Tuesday, March 18, 2014

D'Laksa - Original Penang Laksa [No Pork, No Lard] @ KSL City Mall [Johor Bahru, Malaysia]

When i stepped onto the escalator going down to the lower ground level of KSL City a few months ago, i was caught off guard by this spicy, pungent stink that only got significantly unbearable towards the end. 

Originator of the stench: the above shop known as D'Laksa. Given its proud tagline of original Penang laksa (which is well loved by many Singaporeans), i made it a point to have a bowl in my most recent trip! 

Fuss free self service - you queue, place your order, make your payment, collect your laksa (with the exception of the queue, the follow up steps were done in at most a minute) and lastly, find a spot among the limited seating to dig into your bowl of steaming hot assam laksa! 

The black sauce in the middle was actually prawn paste and i believe its inclusion totally changed my view of Penang laksa which i initially thought had a flavour of extreme spiciness and sourness.

What sieved through my taste buds was an amazing myriad of flavours that were savoury, sourish, spicy, zesty and fishy with a balanced touch of sweetness! I can so feel the pores of my hair tearing but that definitely didn't stop me from drinking the soup till the very last drop!

Thick bee hoon were used although both my sister and i thought they appeared to be thicker than the one we normally get in Singapore. Oh well, we can only say this would have appealed to our dear mom.

Ingredients were not as pathetic as the Penang laksa my friend had at Spice Table in UTown; i can taste fish flakes (tasted like tuna) in almost every spoonful and there were even slices of pineapple! Delicious (honestly, the smell wasn't that bad as i slurped up the contents)! 


Lot No.S20, Lower Ground Floor,
KSL City No.33. Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad,
80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

RM 5 a bowl


Additional Information
As with all good food in this part of the world, seeing a queue is almost always a representation. Hence, find a seat first before you queue. If you go alone, ask to share a table! 

The owners of D'Laksa participate frequently in Singapore's food fairs, so you might in fact be able to have a taste of their epic assam laksa without the need to go through the horrendous causeway jam! Check out here for upcoming events. 


  1. I have been wanting to try this laksa stall. But was always full! Any idea how I can get to KSL (without needing to take a cab)?

    Can't rmb if free shuttle buses still ply this route (KSL and city square)

    1. You can actually board a bus directly from the malaysian checkpoint; i cannot remember the bus number but it is definitely not free! go with a bunch of friends and take a cab lah! =P


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