Thursday, November 03, 2016

Grilled Chicken Chop with Rice in Josephine Eatery & Bar (Cafe Bistro) @ Cameron Square Mall [Malaysia]

Cameron Highlands has a shopping centre! It's true and even though not on the same scale as those found in cities, it's still a first for a laid-back place better known for its lower temperature, nature / agricultural tours and steamboat.

We didn't really explore the shopping centre and it just happened that Alex wanted lunch after our long trek to / from the tea plantation and the name, Josephine Bistro Cafe, appealed to his picky mind. I actually preferred Malaysian delights like Roti Canai but my suggestion was shot down. 

I love set meal and opted for the nice looking grilled chicken with rice that's only RM 12.90. Complimentary drink, white coffee / lemon tea, would be served as part of the set. 

Alex's order wasn't part of the set although he ordered ice lemon tea as i did with my set. However, it's more worth it to get the "normal" ice lemon tea as it came in much bigger volume! The drink was rather good; not too sweet and infused richly of lemon. 

Now, i am expecting some differences from the picture on the menu to the real thing but my grilled chicken with rice was a jaw dropper and didn't look at all like the menu (yes, i noted the disclaimer that pictures shown are for illustration only). Whatever the case, i can forgive the aesthetics so long it's tasty. 

Verdict - the fried runny egg was the best thing from the entire dish! Indicated as grilled, it was in fact deep fried with a bland sauce drenched over it. Even though the skin was crispy, it couldn't help to remedy the failure of the tough, rubbery chicken meat. 


Within Cameron Square, 
Jalan Aranda Nova, 39100 Greencow,
Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Grilled Chicken with Rice Set - RM 12.90

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