Monday, November 07, 2016

EQ Strawberry Farm near Copthorne Hotel @ Cameron Highlands [Malaysia]

About two hundred meters from Copthorne Hotel is a farm producing goods that totally signify Cameron Highlands; the strawberries! And you know what's the best thing you can do in such farms? Pick the strawberries yourself! 

Stalls lined the lane leading to the entrance of EQ Strawberry Farm and as in the case for any farms catering for the tourists, you would find the usual boring stuff like tea, chocolates, dried strawberries, steamed corn etc etc. There's, however, a unique one hawking products containing stevia plant; which has many health benefits. Click here to read out more.

It's not even 4 pm and the farm had closed for strawberry picking! Actually, it didn't have much effect on us as both Alex and i don't particularly fancy strawberries and it can be quite a pretty expensive activity as what you pick would be chargeable.

Key takeaway from the above notice; do not eat the strawberries inside! Well, i wouldn't do that as i always prefer to wash my fruits before i take a bite! 

Since it was pouring outside the farm and we didn't want to get soaked, we ventured deeper into the farm just to catch a few glimpses of the strawberries; it would be disrespectful not to catch any sighting of the strawberry plant when we are in Cameron Highlands! 

Peering through the metal meshes. 

Some appeared to be rather ripe for picking; pity my hands were too big to squeeze through the metal mesh! Anyway, not sure if anyone remembers that i ever wrote before that the imperfect-looking strawberry is actually sweeter than those "perfect" looking one! This reminded me of an article recently that a lot of food wastage arose because consumers tend to veer away from ugly / imperfect fruits and vegetables. 

Compared to strawberries, i have a great love for grapes and there were bunches of them just below the plastic canopies! Sadly, i couldn't even reach them when i jumped! You know what's the best way to eat grapes? Eat them when they are frozen! 


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