Tuesday, March 31, 2015

No Signboard Geylang (无招牌芽笼) - White Pepper and Chilli Crabs [Singapore]

If i had my way, today's review should have been "Cajun Kings". Due to exhaustive, non violent duress from Alex, the Gang of Four (minus SaNeVa) didn't have much choice but to follow the little boy's suggestion to his utmost favourite seafood restaurant; No Signboard Geylang.
Read it right; he insisted it must be the branch at Singapore's infamous red light district! A place that was also well known for its massive amount of good food and insanely difficult to find parking lots. 

Anyway, we were early and managed to secure a lot within the restaurant's premise. The first thing i noticed when i drove in were the two face sculptures of No Signboard's founders. Gosh, i would have thought its history went back a hundred years ago although it was no earlier than the 1970s. 

This has been reported countless times even though i guess there must be people who still don't know / can't remember how the name, No Signboard, was conceived. 

No one can deny the reputation of this dining establishment and it was featured extensively in the mass media, including newspapers, televisions and magazines. 

You have seen the outdoor seating in the second photograph; indoor, air conditioned seating was available but limited. Do make it a point to be early if you could not stand the sweat dripping down your forehead while you enjoy the crabs. 

Fresh Boiled Prawns
I really don't understand Alex; why paid so much for boiled prawns when my mum could easily whip them up at a much cheaper price!?! Granted they were very fresh and sweet with a touch of Chinese wine. 

Seafood Horfun w Gravy
Normal tasting despite a positive review on HungryGoWhere; either we have misread the type of horfun the reviewer was referring to or the Great Kon shall blacklist that particular reviewer. For S$10, i also found it to be rather expensive even though there were more 'liao' like chicken and fish. 

Chilli Crab
No Signboard was famous for its crabs and i have always thought it would be Singapore's national dish, the chilli crab. Turned out it wasn't and this was apparent when both Kon and i took a sip of the gravy. Something was obviously lacking and Kon hit the spot by answering it was crab roe! 

Spiciness was just right for me although the saving grace was really the amazingly solid crab meat that packed in the delectable seafood sweetness! The fried buns were forgettable. 

White Pepper Crab
Surprisingly, No Signboard's signature dish wasn't even the black pepper crab; it was white pepper crab! I am about to turn 35 years old yet i have never tried white pepper crab before! 

Extremely aromatic would be my initial impression and once my teeth sank into the meat, it was pure bliss; the pepperiness was strong but manageable (left a tingling sensation on my lips though). As a whole, it was tasty and a style i personally prefer over the popular chilli version! 


412 / 414 / 416 Geylang Road
[Next to Lai Ming Hotel]

As above

For Reservation
Call +6568423415

Addresses of Other Branches
As above (includes operation hours)

Fresh Boiled Prawns - S$30
Seafood Horfun w Gravy - S$10
Chilli & White Pepper Crabs - S$68 a kilogram
Buns - S$2.50
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

Addition Information for Motorists
Could not find a parking lot? 
Make your life easier and pay that S$4 for valet service.

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