Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sabpard Thai Food's Pineapple Fried Rice @ S11 Yishun Block 744 [Opposite Yishun MRT Station]


When Alex opened up the pack of pineapple fried rice he bought for his supper last week, the burst of enticing aroma was too hard for me to resist and i totally relished the few spoonfuls i managed to steal while he was engrossed in his game!

That very weekend, i suggested patronising the stall which was less than a five-minute walk away from my house and for those living in Yishun, the coffee shop is only right opposite the Yishun MRT station! 

Although a few tables were reserved for customers of the Thai food stall, the crowd at the popular coffee shop after 6 pm can be insane and it's best to arrive before dinnertime. I was there at 4.45 pm, ordered my food, made my payment and held on to the above token until it rang for collection a few minutes later.

Now, compare the above with the pineapple fried rice from the famous Taste of Thailand; you would have noticed it had much better visual appeal and i am not just referring to the generous amount of pork floss that covered almost 80% of the yellowish fried rice.

Underneath the cloud of pork floss, be prepared for two good sized prawns, freshly fried cashew nuts, sweet and juicy pineapple cubes and pieces of raisins sitting on a bed of moist yet not overly oily fried rice! 

I devoured the entire plate even though it would be good enough for two persons; not my fault as each mouthful of rice was filled with the fragrance of pineapple, the nutty aroma of the cashews and sweetness from the pineapples and raisins. It's bad for someone who is on a perpetual carbo-restricted diet. :(


Block 744, Yishun Street 72, 
#01-197, S11 Coffee Shop,
Singapore 760744


As above.

As above

Pineapple Fried Rice - S$6

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  1. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Sorry to inform that the stall has stop business since last year

    1. i know.... now become prawn noodle shop. :(