Thursday, November 17, 2016

BOH Tea Centre - Cafe with a Spectacular View, "Ummph" Tea Shop & Factory @ Sungei Palas [Cameron Highlands, Malaysia]

Jutting precariously over the top of a hilltop, the stunning structure as shown above was our main objective and final destination after hiking a few kilometers from Copthorne Hotel at Cameron Highlands!

The place shouldn't be a stranger to anyone who has visited Cameron Highlands as the BOH Tea Centre at Sungei Palas is often touted as a key tourist attraction by the tour agents!

Many were attracted by the cafe with the breathtaking view; forget about relaxing in the cool highlands while peering whimsically at the vast tea plantation as the cafe is likely to be filled with customers waiting for your table.

Even from this angle, you can roughly make out the beauty of the sight at the end of the cafe. But before you ooh and ahh, find a bloody table first!

Lady luck was shining on us as one table just happened to clear out as we stepped into the sheltered alfresco section; no mere feat given that the particular section is "hot" property.

Anyway, time to get drinks as our throats were parched after the long walk!

Drink menu for your reference; given the favourable exchange rate for Singapore dollar at the moment (at more than RM 3 for S$1), none of the beverage had a price tag above S$2 and that's inclusive of the goods and services tax.

Receipt of RM 25.47 that comprised of a slice of weird tasting nasi lemak cheesecake, one chocolate roll pastry and two cold drinks.

Chocolate roll was alright tasting but could benefit from a light toast. For the separate posting on the nasi lemak cheesecake, please click here

My order of Orchard Splash Iced Tea had an artificial orange twang to it whereas Alex's Cameronian "O" Ice was so much better; to the extent that i am drawing comparison to my favourite ice lemon tea from KFC that's no longer on the menu!

While sipping gulping down my tea, i tried my best to relax in the manmade arena surrounded by the wide swathes of greenery. I couldn't as i was thinking how the hell am i going to make my way out since we didn't engage any transport.

The highly sought tea plantation view; a word of advice, it might not be good to sit at the tables closest to the edge as many people would want to take a million photographs, including selfies using selfie sticks! 

Those who didn't want to chill at the cafe can consider the unsheltered outdoor which would be less crowded. It doesn't allow you to peek over the edge but good enough just to take in the vast sight of the plantation.

Boh Tea Centre is more than just the cafe; you may consider reading the useful informative panel that explained the history and geology of Cameron Highlands. 

Remember the Orchard Splash Iced Tea and Cameronian "O" Ice? You can actually purchased the sachets from the "ummph" tea shop nearing the other end of the same building! 

These panels talked about the history of the BOH Company, including trivia like BOH is actually the abbreviation for Best of Highlands and that BOH manages four tea plantations, three of which are on Cameron Highlands. 

Display of equipment used for harvesting and processing of tea leaves. 

For the real deal, do check out the tea factory that's only a few foot steps away! It's a working factory and tours (at specific timing and depending on availability) would be provided for free.

You can go in yourself as there's a designated path for visitors although i would strongly recommend signing up for a tour if it is your first time. Signage would help to explain each stage of tea processing; the above is a roller that's coming to 92 years old and its function is to break and twist the leaves for fermentation.

Stage 5 - grading of tea and removal of stalks before packing them up! 

We couldn't get an instant transport and decided to make our way out, on foot! p.s. don't assume that those people you see are in the same predicament as me; they were walking back to their parked car on the right of the above photograph. 


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  1. Breathtaking views of the plantation!

    1. Sure is! Another place with sprawling tea plantations as spectacular is at Bandung!