Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Topiary Walk in Canopy Park @ Jewel Changi Airport [Singapore] #jewelchangiairport

I am not strong in English; while I was vaguely aware of the word "topiary", its actual definition of "the art or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes" was totally foreign to me! Hence, it was not to be unexpected that I didn't know what were the key things to look out for at Topiary Walk in Canopy Park of
Jewel Changi Airport!

Entry requirements, safety and health advisory, important points to note and etiquette; god knows how many visitors actually stand to read the entire stuff! All I need was the topmost portion and the one thing I gathered was that this walk appeared to be good for photo-taking. 

It didn't disappoint although the life-sized yet fake orang utans didn't quite meet the definition of what topiary is. Nevertheless, quite a nice spot for photos!

Brightly coloured animals and birds dotted the rest of the walk. Well, to paste unreal flowers onto existing animal structure wouldn't be topiary right?  Can't deny that they did provide a pretty contrast to the surrounding greenery.

The flower crocodile failed to scare the lights out of me. 

Elephant fountain was the cutest even though the shades of purple and red did make it appear sick from afar! p.s. I actually didn't attempt to verify if the 'flowers' were fake but it's quite obvious from some of the photographs.

The friend whom Alex and I accompanied, to Jewel Changi Airport, was a better photographer than Alex; the pictures he took of me were decent and way better than the asshole. Now you all know why I seldom post photos of myself when I am overseas with Alex. 


78 Airport Blvd., 
Singapore 819666

Map of Canopy Park
As above.


Pricing Menu
As above; second photo is for annual pass. 

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