Sunday, March 29, 2015

Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew Memorial Event - Mourning the Loss of the Great One @ Yishun [Singapore] #rememberinglky

I am not going to pepper this post with tributes of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who is the first Prime Minister of independent Singapore and some said, the founder of modern Singapore. Much has been said and my writing ability would pale in comparison to those you can find on social media. 

It is indeed a sad time for Singapore and even though i might not have the opportunity to know the man who did so much for the little red dot that many assumed would not survive, his demise was greatly felt. 

The nation is currently still in national mourning and aside Parliament House, where his body lied until it was moved to NUS University Cultural Centre a few hours, Singaporeans can also pay their respects at the tribute sites all over Singapore. 

In Yishun, it is conveniently located outside Yishun MRT station and i paid it a visit last Friday after work. Knowing how apathetic locals can be, it was heartening to see that i wasn't the minority few.

Four tents were built to house the following; a wall where you can pen your thoughts, an open area with chairs and a projector screen showing his legacy, another area similar to the second but come with a stage and the last one where you can place the flowers, the condolences cards etc. 

Each tent is also surrounded by vibrantly coloured funeral banners commonly seen in Chinese funerals. 

As there was a memorial event that day, many citizens were seated patiently and waiting for the event to commence. Attendees include the Ministers of Parliament for Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency.

At that moment, the tent that allows the placement of flowers, condolence cards etc was the most crowded and you shall see in the following few pictures. 

The pictures.

Many could not endure the wait at Parliament House and choose instead to pay their respects at this community tribute. In Chinese custom, it would be a bow; a bow that is simple yet esteemed for the departed.

His presence in Nee Soon was portrayed in the photo boards and you can see parents pointing at the pictures and telling their children of Mr Lee's legacy. 

Queue waiting in line to pay their respects. 

The writing wall was much more personal for the community; it allows you to write down your feelings and appreciation for the founding father. 

Just in case you are wondering what if the walls filled up; well, they would be replaced with new canvas sheets. I am unsure what would happen to them after the funeral. 

For your reading pleasure.

The crowd was getting unbearably large; a scale i have to yet to see in Singapore that was non-commercial in nature and doesn't involve an opposition party rally.

Photographs taken from one of the housing blocks; a unique phenomenon in Singapore where many locals live and actually own this public housing. Possible because of the foresight of LKY and his fellow cabinet ministers. 

Rest in peace, Mr Lee, and farewell. 

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