Monday, November 21, 2016

Rollie Olie - Not Really Your Usual Sushi Rolls @ The Star Vista [Singapore]

Sometimes, i really like it when a bunch of crazy friends decided to meet up without any solid plan on where to have their dinner! 

Reason being surprises do happen and in this case, i managed to have a darn satisfactory meal at Rollie Olie; an eatery serving Asian fusion cuisine along the line of sushi rolls, pokebowls, skinny rolls and sushi burritos.

Concept was cafe like (bright, spacious, mish-mash furniture, comfy) and frankly, i was expecting cakes, pastry and ice cream instead of their signature sushi rolls! Extra point for the restaurant - complimentary lemon water! 

Bonus point - the creative selection of fusion inspired condiments for your food; including and not limited to curry mayo, wasabi mayo, spicy mayo and yuzu mustard.

My order - Dos Amigos sushi roll with Me So Onion soup! p.s. just the name of the soup was sufficient reason for me to get a bowl since i am totally into onions! 

Sadly, it was more miso (guess that's where the "me so" comes about) than onions and both were like on their own without a blended flavour i presumed would blow me away. That spongy looking stuffs were the breadcrumbs i guess even though they were a lot larger than the dictionary-defined crumbs.

Dos Amigos - i would have loved to get my hands on the fried options like Cali Dream (fried prawn) or beachcomber (fried soft shell crab) but the fryer was spoilt that day. Nevertheless, i personally felt this was the next best option with ingredients like grilled eel, avocado, cream cheese, cucumber, jicama, red roe, tamago, tempura crunch and chives with eel sauce! 

Was it good? Good is an understatement as i got sweetness, creaminess, cheesiness, savouriness all mixed into one and blended further with the moist sushi rice as i chewed through each piece! It was unlike conventional sushi rolls commonly found in Japanese restaurants; this had an element of surprise.

Honestly, i couldn't wait for my next visit to try the other 8 types of sushi rolls! 

Thanks to my charitable friends, i am the blessed recipient for the caterpillar (simpler, healthier yet still yummy) and sun-kissed salmon! Latter was more maki like although it was so much nicer with a generous amount of salmon and cut crab sticks in mayo! 

Now, when should i try the other six types?


1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista, 
#02-05, Singapore 138617
(Next to Buona Vista MRT Station)


As above

Me So Onion Soup - S$2.75
Dos Amigos Sushi Roll - S$14.95
(Inclusive of GST and No Service Charge)

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