visibility, especially when we are walking across. If there's no one around, I bet Alex would have his face plastered against the glass. 

Christmas tree right across - time passes so fast nowadays; can't imagine that Christmas was already almost three months ago and the lunar new year was just last month.

Can you make out the old icon of Singapore Changi Airport

Even though the 23-meter high Canopy Bridge seems like the closest you can get to the mouth of the HSBC Rain Vortex, the skytrain tracks connecting the terminals are near to the "waterfall".


One side was the "good afternoon" mat and the other side "wished" you a "good day". Such a polite bridge. As you can see, we are coming to the end of the bridge and you can determine for yourself if the normal price of S$8.00 is worth a visit. 

My two other companions had crossed over to the other side but I was glad I stayed a bit longer to take photographs as I happened to catch sight of this big, thick fog spreading from the entry of the Canopy Bridge! 

Turned around to tell my companions and it was the same situation on the other end; can't even see where they were!

Had to take a selfie and it was such a serene experience as it felt as if I was situated on top of a mountain, enveloped by fog and clouds! That, to me, was worth the S$8.00 price ticket. p.s. the 'fog' would be activated every 10-15 minutes.


78 Airport Boulevard, 
Singapore 819666

Map of Canopy Park
As above.


Pricing Menu
As above; second photo is for annual pass. 

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