Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Snorkeling @ Rihiveli Beach Resort [Maldives] #rihiveli #maldives #snorkeling

When asked to draw comparison between Adaaran Club Rannalhi and Rihiveli Beach Resort, i could name quite a number although i would leave them for another day. Today, we would just touch one topic; snorkeling.

By right, it should be the same type of sea, similar water composition and likely corals and fishes that don't deviate much from the rest of the South Male Atoll. Wrong! 

The underwater view at Rihiveli Beach Resort was almost non existent as there were only pockets of corals even though you could not help but feel it seems to be a large swimming pool in the wild, unspoiled by humans! 

Alright, i admit i didn't exactly explore the surroundings of the resort as this was the same day my underwater camera was damaged and it kind of affected my mood. 

Purple tipped corals made up the entire coral landscape, at least for the site i was at. The problem i faced was that unlike Adaaran, there were moments when it was merely water and sand. 

Occasionally, the eyes lit up at structures other than purple tipped corals but it was at most fleeting. It didn't help that there wasn't much marine life to begin with and i could almost expect it would be a boring day ahead.

Patience is a virtue and you need to swim slower to catch the tiny little movements that would change the perception it was a "dead town".

My eye literally popped out when i saw the abundance of fishes; even though they were "bite sized", the numbers were significantly higher than what i saw back in Adaaran!

I shall let the many photographs do the talking! Given the calmer water, even the pictures turned out better than expected! And don't you just love the way the tiny fishes seem to protect their corals?

Strength in numbers, i guess. Well, you just need a fish with a wide enough mouth to finish them off. Before then, we shall continue to enjoy the scenery. 

My regret in this snorkeling? Not taking the effort to check out the rest of the snorkeling sites in Rihiveli; the agent in iCom did share that the resort was famed for sightings of eagle rays, sharks and dolphins! 


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  1. Thanks for sharing wonderful pics of the coral world and close up fishes in the coral reef.