Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Blessing Seafood White Bee Hoon (合興海鲜白米粉) @ Chong Pang Hawker Centre [Yishun, Singapore]

Everyone seems to go crazy over white bee hoon while i am pretty chilled about it given my preference for normal tze-char style bee hoon which is more savoury and has that irresistible wok-hei.

My mom is the direct opposite and being the filial son who is no longer staying with her, i brought her to try out a supposedly new stall at Chong Pang food centre last weekend; Blessing Seafood White Bee Hoon!

The seafood in the name actually refers to lala, a type of clam, and you can find lala in all four basic offerings; key difference is whether you want sliced fish, prawn, flower crab or crayfish. Want a combination? You can opt for the three or four sorts of seafood white bee hoon!

Lala Prawn White Bee Hoon
I went for the safest; prawn white bee hoon and one noticeable deviation from the famous one at You Huak is that the one from Blessing is a lot soupier; a blessing (pun intended) for my mom who totally loves soup stuff. 

Counted 4 decently-sized prawns and 6 meaty clams. If you have taken a better look at the photograph before the above, you should also have noticed the generous serving of crispy pork lards! Remember to give the bee hoon a stir so that the flavour could be evenly distributed! I didn't do that initially and thought it was a bit bland, similar to bee hoon soup.

Compared to You Huak @ Sembawang, Blessing's version was tastier with a robust, seafood flavour and credit obviously had to be given to the fresh prawns, clams and of course, the pork lard!

Needless to say, i cleaned up the entire plate!

Mom, forever the fish lover, opted for the sliced fish lala white bee hoon! She was utterly pleased with her meal as the sliced fish was fresh and like me, she also preferred Blessing over You Huak. To be fair to the famous shop, its broth featured a creamy texture that better stick to the bee hoon and slurping the broth-soaked noodles down your throat was an absolute enjoyable experience!


Block 104, Yishun Ring Road, #01-139,
Chong Pang Market & Food Centre,
Singapore 760104

As above

Operating Hours
10 am to 10 pm (Daily)
Closed on Mondays

As above


Lala Prawn White Bee Hoon - S$6

Sliced Fish White Bee Hoon - S$5

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