Sunday, November 06, 2016

Revisit to the Ee Feng Gu Apiary after Five Years @ Cameron Highlands [Malaysia]

Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm - one of the main stopovers for basic tour packages in Cameron Highlands was last visited in 2011 and since i am staying so near to the apiary this time, i thought i might as well pop by.

The entrance was on the building's top floor where it's more like a souvenir establishment selling a wide range of Cameron Highland's renowned products and related souvenirs. 

A floor lower was where you can find more information on bees which is educational for kids and for those who are not aware on the origins of honey! 

The icon for the apiary, a bee obviously, must be quite famous to have a full set of memorabilia dedicated to it. I don't remember this was around in 2011 but i could be wrong.

Spinner to draw out the honey in honeycombs! 

Man-made, wooden bee hive placed on the higher level for visitors to have a closer look. Please be assured that you are quite protected as there is a glass separating you from the box. 

Bees at work! 

Those who are more adventurous can walk a few levels down to the bees' garden where there are a lot of boxes for a more intimate session. Aside from the "bee hives", i remember it was a cool, relaxed stroll surrounded by trees, flowers and the therapeutic buzz of bees.

It was still drizzling and we honestly couldn't afford to wet the only pair of shoes; hence, we decided to just gaze at the beauty from high above. 

The weather can really dampen your travel plans although there's really nothing much we can do when any outdoor plan is dependent on mother nature. 

Another area (on the way down to the bees' garden) filled with stalls selling honey, snacks and even soft toys. There's hardly any unique stuff and given the lack of customers, i am skeptical when it comes to the shelf life of those edible products. 

Top level again - we were considering to purchase an umbrella initially and didn't do so for one simple reason; all of them had strawberry prints on them and came in either red or pink! 

To conclude the post, the chart showing the interesting life cycle of a worker bee. By the way, it's free admission to the bee farm. 



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