Friday, November 18, 2016

Signature Pork Boat Noodle @ Coffee & Toast [Fusionopolis Galaxis, Singapore]

Coffee & Toast - you would be forgiven for assuming i am going to blog about our Singapore kopi and classic toast as the truth is much further than that; i was there for lunch and the food we had wasn't even local in the first place.

Thai Boat Noodles - hailed from the Land of the Smiles, the origin of its name came from vendors who hawked their noodles from the boats travelling up and down the numerous canals in Bangkok. I believe you would be able to get an authentic bowl from floating markets like the touristy Damnoensaduak Floating Market.

Frankly, i am concerned with hygiene when i am overseas, especially with soup stuff; hence, i have never tried this in Bangkok. Furthermore, my late grandma had a serious bout of diarrhea when she ate something purchased from the floating market. 

You can choose either Thai thin noodle or bee hoon and since i was so accustomed to the latter, i figured having the former would likely be more legitimate. My conclusion after "inhaling" (a term used by my colleagues) is that the Thai thin noodles were slightly thicker in texture compared to our bee hoon and tasted "heavy" after a while.

Soup had that unmistakable fish sauce flavour which was extremely appetising and i totally enjoyed the tenderness of the slices of pork. I asked for chilli in the soup and kind of regretted my decision as i was perspiring nonstop! 

It didn't help that the crispy pork lard was literally free-flow although they didn't taste very fresh. Nonetheless, the crunchiness was maintained some crunchiness and i couldn't resist mixing the pork greaves into the spicy soup and completely cleaned up the bowl. 


1 Fusionopolis Place, #01-30
Fusionopolis Galaxis,
Singapore 138522
(above One-North MRT Station)


As above.

Pork Boat Thai Thin Noodles - S$5.50
(Inclusive of GST)

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