Monday, March 16, 2015

The Unfortunate Fate of Yet Another Piggy Bank!

After that regrettable incident with the unlucky golden swine, i was extremely careful to keep my stash of treasured pigs out of the kids' itchy hands! 

I still make it a point to 'feed' them, especially the transparent one that has been fattened to a golden shine! However, a very slight jolt was felt in my last attempt to force-feed it.

The last thing i know; i was holding on to a large piece of broken glass with a dumbfounded expression. How could that happen!!??!?!?! I mean, i am aware there were cracks before this but i didn't expect the whole piece to fall out! 

Poor porky seemed to have a surgery on its cranium and despite the somewhat supposedly gory sight, my eyes lit up at the sight of golden coins falling out like precious stones from a treasure chest. 

Of course i had to find another worthy vessel to hold the treasures and nothing's better than yet again another piggy bank! Pity its appetite wasn't as voracious and was full before i could even transfer half!!! 

Time to unleash the piggy banks i got as Christmas presents! 

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