Monday, November 28, 2016

The Delicious Ramly Burger from Ming Ang Food Court @ Yong Peng Stopover [Malaysia]

Mention Ming Ang and i would likely subject you to the great affection i had for the heong peah sold at the bakery next to the food court at Yong Peng; a major stopover and rest stop in Malaysia for coaches originating from or heading to Singapore.

Now, there's another item that you would find me talking about when you next talk to me about Ming Ang; the ramly burger stall that's right at the entrance! 

Yes, i was famished when i arrived at Yong Peng as it was past 7 pm and the last decent meal i had was at 9 am! During the long coach journey from Cameron Highland, my stomach did have some inputs, albeit stuff that my mum would frown upon; chocolates, strawberry pocky sticks etc. 

I almost cried when i unwrapped the waxed paper covering my order of piping hot ramly burger beef with egg and cheese; i had never been this hungry before! 

Not sure if it's due to the hunger pang; this was easily the best ramly burger i ever had i my whole 36 years of life! The beef patty was juicy with the unmistakable ramly burger marination that was so addictive; many Singaporeans couldn't resist buying a few back whenever they were in Malaysia!

It looked nothing like the ones on the menu board but i actually slowed down my wolfing down so that i can savour the delicious taste for a little while longer! Trust me, it was an internal fight as i deliberated whether i should purchase a second one! 


lLot 1523, Batu 1/2, Jalan Muar, 
83700 Yong Peng, Johor

As above.

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