Sunday, March 15, 2015

Orange Passionfruit Loaf @ Maple and Market [Cassia Crescent]

Aside from the incredibly delicious buttermilk waffles (this time with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream from Bing Qi Lin) i uploaded to Instagram earlier this afternoon, we also succumbed to the temptation to the mouthwatering cakes on display. 

The above two attracted the most attention but i had to decide between the two as our stomachs were still stuffed with the meal we had at No Signboard Seafood earlier on! 

I am usually a strawberry lover and would have gone for the earl grey lemon loaf; however, the post-meal taste buds prefer sometime zestier and hence, before the brain could react, the mouth had already ordered a slice of the orange passionfruit loaf.

Orange Passionfruit Loaf
My previous review on Maple and Market reflected my personal dissatisfaction with the cakes in the tiny cafe. This was thankfully not the case! 

I was in fact really impressed with it; the passionfruit seeds added a layer of texture to the otherwise fluffy (and dense) cake and that random burst of intensive sourness somewhat complemented the citrusness of orange yet, without overpowering our taste buds. 

Hot Chai Latte
Nothing beats having tea with cake and i chose the new beverage on the item! The Chai was different from our usual teh; light but still flavourful with a hint of Oriental spice. If only it comes in a larger cup size! 

Ice Thai Milk Tea Latte
My experience with this Thailand favourite has always been one filled with such a high level of sugar; the person who drank it would likely be diabetic in record time!

The one here was surprisingly not sweet and i totally can taste the tea flavour! Loving this version so much more than those authentically sweet ones sold in Thailand. 


34, Cassia Crescent, #01-82
[Near Old Airport Hawker Centre]

As above


Orange Passionfruit Loaf - S$4.00
Hot Chai Latte - S$4.50
Ice Thai Milk Tea Latte - S$5.00 
[No Tax]

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