Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Assam Laksa in Restoran Hui Wei (回味小食馆) @ Cameron Highlands [Beside Rosa Passadena]

Upon alighting from the coach at Brinchang, main town of Cameron Highlands, after a long ride from Singapore, i was honestly looking forward to having the chee cheong fun and lo mai gai from Pau Hei

However, Alex didn't want to venture too far and we eventually settled for this Restoran Hui Wei that was right beside Rosa Passadena Hotel; my preferred hotel should i want to stay in Brinchang. 

It was a one-food stall coffee shop and by right, i would normally have no problem deciding what to have given the limited variety. In this case, i was stuck in a dilemma as nothing caught my fancy and sensing i was undecided, a kind diner recommended the Hakka pork mee and Assam Laksa! 

The Chinese name for the Hakka Pork Mee indicated pork trotters and the choice is clear; Assam Laksa it should be. Surprisingly, Alex asked for Assam Laksa too even though he is usually not a spicy and sour person. 

Featuring noodles that were udon like with a smooth, slurpy texture, the Assam Laksa wasn't as great as D'Laksa at KSL Mall although for the chilly highland morning, the steaming hot sour spiciness was still very much welcome! 

Noodles, the carbohydrate heavy ingredient, were left behind as i devoured the sourish soup, that addictive crispy stuff (like fried beancurd skin), the pieces of sardine and the large mint leaves that left a refreshing aftertaste after my teeth chewed through them! 


Beside Rosa Passadena,
Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, 

Assam Laksa - RM 4.50

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