Friday, November 11, 2016

iPhone 7 Plus - A Replacement for My Shattered iPhone 6

Shattered is too strong a word but the screen of my iPhone 6 was indeed in a condition that drew shock and disbelief; one, how did i manage to get it to be of THAT stage (exposed internal metal piece) and two, it was still bloody functioning until about two weeks ago! 

Thankfully, my mobile contract had reached its renewal cycle and i managed to secure the latest iPhone 7 plus via Starhub online portal; happiness reached a climax when the above was delivered to me right at my doorstep.

There's a risk to buying the phone given my butter fingers and frequent bouts of bad luck; even i don't feel safe' to be carrying such a big phone.

To minimize the risk, i resorted to buying a protective casing way before the phone was delivered. Prices varied and i eventually went with the x-doria military grade machined metal protective case that can endure a 2-meter drop! 

Nicely fixed even though i do have a worry about the screen which isn't protected yet. In my now-spoilt iPhone 6, the first major ' accident' resulted in the phone dropping out of its protective casing and the screen (almost 99% protected) cracked because it hit the ground right at the unprotected screen edge.

This time round, i even got an iRing that would hopefully give me a safer grip of the phone. p.s. i totally love the design of a dog / cat head. 

I am not going to share about the features of iPhone 7 Plus as there are plenty information on the web. For someone who upgrades to the speedier, bigger model, i don't have any complaint except for the lack of an earphone jack (available only via a lighting connector)! How the hell am i supposed to listen to music and charge my phone at the time?! 

By the way, what do you do with your old phone? I don't have a habit of selling them as there is too much personal data and i never quite trust technology (see what happened to Hillary Clinton). To be honest, i even keep the pagers from about 20 years ago! 

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