Saturday, March 07, 2015

Snorkeling at Shark Point @ Maldives [Part of Excursion Package]

The grand finale of the snorkeling package, signed with Kaani Beach Hotel, was at Shark Point where we might (nothing is guaranteed) catch sightings of the elusive marine fish. 

Even though i had recovered somewhat from standing on firm ground for lunch, i wasn't prepared for snorkeling in such disturbed water! Note for myself; the next time i am partaking in this activity, i must eat my motion sickness pills! 

Nevertheless, i am not one to waste my money and taking the plunge was just a matter of seconds, even if i might regret my decision. 

This time round, i endeavoured to keep up with the guide as his rich experience would help to point us to the right direction; for example, his keen eyes would spot sea creatures that we would have otherwise miss in our haste to follow him. 

It didn't take him long to stretch his arms out towards the seabed. 

He spotted a moray eel in between the rocks! If not for his alertness, i would have unintentionally squashed it to death, given i didn't even notice it. 

Maybe because it was the lair of the sharks, the entire atmosphere was almost quiet of activity; i didn't see much fishes, unlike Turtle Reef and Banana Reef.

We did swim a long distance though and it was exhausting! I pitied the old chap in front of me who didn't have a life jacket; however, as i said before, the piece of floating clothing worsened the giddiness. 

Almost coming to the end of our expedition, i didn't have the fortune to see the sharks although most of my tour mates did, with one claiming to have caught sight of four! Darn! 

Aside from the moray eel earlier on, i was only blessed with the view of more palm-sized seashells, a lonely sea cucumber and a blurry vision brought by seasickness. 


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