Friday, November 25, 2016

Phoon Huat Christmas Sale (25 November to 01 December 2016) - Chiong Ah! @ Buona Vista MRT Station [Singapore]

My recent minor obsession with baking has resulted in a new hangout place even though i did try my best to resist my patronage until the occasional storewide sale; like the just-started Christmas sale!

For non-bakers, the Phoon Huat branch at Buona Vista MRT station is THE place where you can get all your baking materials; yes, everything! The problem is, temptation runs high and there's a tendency to WANT to buy everything!

Look at the long, spacious aisles! It's the Cold Storage equivalence except that the items sold here are almost exclusively for baking uses.

Replace your hand mixers with the beautiful stand mixers from the renowned KitchenAid brand! Sadly, the price tag was still too heavy for me to stomach and i had to make do with the Sensonic Stand Mixer instead. However, it's a dream appliance i would love to have in the future.

One of my favourite sections; bakeware consisting of pans, trays and tins! Some recipes would ask for specific dimensions and if not for the limitation of my kitchen storage, i sure would love to get my hands on all shapes and all sizes.

You can even get cold ingredients like cream cheese, whipping cream, butter, durian paste and for lazy individuals like me, frozen tart shells to make egg tarts! 

I am always intrigued by the creativity unleashed with the use of piping tips! Fortunately, my rational mind kicked in and it told me that i still had about 16 tips at home that are still untouched. 

The piping tips only affect the pattern of the decoration and it's the artificial colouring that shall bring the visual appeal to another level. 

Nielsen Massey - looking like bottles of medicines that hailed from my parents' generation, this brand was said to be reputable for vanilla extracts; i have already used up one small bottle and is in fact half way through a second, albeit larger bottle. 

When i was still a noob, i diligently bought muffin trays only to hear from a fellow colleague that i should consider using disposable muffin cups instead as presentation would be nicer with a reduced washing! Now, who wants to take over my muffin trays? 

Remember the butter cookie recipe i shared? The original recipe by Miss Tam Chiak made use of the Golden Churn Butter in a tin whereas i opted for the butter version found in the cold section of supermarkets as it was easier to source. With a 15% discount due to the Christmas sale at Phoon Huat, i got myself a tin to try out the taste! 

I never quite outgrow sprinklers and believe they add a layer of happiness to ice cream, cream frosting on muffins etc. Furthermore, the brats love them! One bottle it shall be.

As i do bake to pass some to friends, containers would definitely come in handy! I know disposables are eco-unfriendly but i have noticed a reduction in my reusable lock and lock containers as i couldn't remember whom i have passed them to! 

Last stop - the literally heavy yet essential section; the place to get your plain flour, cake flour, top flour, corn flour, self raising flour, brown sugar, icing sugar, caster sugar etc etc! Taking advantage of the sale, i think i took like a total of about 6 kilograms! 

My haul.

S$92.65 - amount i paid after a discount of S$16.35. Do note that the price tags captured in the photographs above were before discount. 


100 North Buona Vista, #02-01, 
Buona Vista MRT Station (Green Line), 
Singapore 139345 
(Enter from the escalator by the side of the sheltered walkway leading to Star Vista as shown in the above photograph)

Operating Hours 
10 am to 10 pm (Daily)


Christmas Sale Promotion
From 25 November till 01 December 2016

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