Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Steamboat at Restoran Chef Weng (口福酒楼) near Copthorne Hotel @ Cameron Highlands [Malaysia]

With just one night in Cameron Highlands, i was determined that dinner must comprise of the region's famous steamboat and my wish was granted at Restoran Chef Weng!

My initial intention was to have the steamboat at Copthorne Hotel instead as it was way more convnient but the in-house restaurant was closed that day due to a wedding in one of the function halls. We were lucky Restoran Chef Weng was just a few-minute walk from the hotel as it was drizzling heavily that very evening.

First, let's have some hot tea to warm our body! For those looking for wireless network, there wasn't any free WIFI access. 

Charcoal burner would have been preferred but beggars can't be choosers and there's no way i would want to walk out in the rain to another dining establishment! Furthermore, Chef Weng appeared relatively clean and there were quite a number of diners on a Friday when most visitors would have travelled to the night market at Brinchang town.

The ingredients, amount of which shocked us, included two types of vegetables, fish fillet, chicken fillet, prawns, fish balls, chicken balls, vegetable balls, seafood tofu, fried beancurd skin, abalone mushroom and Chinese tofu.

Amount was said to be for two persons and i can guarantee you that there's no way Alex and i could finish everything; not when Alex is hardly a big eater!

Oh, forgot about the raw eggs, beehoon and yee mee served on a separate plate, together with a saucer of chilli paste!

Five types of soup were available; namely chicken, tom yam, spicy fish head (additional RM 20), porridge (additional RM 10) and rice wine herbal (additional RM 10). You can also select up to two soup bases.

Being cheapos, we opted for the complimentary chicken and tom yam. I was more impressed with the spicy tom yam soup as it enhanced the flavour of the generally raw ingredients as compared to the less flavourful chicken soup.

No complaint about the food as a whole even though i could totally do away with the curry filled fish balls which were disgusting! It would be nice to have more fried beancurd - it's a possibility so long you top up with RM 4.00. Prawns were frozen even though this should be accepted since it's a highland we were at for goodness sake! 

To the best of our effort, there was only one thing we failed to finish; the vegetables. If my younger sister was with us, i can bet with you she will clean up the entire plate and might even order extra.


1-01-1-03, Entertainment Complex,
Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands, 
Pahang, Malaysia

As above.

Steamboat Menu
As above

Steamboat Dinner - RM 22 NETT
(minimal 2 persons)

Additional Information
Restoran Chef Weng is essentially a tze-char place; hence there are plenty of food options for those who are not into steamboat. Above is just a sample of the selection. 

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