Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Classic American Pancakes from Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP) - They Flipped It Right @ City Square Mall [Singapore]

PHOP - Both Alex and i were under the incorrect impression this would be an eatery serving Vietnam's famous food, the pho, although the establishment's design, decor and the large wordings (explaining what PHOP stands for) said otherwise.

Now, we all know pancakes are but i was literally dumbstruck with Paddington House of Pancakes' claim that they offered "100 pancakes from around the globe" in their menu!

And you know what? They are right; there are our classic American pancake, the Russian bluntz, the French crepe, the American dollar (golden coin-sized), the Russian blini, the Holland pannekoek, the French galette and the poffertjes from Holland. They could well off over a hundred if they include our local min chiang kueh / apam balik!

Sinfully Iced Chocolate - We don't have such humongous stomach space and could only order one out of a hundred but before then, let's talk about the sinful iced chocolate; i love the richness of chocolate in this beverage even though Alex was highly critical of the bitter tinge coming from the dark chocolate. He eventually requested for extra sugary syrup which, in my opinion, destroyed the drink.

American Pancakes (Short Stack) - this classic pancake had options for short stack (3 pieces) or tall stack (6 pieces) across 8 types that were just a matter of what toppings you prefer to have.

Ours was item 3009; original pancakes with grilled banana, walnuts, ice cream, caramel sauce and chocolate honeycomb butter.

Let's drench the pancakes with the desirable maple syrup! Pancakes were thick yet featured an airy fluffiness complemented by just a light crisp on its edges! p.s. i didn't know the chocolate / yellowish lumps were butter and happily popped one into my mouth; turned out it tasted pretty good on its own!

 For a person who has always enjoyed McDonald's hotcakes, this was indeed in a separate class altogether even though i did hope that the pancake was serving hotter so as to better melt the chocolate honeycomb butter. Nevertheless, I couldn't wait for my next visit when i could try the 99 other pancakes, sweet and savoury. 


180 Kitchener Road, #02-35/36A,
City Square Mall, Singapore 208539


As above

Sinfully Ice Chocolate - S$6
American Pancakes (Short Stack)* - S$14
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)
*cheapest starts from S$8; i got a luxury version

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